Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home With These Decor Ideas

I’ll never forget the feeling unsure excitement the very first time I moved out of home and moved into a dorm room. It was my own little space to create how I wanted it, it was the first place I could truly call my own. It’s quite the experience walking into a blank room and making it your brand new space, however you like it, because it’s yours. The most difficult part of the process though, is making it feel like home. The stark walls, hardly any natural light, and just a bare bed sitting there looking rather unwelcoming can be intimidating and fairly overwhelming for a new comer so here are a few décor tips to help make your first move in a little bit easier by making your brand new dorm room feel like home.

Fabric Sheets

This is a pretty cool idea to cover up blank walls or hideous wallpaper. It’s safe to say in any dorm room you don’t have to ability, as nice as it would be, to go in and repaint so go to your nearest fabric store and pick out a fun fabric patter that makes you feel at home, and something that you’d be ok looking at for six to eight months of the year. Simply pick up some small tack and attach each corner of the fabric on the walls top and bottom two corners. There you have it, a brand new wallpaper that will have all your dorm friends wanting to hangout in your cozy room.

Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home With These Decor Ideas


Polaroid cameras are the best invention ever in my personal opinion. They capture amazing light, somehow everyone’s skin looks perfect and they are the perfect candid camera. The easiest way to feel at home in your dorm room is to bring home to you by incorporating it into your décor, so a few months before you head off to your new room, pick up a polaroid camera at Urban Outfitters, Walmart or score one at Winners and spend some time snapping pics of your family, friends, loved ones and pets! It’s even a good idea to grab some photos of familiar places, like your home, maybe a park you like or your grandmas flower garden. When you get into your dorm, zigzag some string across a wall and hang up your printed polaroid’s with your favourite clips. Whenever you’re feeling homesick, just take a peak and feel right at home.

Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home With These Decor Ideas

Fairy Lights

Something about lights make me feel so warm and fuzzy so when I first discovered fairy lights, I took advantage of them big time! You can find them at pretty well any home store, and they’re super easy to string up. Plus, they are mainly battery operated so they won’t take up another wall plug. String them up right away and in the word of Coldplay, “lights will guide you home.”

Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home With These Decor Ideas

Flower Wall

Maybe the cutest way to make your dorm room décor feel homey, especially if you love florals. Pick up some of your favourite fake flowers at any home store, whether it be Homesense, Ikea or ever Walmart and tape them to any wall in any sequence. Surround a mirror with them or leave them on their own. Flowers are always a beautiful décor addition and will be sure to put a big smile on anyone’s face who visits your dorm.

Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home With These Decor Ideas

Create Your Own Wallpaper

Over the summer before you head out, make a collection on the computer, maybe create a board on Pinterest of a completion of neat photographs and maybe some art or even photos of your own. Right before your move in date, print off enough photos to fill a small wall and attach them with sticky tack when you arrive. The wall of your own creativity will inspire you every day by seeing photos you chose for whatever reasons, even if it was just because it looked cool. Bringing your own creativity into your dorm room décor is an important way to help you feel more and more at home.

Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home With These Decor Ideas

Tell us how you made your dorm room feel at home with unique decor ideas!

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