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10 Makeup Products That Make Your Routine Easier

Doing your makeup can be a daunting, time-consuming process that most people don’t feel like doing. Recently, I have found a good routine with some makeup products that not only make me look good, but only takes about 10 minutes to do. 

1. Revolution PRO Blur Stick Universal Face Primer

I saw this on TikTok back in quarantine, and it took a good six months before any Ulta had one in-store for me. This stick quite literally makes your face look flawless and is so easy to use. All you do is rub the primer stick onto your face and you have a matte primer that makes your skin look legitimately poreless. I like to use a makeup sponge or just my hands to dab the primer into my skin a bit, or else there is a little bit of primer buildup that can occur. However, I have never seen my skin look so good, and it’s now sold at Target too so you won’t have a hard time finding it. 

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2. Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

This is the second on this list of makeup products I use in my routine. I heard through the grapevine that makeup artists use this on celebrities before they go on the red carpet, so naturally I had to get it myself. I mix this with another liquid foundation I will talk about later, and blend it into my face for a dewy, radiant look. The flawless filter has a natural sheen to it that could be used as both a highlighter, or a mix with your normal foundation for an all-over glow. I swipe it on the areas of my face where the sun will hit, and then put foundation in the other spots for a perfect balance. 

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3. Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

If you aren’t looking for a foundation that is too full coverage, but still want your skin to have a smooth finish, this is the makeup product for you. For an overall dewy look, mix the skin tint with the flawless filter in order to have radiant, poreless skin. The skin tint itself also has a little bit of shimmer in it, so by combining the two it gives off a natural glow. Your skin will actually sparkle in the sun, and it won’t look like you are caked with foundation. It’s also super breathable, for when you want to wear lighter makeup in the warmer months. Madison Beer uses it, so of course we do too. 

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4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Stick

Following foundation, I normally want to add some dimension to my face. From experience, contour can be extremely difficult to master, and I’ve often ended up looking like I was trying to grow a beard through lack of blending and confusion. Enter the contour stick. I am now realizing that stick makeup in general is overall just an easy opportunity to have to use as little technique as possible. All you have to do is swipe the stick on your cheekbones, I use it on my jawline and also on my nose connecting to my eyebrow. Then, you just blend it out with a makeup sponge and you have a contoured look in no time at all. 

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5. Elf Wow Brow

Doing your eyebrows can be a risky, risky game. One false move and one shade too dark and suddenly your eyebrows look like blocks. Been there. But, something still has to be done to define them and brow pencils can be tricky. The Elf Wow Brow is a small gel that defines your eyebrows, and adds a little color to them. It is less time consuming than trying to fill them in with a pencil, and a gel helps keep them in place as well. This product is a more cost effective alternative to many other eyebrow makeup products, but has the same effect. 

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6. Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

Before you start your makeup routine for the day, moisturize and then apply this color correcting cream to eliminate redness and discolorations from your face. It is the perfect way to help even out your skin tone, and then you do not need to use a fuller coverage foundation if you don’t want to. It also smells amazing, and does a great job lasting all day under your makeup. It goes on green, but camouflages itself as you rub it into your skin so you don’t need to worry about looking crazy. It also has SPF in it, so you’re taking care of your skin in the process. 

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7. e.l.f Liquid Metallic Eyeshadow

Doing a whole eyeshadow look every time you go out can actually be exhausting, and if you don’t like the way it turns out you have to spend even more time fixing it. Liquid eyeshadows can be extremely helpful for those who want a little sparkle on their eyes, but don’t want to be all creative or put in the effort to complete a full eye look. I purchased the e.l.f liquid eyeshadow in the shade Moon, and it provides sparkle that literally will not come off even if I shower! Something so long-lasting, but also cute and saves time is perfect. Simply swipe it on your eyelids and press wherever you want it, and you have a cute eye look in two seconds. It’s that easy. 

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8. e.l.f Dewy Coconut Setting Mist

Setting sprays do not have to break the bank, and this makeup product proves just that. It smells like coconuts, which is better than most other scents of setting sprays. It seals in the dewy, glowing look you have completed, and can be used for multiple purposes. This mist can be sprayed on your makeup sponge in order to wet it when you begin your blending, on your eyeshadow brush to pack on glitter to your lid, or just to cement your look in place. A setting spray is so important to keep your makeup on your skin, and refreshes your skin after working on the makeup look.

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9. Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Creamy Concealer

Similar to Tarte’s famous Shape Tape concealer, this dupe is a fraction of the price and just as full coverage. They provide tons of shades that are perfect to use on areas such as under your eyes, or to cover imperfections that just don’t seem to be hidden by foundation. It is the perfect concealer to cover up any spot on your face that you just can’t cover no matter how hard you try, but doesn’t feel as thick or overbearing on your face. 

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10. Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon

This has been my go-to lip product for a few months now. It’s super easy to use, and doesn’t come off after a few hours of having it on like most other “stay all day” products do. I love a matte lip look, and it is perfect for over lining your lips without using a liner. Maybelline offers a ton of different shades, so you are bound to find your next lip obsession. It also is the perfect way to round off your natural, easy makeup look. 

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Finding makeup products that are easy to use is extremely hard. These are all products I swear by, and create a cute look in no time. Let me know your fave makeup products in the comments below!

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