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Top 5 Makeup Brands By Celebrities

Top 5 Makeup Brands By Celebrities

Everyone becomes familiar with certain products and how to use them. There is a multitude of makeup brands all around the world, made by different people and companies. They are comprised of different ingredients and components. As we come to love our makeup products, do we really know who creates them and how? For the majority, there are makeup brands that are patently labeled. You instantly know who the creator is. Did you know there are drug-store brands made by celebrities? A lot of known celebs have joined the fun and tested their own makeup brands for all to enjoy. Here are Top 5 Makeup Brands By Celebrities themselves.

1. Fenty Beauty

Rihanna released her own makeup brand Fenty Beauty in 2017. The company was taken by storm when the dinger released foundation makeup in all shades of the skin tone scale. As a person of color, it was important for Rihanna to address that makeup shades needed to be racially inclusive anyone can proudly use and wear makeup. Her foundation and other makeup items out sparked on social media causing an uproar of positive reviews and commentary. What makes Rihanna a great makeup influencer, is the fact that she personally tries the products herself for official authenticity. Check out her YouTube videos for information about products and tutorials!

Top 5 Makeup Brands By Celebrities

2. Kat Von D Beauty

Long-time tattoo artist Kat Von D launched her very own Kat Von D Beauty makeup brand back in 2008. Bloggers and enthusiasts await her new makeup releases due to the fact that all products are vegan and cruelty-free. With all the bold black and red shades, she isn’t afraid to showcase a gothic yet sexy outcome of the beauty products. Also testing out her own products, Kat Von D, shows that anyone can be model-like and picture-perfect. Her products instill confidence among those who wear them. Makeup emphasizes the artistry and empowerment in which she truly believes in. Makeup is not just about looking beautiful, but showing that life imitates art.

Top 5 Makeup Brands By Celebrities

3. Honest Beauty

With this sweet and subtle makeup brand, you will be taking better care of your skin. Despite those messages saying that too much makeup is bad for your skin, no one can stop you from wearing minimal. Known actress Jessica Alba has created her own beauty and skin products that are cruelty-free and healthy for the skin. Readily available such as Target and Walgreens, Honest Beauty serves to allow women to look elegant and sophisticated while reminding them to take better care of their skin. Also. being cost-efficient, these products would last a long while without spending excessively. Fans of Jessica Alba will appreciate the way she is introducing healthier ways of using makeup and isn’t afraid to speak about the pros than cons of makeup.

Top 5 Makeup Brands By Celebrities

4. KORA Organics

You may not be familiar with KORA Organics, but does Miranda Kerr ring a bell? The Australian model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel founded the KORA Organics makeup brand in 2009. As another healthy skin promoter, KORA Organics wants women to have clear, healthy, and radiant skin. Kerr specializes in organic health, infusing her specialties within facial skincare and makeup products. Not only that, she has products for the body’s skin as well. Because such products are made from real organic sources, they will be on the expensive side. You can find KORA Organics items at Sephora.

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Top 5 Makeup Brands By Celebrities

5. Circa Beauty

This makeup brand is founded by none other than actress and model Eva Mendes. Sold on Amazon and Walgreens, Circa Beauty was launched in 2015. In the likes of Revlon and Fenty, Circa beauty aims for quality and purpose for all women. This is another product that is open to all skin tones and ethnicities. What stands out for this brand is the options of colors and shades, and its pricing. Mendes has stated that she is only giving back what she loved which is makeup. Among several makeup brands, Circa Beauty has become of the top choices in Walgreens stores everywhere.

Top 5 Makeup Brands By Celebrities

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