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Make Your Own Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Drink a lot of wine? Have corks laying around your house? Why not make a wine cork bulletin board! It’s a perfect decoration for your college dorm, doesn’t cost too much, and is a perfect place to pin up all those pictures of your friends from home while you’re at school without damaging your dorm wall.

You just need corks, a wooden picture frame, and a glue gun. A knife is also handy if your corks don’t fit exactly right in the frame. An 8×10 frame takes about 50 corks to make, so keep that in mind when choosing what size frame you want, or how long you want to save up your corks.


You can choose how you want to put the corks in the frame. There’s straight across, up and down, diagonal, or pretty much whatever design you want to do. Once you lay out your corks in the frame, making sure to cut those that don’t fit, all you do is glue them to the back of the frame. Pretty easy, huh? If you want, you can even decorate the outside of the frame before putting the corks in, by painting it or gluing scrapbook paper on it.

And that’s it! Now you have a place to put all those notes you write yourself to remember to finish your paper before it’s due! Or just the reminder to buy more wine.

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