10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

Some people around the globe are just mind blowing when it comes to creating Halloween makeups. They definitely know how to take their makeup game over the top to create characters that seem as if they have just gotten out of a movie. Or recreate looks from already existing characters that seem as a picture. Here we bring you some of our favorites so you can take some inspiration for you Halloween looks or just be amazed by their talent!

1. Lisa Marie Murphy

From San Diego, California Lisa Marie Murphy is a makeup artist that can transform herself into anything she dreams off and the result is always amazing to look at. From a copy of Annabelle, the doll, to an old lady she can create it all! Her creations are also well-known for the illusion effects she creates by only using makeup. She is not only a great with makeup, but an amazing artist also! Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram as @lisamarie_murphy because her posts will really blow your mind!

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

2. RJ Tullouch

RJ Tullouch, also known as cakefacerj, it’s an amazing makeup artist from Nottingham, United Kingdom. Her creations are inspired by literally everything you can imagine. From transforming herself into a half sketch half pop art comic to becoming a soda can, her art its unbelievable! You can also find some daily makeups you can rock for and the best things is that she also makes tutorials in case you want to copy some of her looks. Follow her on her Instagram account as @cakefacerj to check more of her works of art.

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

3. Hayley McCourt

Based in London, United Kingdom, Hayley McCourt is a makeup artist and body painter you should be on the lookout for. Her creations look really realistic and the amount of detail these have definitely turn them into a work of art. Hayley has already started posting Halloween looks with some neon technics and let us say they are pure fire! Don’t miss any of her posts on her Instagram account, @mua_hay and go follow her as soon as possible!

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

4. Tedyana

Tedyana is a self-taught body painter, makeup artist and cosplayer and her work is really well done! She has experimented with various characters from famous films, created looks inspired in other movies and has some original creations completely done by herself. Tedyana’s work is full of detailed strokes and you can find lots of variety in her work. Keep an eye on her posts for this Halloween season by following on her Instagram account @tedyana_ because we can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

5. Jannis Baudelaire

Straight from Germany Jannis Baudelaire is an upcoming beauty blogger who surprise and inspires with his creations. He has worked creating different characters, with daily makeup tutorials and some drag styled makeups also. Follow him on his Instagram account @jannisjd to see what he decides to cook for us this year’s Halloween season. He has already started to amaze us with a Mirror creation you should check!

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

6. Kim Wiitte

The Sfx and beauty makeup artist Kim White makes creations that are to die for! Her work is absolutely impressive, and she can go from creating identical characters from children’s movies like Woody from Toy Story to really creepy monsters or fairytale characters. She can definitely transform herself into anything she wishes with some strokes from her magic brushes. Start following her on her Instagram account as @wiitteartistry and you won’t be disappointed. Especially this Halloween season because her makeups are going to be beyond impressive!

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

7. Donna

Originally from the United Kingdom Donna is an incredible makeup artist that describes herself as a movie nerd. Probably that’s why most of her makeup creations revolve around movie characters. And the best thing about her is that she couldn’t wait until October to start posting her makeups for the Halloween season, so she started posting some makeup looks already. Don’t miss some of her best looks by following her Instagram account as @caffeinated_dreamer_ you would be amazed in a way that can’t be described by words!

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

8. Celine

Celine is a girl that has a set of extraordinary makeup skills! Her creations are really amazing and she also enjoys experimenting with characters we have seen on TV series like SpongeBob SquarePants friend’s or from movies like the Lion King. Whatever she chooses to represent her makeups are always on point. Celine also makes tutorials on how she creates her look in case you were looking for some to copy. Don’t forget to follow her Instagram account with the user @faces_by_c to see more of her incredible work that is yet to come!

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

9. Allie Burt Chesnut

The looks this girl create seem just like pictures! Her work has lots of variety and you can find from whimsical fairy tale characters to children movie ones, to some spookier looks. What we all can agree on is that whatever she decides to paint on her face she creates a work of art. She is super excited to start posting Halloween inspired makeups and she is not the only one! We are also dying to see what she comes up with. That’s why you shouldn’t miss one of her posts by following on her Instagram account as @cinder_allie.

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

10. Kelly Nantes

A self-taught artist from Canary island, Spain, Kelly Nantes creates works that are just magical. She has worked on makeup looks you can copy and used to your special events, but also on some really amazing looks to transform herself into different characters like a Brat Doll or an elf from a magic forest. The colors she uses in her works are really welcoming in pastel tones that gives her that kind of magic vibe to what she creates. She is also a really talented artist and tends to demonstrate it on her Instagram account. Follow her at @ekilateral to keep an eye on what she brings to us this Halloween season!

10 Makeup Artists You Don’t Want To Miss This Halloween

Are you in love with these makeup artists already? We can’t wait to see what them come up for the spookiest season!

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