8 Makeup Hacks For Flawless Skin

These 8 makeup hacks for flawless skin will make everyone believe you have nothing to hide! No more worrying about your vicious pimples, huge pores, or nasty scars and wrinkles. These makeup hacks will make your skin look flawless while still looking like the natural beauty you are.

1. Lotion

STOP! Before you do ANYTHING else you absolutely without a doubt have to apply lotion. You don’t have to wash your face (though it is advised), you don’t have to do a face mask, you don’t have to use primer, but you HAVE to lotion. You can do any of those makeup hacks and many more, but the most important hack is to lotion. If you do not lotion your makeup will look cakey and it will crease. The important hack here is to use a lotion that is meant for your face and not your body. If you are to use anything other than a face lotion you are putting yourself at risk for a break out!

2. Finding the right foundation

Foundation is the key base to your entire makeup look. If you do not have a foundation that is right for you it will make the entire face look just wrong and  none of these makeup hacks will be able to help. When trying to find a foundation that works for you, decide what type of coverage you need (light, medium, heavy) and make sure you pick one that works well with your skin. Even though one looks flawless on your favorite celeb, this does NOT mean it also works for you. Everyone’s skin is different. It is also important to look for the correct color. With so many to choose from you are bound to find one that is right for you. One of the best makeup hacks for foundation is swatching the makeup on your face, leaving the store and giving it time to oxidize, then deciding which one (IN NATUAL LIGHT) looks best on you!

3.Use a concealer that is just a tad lighter than your foundation

Using a lighter concealer is something that is subtle, but one of the many makeup hacks that can change an entire look. By using a concealer that is lighter than your foundation you will be lighting up these areas of the face that are important to be brought forward rather than sunken in. Under your eyes, on your chin, and on your noes are the best places to slab on this convenient product. However, the upper lip, forehead and of course any imperfections are best as well.

4. Use a wet beauty blender to set your powder

Setting your face with setting powder is one of the makeup hacks that many people do not do. By applying it with a wet beauty blender rather than the pad you are provided with or a brush, the powder melts into the skin creating a more finished and smooth look that allows the foundation and concealer to look matte.

5. Bronzer and blush

These products will be your best friends. This is a trick that anyone should use to add more color to your face. No matter your skin tone, applying a bronzer and blush that work best for you is a good idea to make your skin look as though it has dimension and color. Applying your bronzer in a 3 shape from your forehead to under your cheek bone to your jawline, will give you some added color without having to lay in a tanning bed. Applying a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks (found by smiling big) and even some on the high points of your face like your forehead and nose will give your face a lot more color. Even if your goal is not to obtain a darker complexion or pinker cheeks this will add a more definite shape to your face that everyone wants.

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6. Contour and highlight

These two makeup hacks are not steps that are absolutely necessary, but if they are done in the right way they can look completely natural and really make your face look flawless. By contouring your face you are making it look thinner and more defined. Contouring is NOT bronzer. It is adding very definite shape to your face rather than adding color. The same goes for highlight. Using highlight on your cheekbones and nose really draws those features forward and brings out light that is already naturally there. The application of both of these products will leave your face looking sharp and flawless.

7. Setting Spray

Setting spray does a lot more than just lock your makeup in place. It allows the wearer to look much more hydrated and dewy. The trick here is to apply the hydrating setting spray throughout your makeup routine in order for the skin to remain hydrated and not acquire any creasing. Make sure that after each application of setting spray you ensure your skin dries completely before continuing through your makeup routine.

8. Skin care

The up most hack of all makeup hacks to have flawless skin is to ACTUALLY HAVE flawless skin. The only way this can be achieved is through a killer skin care routine and a healthy lifestyle. Exfoliating your face at least 3 times a week is a great start. You should wash your face every night before bed and you could even do it twice a day when you wake up. Putting night lotion on before bed and any pimple medicine is suggested as well. Other than products you can put on your face to try and make your skin perfect, getting the proper amount of sleep and eating healthy will make a HUGE difference in your skin.

What makeup hacks for flawless tips have you found effective? Comment them below!

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Sarah Ritondale

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