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The Ultimate Makeup Brush Manual

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Manual

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Manual

Have you strolled through the cosmetics section lately and noticed the countless types of makeup brushes? For those of us without a cosmetology license, the selection can be daunting and confusing. But fear not! We’ve got a basic makeup brush manual to help you choose just the brushes you need and how exactly to use them.

Powder brush.  These are the most commonly used brushes. Medium size with a round top and soft bristles, the powder brush is used to apply any type of powder foundation to your entire face.

Kabuki.  You may not recognize the name, but you’ve seen this brush before. It’s a short, large round top brush that sits inside a stump of a handle. This brush is used to apply mineral powder in a circular motion to polish your skin.

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Manual

Fan brush.  This thin, fan-shaped brush can be used to apply blush, blend, clean up excess powder and highlight cheek bones. An angled brush can also be used to apply blush.

Concealer brush. What does this brush do? It conceals! This firm and narrow brush is used with concealer in a fixed area to hide dark circles or blemishes.

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Eye blending brush.  This smaller brush with soft bristles and an angled tip is used to blend in your eye shadow along the crease of your lids. It’s perfect for bringing lighter and darker eye shadow shades together. Use after the eye shadow brush, which is used for clean and precise application.

Angled eye brush. Thin, angled with short, rigid bristles, the angled eye brush is used to define eyes decorated with gel or other eyeliners to make for a more precise shape.

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Manual

Smudge brush. Also small and rigid, the smudge brush helps to complete that smoky eye look when used to smudge eye liner along with shadow.

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Blending brush. Use the blending brush to tie everything together! After all your face makeup has been applied, brush this medium-sized brush with soft bristles over your entire face to create a smooth, natural, cohesive look.

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