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15 Makeup Looks That You’ll Want To Copy For Halloween

15 Makeup Looks That You’ll Want To Copy For Halloween

Halloween is every makeup lover’s favourite holiday. The only time of year that you can really go over the top, we are counting down the days to the 31st. If you’re looking for some makeup inspiration, we’ve found the best looks on the internet for you to try out yourself.

1. This Photogenic Clown

Creepy clowns are a staple Halloween costume idea, but this makeup look makes them photogenic too. You’ll probably not creep anyone out but you’re selfies will be killer and you’re bound to get tonnes of compliments. Not only is this pretty simple to do with eyeliners and lipstick, but the accompanying hair is also super cute.

2. A Shimmering Mermaid

Mermaids aren’t a typical Halloween costume but they’ve gained popularity as a makeup look over the past few years. If you love playing around with highlighter, a mermaid look is ideal for you and adding gems and glitter adds another level of sparkly fun. Plus, if you’ve got a spare pair of fishnet tights you can use them to create a scale effect that’s bound to impress everyone at your party.


3. A Rose Pink Skeleton

Skeleton makeup is always a great look and there’s so much room to play around and make it unique. This particular makeup look puts a pink and feminine twist on a skull while remaining pretty creepy too. With blossom flowers and a matching wig, this look is total Instagram goals and while it may be a bit of a complicated look for a beginner, with practice you’ll definitely pull it off.

4. This Dot Work Skeleton

Taking the skeleton look in a completely different direction, this dot work look makes our skin crawl. Although from far away this may look like a simple skull, up close the dots look almost like insects. Though this will definitely take some skill to pull off, all you really need to use is a thick, black, felt-tipped eyeliner.

5. This Dripping Demon Look

The contrast of black and white in this dripping, demonic look is striking. Though the contact lenses really help in making this look so disturbing, the dark black dripping from the eyes and mouth make it unique. Again, you could probably create something like this with a felt-tipped eyeliner, but starting with a pale, white base definitely helps.


6. Pop Art Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn was the Halloween costume of 2016 but we still love her even now. However, to avoid being unoriginal, in 2019 it’s time to give it a twist. This makeup takes Harley Quinn back to her comic book roots, with pop art details drawn with eyeliner. We also love the inclusion of glitter to make the look even more eye catching.

7. A Female Joker

If Harley Quinn is too overdone for you then why not borrow the joker’s signature look. Putting¬† a female twist on the character is pretty original and turns out amazingly. Again, you’ll need some eyeliner or black face paint to recreate his tattoos but you should also invest in some green hair chalk to really nail the look.

8. Jack Skellington

If you like the idea of recreating an iconic character then everyone’s favourite skeleton seems like a good place to start. The makeup itself should be pretty easy to pull off with some black and white face paint but if you can pull together a striped suit too, then you’ll be sure to win compliments all night.


9. This Chucky Inspired Look

If Jack Skellington isn’t scary enough for you then why not go for a horror movie character? Chucky from Child’s Play is instantly recognizable and super scary. Starting with a darker version of your normal makeup (really darken your eyeshadow), you will then need some red face paint to draw his scars and a bit of silver for the stitches. A ginger wig also helps and if you’ve go a fake knife then why not take that along too?

10. A Broken Doll

If you like the idea of a creepy doll but you’re not a child’s play fan, then why not try a cracked china doll look? Again, this can start as a pretty normal makeup look though you should try to widen your eyes as much as possible. You can do that by using white eyeliner on your water line and fake lashes, the cut crease eyeshadow also helps. Then, use black eyeliner or face paint to draw cracks across your cheek to complete the look.

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11. A Spider Crawling Across Your Face

Spiders make for a spooky yet simple look and this creepy crawly on the eyelid is really effective. Starting with a dark shadowy eye, use eyeliner to draw in the legs and a bit of white to highlight them.  A lighter shadow around the legs helps to give the look a 3D effect by creating shadow. This will probably take a lot of practice to get right but, if you can do it, it looks striking.

12. This Spider Web Look

If you like the idea of spiders but drawing one onto your eye seems too complicated, then try these spiderwebs. They won’t require too much practise and you’ll be able to pull them off last minute. Do your normal makeup with darker eyes and more hollowed out cheeks and then use eyeliner to draw out the cobwebs. Spider earrings complete the look as one final detail.

13. A Stylised Pumpkin Creature

Pumpkins are a classic symbol of Halloween and have inspired plenty of orange makeup looks. This one however takes a pumpkin as inspiration and just makes it a whole lot more terrifying. The eyes and mouth are blacked out for a demonic look with black and orange lines seeming to drip down her face. The contact lenses add to the overall effect but you can pull this off with just face paint if that’s all you have at home.


14. This Dainty, Lacy Skeleton

Halloween looks don’t have to be scary, they can also be super feminine and pretty. This lacy, floral skull is Instagram goals and we wish we had the talent to pull it off. With white face paint you could definitely go for a more simplified version, though adding in the pink and blue flowers makes it stand out even more.

15. A Human Ouija Board

If you really do want a simple look, then this ouija board makeup can be fairly easy to recreate. Just make sure to remember that, if you’re drawing it in a mirror, you’ll need to write the letters right to left or your look will be backwards. Once you’ve got the letters on, drawing a sun and moon is the most complicated thing you’ll need to do. With a bit of patience you’ll be able to get them right.

Which of these looks is your favourite? Tell us in the comments.

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