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Makeup Setting Powders You Need In Your Life

Makeup Setting Powders You Need In Your Life

Makeup Setting Powders You Need In Your Life

Makeup setting powders are a must in anyones makeup routine. What is the point of spending 30 minutes on your makeup for it to get greasy and slick? 

Setting powders were made to ensure that your makeup won’t slide off your face throughout the day. They actually make a difference in your makeup routine. Most than you would believe. Those with oily t-zones can agree with me on this one. 

A setting powder does what it says. It holds and sets your makeup in place so the time you spent applying your makeup isn’t wasted. Some people like to apply their powders just to the areas that tend to break up and get greasy. Others like to apply them all over the skin. Either way, it all has the same purpose. You can look at setting powders as the finishing touch, like how you would apply hairspray after styling your hair. 

Baking has evoked more meaning than fresh and homemade deserts. It has become a popular technique in the makeup world throughout the recent years. It was taken from drag queens who use this method to make sure their makeup stays all day and night. Basically you apply a thick layer of your powder, on top of your concealer, all over the face or in the t-zone and allow the powder to sit from anywhere from 5-15 minutes. This method will promise that the makeup underneath will not budge. There are hundreds of tutorials online that will show you the proper way to bake. Some makeup brands have even made their own powders that are directly related to baking purposes. 

Using setting powders isn’t scary. It actually helps your makeup stay and once you start using it, you won’t be able to do your makeup without it. If you are curious about setting sprays or maybe are in the market for a new one, try out one of these powders and let it speak for itself. 

1. Makeup Revolution Baking Powder

OK, it doesn’t get cheaper than this. This $8 powder will last you for a very long time and does the job perfect. There are so many drugstore brands that don’t get enough hype and this banana baking shade deserves the spotlight. It comes in a variety of shades but the banana shade takes the cake. It helps brighten the under eyes without being too yellow. Banana colored setting powders have become increasingly popular. It helps bring brightness to the skin. This setting powder helps to banish shine, balance your skin tone and prolong your makeup. It has a variety of uses so get to Ulta Beauty and give this bad boy a try. 

Makeup Setting Powders You Need In Your Life

2. e.l.f HD Powder

 This powder comes in a beautiful shimmery shade. Don’t let that scare you. The shimmer isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t look like chunks of glitter. It has a beautiful sheen to it that makes the skin look like its glowing from within. This face powder is also a high definition. It won’t have a white cast when in photos so its great for weddings and special occasions. It’s also inexpensive! This $6 powder won’t settle into fine lines but gives off a radiant finish. It’s perfect for all over the face. The HD powder doesn’t dry the skin which is also a plus. It can be used under the eye but personally I think it looks better when its covering the face. It comes in three shades as well for those with different needs. 

Makeup Setting Powders You Need In Your Life

3. R.M.C.A No Color Powder

Jaclyn Hill put everyone on this powder. It can be ordered off of Amazon and we can all get that two day shipping. The only fault is the packaging. If you have the powder, you know what I’m talking about. Other than that this setting powder is a knockout! This powder has a lot of uses but it makes a great powder to bake with. Because of its no color or trancluency, it won’t alter your foundation color. It won’t give you a cake face and it will absorb any oils that try to escape throughout the day. For just $12, this powder can be yours. It really is worth the money. 

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Makeup Setting Powders You Need In Your Life

4. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

This is definitely a cult favorite. It even is award winning, it’s that good. This setting powder blends effortlessly and its smooth like butter. This powder will actually blow you out of the water. It makes the skin look like porcelain. The formula and consistency is silky and it sets your makeup for up to 12 hours. Just like the e.l.f. this powder is HD. Theres no flash back in photos and it has a soft focus blur effect that smooths over fine lines and pushes away your imperfections. This $39 powder comes in two shades: translucent and translucent medium deep. This lightweight powder won’t make your makeup cakey and won’t lay in those fine lines. It will simply blur them over giving off a flawless skin texture. You don’t know you need it until you try it. 

Makeup Setting Powders You Need In Your Life

5. Two Faced Peach Perfect Setting Powder

Peaches and cream really took the world by storm and so did this powder. This lightweight powder comes in two shades: translucent peach and caramelized peach. The peach-tinted powder helps to brighten the skin, reduce redness and creates a smooth matte finish. If you struggle with oily skin, this setting powder will be your new best friend. It also smells like peaches and sweet fig cream. Yum! This powder was made with a transfer-resistant formula so it really locks in your makeup. No more worrying about your white shirt turning shades of tan and brown. This powder will set your face makeup and have you ready to take on the world. Also, it really does help the skin stay matte and doesn’t allow the oil and grease to seep through. This powder is $33 and you need it in your life. 

Makeup Setting Powders You Need In Your Life

Don’t let oily and greasy skin stop you from feeling the best version of yourself. These powders are incredible and will lock in your makeup all day long. Leave a comment below telling us your favorite makeup setting powders!

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