10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

In every woman’s mind, there’s an image of the perfect makeup look for any occasion. Makeup has been introduced to give expression and to highlight outer beauty. While putting on that makeup, however, you may notice that it doesn’t always look pristine. Fortunately, these looks are pointed out and can be corrected. Here are ten makeup mistakes to avoid:

1. Discolored Eyebrows

Fallen victim to this makeup routine, discolored eyebrows can give the perspective of an unattractive person. The first things someone may notice are your eyebrows and eyes, once they look well put, everything else should too. This is a makeup mistake that could burn in someone’s thoughts. 

To create the best eyebrows, choose brow powder or pencil of your choice in a shade lighter than your natural hair color. If it still does not present well, try to add the slightest amount of powder to your eyebrows in the shade of your hair.

10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

2. Uneven Foundation

Foundation sets the base layer of makeup for many. When deciding to use this makeup, one must decide which is best for their skin type, whether powder or liquid based. Liquid based foundation, for example, can create a visual imperfection such as emphasizing wrinkles. Foundation in general should not be applied with the fingers or a stiff bristled makeup brush. Doing so may cause lines and streaks on the skin.

Such makeup mistake happens because individuals would not know which foundation is correct for their skin type. As an option, setting powder can be used to tone down the wetness of liquid foundation and help with streaks and lines. To avoid such mistake, it is best to begin with a trusted face primer and concealer. A concealer can provide relief and hide unwanted lines and dark circles around the eyes.

10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

3. Using Eyeliner Wrong

As an ancient makeup mistake, eyeliner can certainly emphasize the eyes and give a little spice to your look. Although, too much eyeliner or most importantly, the wrong color can throw off your look altogether. It is recommended to use dark eyeliner for darker toned skin and to use brown eyeliner or lighter, for the lightest of skin tones.

For most occasions, this rule can be given an exception due to the kind of look that is envisioned. Assuming that what the person wants is a tame simple look, such eyeliner should be used as followed to avoid having to start over. The eyeliner should be clean and evenly placed.

10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

4. Overlining Lips

Makeup is never complete without full colored lips. When speaking to others, their eyes will divert to your lips. As desired, most women would love to have bigger, yet fuller looking lips. With the help of lip liners and lipsticks of all kinds, they can achieve that. Just as other parts of makeup, lipstick and lip liner should be in a shade that matches the skin tone as well as lip shape.  One mistake made is using a shade darker than chosen lipstick.

Another mistake can be lining the lips so thick, it misshapes the lips altogether. As a step by step process, lip liners should not be drawn with a straight line nor mismatch the color of the chosen lipstick.

10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

5. Misusing Highlighter

Highlighter has become the trend of the ages with makeup, ensuring that the light hits the skin and glows the right areas. Sometimes used as a replacement to blush or bronzer,  such powder is used excessively to bring out that shine. To avoid outshining the sun, use highlighter on main points of the face. Different areas and lighting should be considered when aiming for the perfect highlighter.

Using highlighter that compliments your skin tone, add touches of highlighter to the cheekbones, nose bridge, and eyelids as well. As with any powdered makeup, too much of it can bring out more than just a desired look.

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10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

6. Thick Layers of Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow within makeup becomes the chromatic scale and joy. If your ideal look is toned down, be sure to also lighten the eyeshadow. Eyeshadow brings individuals to think of bold and brash. However, that would not be taken well if the rest of the makeup is going for subtle and warm toned. Always remember to have your makeup compliment your outfit or occasion. 

7. Not Washing Your Face

Unlike how paint is to a canvas, makeup is certainly temporary. Individuals are quick to changing up hairstyles and colors on their faces. Although, after a long day or even a night out, anyone forget their true face. Forgetting to cleanse makeup off the skin can make it prone to breakage and sensitivity. This bad habit is the root of oil and unwanted bacterial growth on the human skin. When choosing a cleanser, look for one that removes all types of makeup safely and securely. 

10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

8. Makeup On a Budget

Beauty is only skin deep, as such, there is only so much a woman can do to make themselves look pretty. It is undeniable that makeup is ranged within the cheapest of prices to the most expensive. This ultimately comes down to want versus need and quality versus quantity. When making huge makeup purchases, do not think that cheaper makeup will complete the look just fine. Think about how it will affect your skin as well. Permanent damage could be the cost of a lifetime. Makeup mistakes could go on and on. 

9. Sharing Makeup Items

Anywhere from sharing a lip balm to borrowing a foundation brush can be a friendly gesture but generously huge makeup mistake. Have you wondered just how oily another person’s skin could be? Has someone you know exercised with a face full of makeup and lent you their makeup tools? There is a preconceived notion that makeup is universal. In fact, it is not. Allergies, acne, and production of skin oil can occur while sharing these things. Clean your brushes, dust off your palettes, do as long as half an hour of sanitizing to protect your skin’s health. 

10. Hoarding Expired Makeup

A fun fact for you is that each makeup item produced is provided with a time frame label. As you dig through your makeup bag, drawers, and trunk cases, you will be surprised as how long most makeup items would last and how long others won’t. Key things to notice are the texture and smell. Skin perfection and makeup have one thing in common, they do not have unlimited quality. 

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