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Top 5 Makeup Hacks To Start Trying

Makeup products and techniques have advanced greatly over the past five or fifteen years. Gone are the days of stealing your mom’s electric blue eyeliner, and having your face be a different color than your neck.  Now thanks to the invention of beauty bloggers, we all have learned new makeup hacks that make our life so much easier.

Don’t know where to start on your makeup journey? Don’t worry, girl, I got you covered. Here is a list of the top five makeup hacks you can start using today that will make you feel more fierce than you ever have before. 

1. Mix Together Foundation

One of the most simple tricks you can to do to have perfectly matching foundation is to mix two different colors together. This makeup hack is known to most beauty gurus and is not a well-kept secret, but it will help you have flawless coverage. This makeup hack is really for the people who can never find a foundation that actually matches their skin tone. It makes sense because everyone has a different skin tone, so why would only 12 shades of foundation work on all of us?

So here is the makeup hack, find a colour that is too bright for your skin and one that is too dark then mix them together. Experiment with how much dark you want versus the light. Depending on the season you might find that the combination changes. Don’t be afraid to mix different brands together as well.

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2.  Tape Your Eye Shadow

Eye shadow will always make you look a little glamorous, even if your life isn’t as sparkly as your eyelids. The worst part about wearing eye shadow though is the application. Trying to get those perfect lines and gradients between pallets can seem like an impossible tax.

Tape the section of your eyelid that you don’t want a certain color on, then peel when finished. This will leave you with a crisp and concise look that should last all day.  

3. Hairspray Your Eyebrows

Doesn’t matter if your eyebrows are thick like Cara Delevingne’s or thin like it’s 2007, all that matters is that they stay in place. Although this might seem like an easy task, there have been one too many times that I have gone to look in a mirror only to find that my eyebrows are going in five different directions. Having messy eyebrows like this can make you look unprofessional and less polished then you may want.

Try this makeup hack to prevent your eyebrows from going all over the place. Simply hairspray a clean mascara wand and brush it over your eyebrows. It won’t leave a sticky residue or smell behind, I promise. 

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4. Make Your Mascara Last Longer

Makeup is expensive, even if you go to a drug store and buy the cheap stuff you’re still probably spending a decent amount of money on certain products, especially mascara. Don’t throw out tubes of perfectly good mascara as soon as it starts clumping. Instead, throw your tubes into a cup of hot water for 10-15 minutes before applying. This makeup hack will help make your mascara last longer while making your eyelashes longer too.   

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5. Lipstick That Stays

Lipstick, lip stains, and lip gloss can make you look and feel hot AF until you have to eat or drink or even kiss your significant other. Let’s face it, lipstick is a bitch to keep on your face, and if you’re lucky enough to make it stay on your face then at some point it will probably end up smudged on your face or teeth. This makeup hack will let you keep the look of lipstick without the worry that you’ll look like a rodeo clown.

Once you apply your lipstick place a piece of tissue over top and lightly brush translucent powder over top. This should help you keep your lips looking as flawless as you all night long, no matter what you use your mouth for.     

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Did these makeup hacks help you feel ready to conquer the makeup world now? Should I be watching out for your first beauty blog? If anything I hope this list inspired you to get up tomorrow morning and try something new.

But before you go too deep into the rabbit hole of new makeup hacks, trends, and produces, just remember that the best makeup hack you can use is just to do what makes you comfortable. Comment below if you have any other hacks!

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