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10 Makeup Products You Need That Will Actually Improve Your Quality Of Life

With the cosmetic industry booming and tons of new products coming out daily, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to figure out which products are worth the money and which are not. These are just 10 makeup products you need that will actually improve your quality of life.

1. Full-coverage Concealer

If you stayed up late studying or partying, there’s no need to wig out. Just apply some full-coverage concealer to those ghastly under-eye circles and you’ll look like you got plenty of glorious beauty sleep. Concealer is also great for covering up annoying pimples that appear on your face and wreak havoc on your self confidence.

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2. Bronzer

This stuff is amazing for making you seem tanner than you actually are. If it’s the middle of winter and you’re looking a little pasty, bronzing up your face will just add more life and dimension and give you a sun kissed glow, hiding the fact that you maybe look like a corpse.

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3. Mascara

This cosmetic is by far the most influential on your quality of life. It makes such a difference in making you appear more awake and wide eyed. This product is capable of being on a bare face with no other makeup and manages to improve your appearance drastically. Mascara is a must have for your makeup collection. This should be top on your list of makeup products you need.

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4. Face Primer

Using a face primer is key in improving the look and wear of your makeup. If you don’t want to waste time beating your face just for it to only last half the day, use a face primer to help ensure your makeup lasts longer. This product also helps to ensure you don’t end up looking like a grease ball by the end of the day, which is not a cute look.

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5. Lip Balm

Okay, this might not be a cosmetic that immediately pops into your head, but who wants crusty dried up lips? The correct answer is no one (I would be a little suspicious of anyone who enjoys having dry lips). This product is the best for healing dry and cracked lips and making them soft, smooth and kissable.

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6. Liquid Lipsticks

Everyone has had the unfortunate experience of lipstick transferring on their teeth or smearing off of their lips at least once. Liquid lipstick allows you to wear lipstick without the fear of it wearing off quickly or having to reapply every time you eat/drink something. You can feel confident that your lipstick stays poppin’ all day long.

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7. Highlighter

Whether you’re going for a natural sheen or a blinding glow, highlighter is the way to go. Achieving a healthy radiance to your skin is easiest with highlighting and is a simple way to acquire that greek goddess look.

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8. Face Masks

If you have somehow gone through life without using a face mask at least once, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Face masks are a fun way of taking care of your skin, and can be a fun idea for a relaxing night in with friends. There are a variety of face masks ranging from peel-off masks, wash off masks and sheet masks. (The peel-off ones are the most satisfying.)

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9. Blush

Along with bronzer, blush is the perfect way to bring life and a flush to your face when you’re feeling dull. It’s an easy way to give your skin a healthy glow when you need a little pick me up. Plus, who doesn’t want to look as cute as blushing Bashful?

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10. Dry Shampoo

This product truly changes the game when it comes to washing your hair. This is the perfect product for those lazy days when you need your hair to look good but don’t feel like showering, or those days when you don’t have time to shower. Or maybe you’re just a lazy person, in which case you definitely need dry shampoo in your life. If you haven’t already, add this to your list of makeup products you need.

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Now that you’re enlightened on which 10 makeup products you need that will actually improve your quality of life, you’re ready to take on the cosmetic world like a boss. Let us know what you think in the comments below!
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