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10 Make Up Looks For A College Grad

10 Make Up Looks For A College Grad

College Grad is probably going to be one of the most iconic days of your life. You spent for years slaving away over textbooks and crying on top of exam papers and its finally time to get your reward. A sheet of paper. A paper that opens the door to the world. So why not look your best while accepting the degree? Here are 10 Makeup Looks For A College Grad.

1. Bold Lips

Makeup looks with one bold element are especially striking. Lining your lips with a dark red or a popping auburn will definitely draw attention to your awesomeness. Especially if you want to be seen on stage infant of hundreds of people. Your loved ones will easily spot you from their seat in the back with your bright lip.

10 Make Up Looks For A College Grad

2. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions were all the rage this past year and maybe you were on to tight of a budget because of all those student fees to get them. Now’s your chance! Head on over to a salon and let your lashes become butterflies so you can fly across that graduation stage.

10 Make Up Looks For A College Grad

3. Eyeliner

Personally, eyeliner is one of my favorite makeup looks of all. Especially winged eyeliner. It opens up your eyes to give you a wondrous gaze and will make a lasting impression on your professors as they surely hand you that diploma.

10 Make Up Looks For A College Grad

4. Highlight

Highlight makes you pop! And I mean who doesn’t want that. You’re graduating! Highlighter is the key element in all fresh, fun makeup looks that give you that hint of summer sass and newfound freedom to assist you in that new job hunt. Finding a job can be tough so shine your way through this step.

5. Casual

You got to remember you’re in for a long day. There are hundreds of other people which means your makeup might need some touching up when it comes time for those photos. Consider casual makeup looks so that your smudge isn’t as noticeable and easier to fix!

6. Match Your Grad Robes

If you know what colour your designated grad robes are, try to match them. Or even better,¬†over accentuate them. Using an extra pop of colour or contrast your lip colour with the cap that’ll be framing your face. That way you won’t blend in with the sea of blandness.

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7. Bold Brow

A bold brow will give you the sophisticated look as you grab that piece of paper that opens up the future. Enter the next stage of your life looking mature and ready for anything. This look will make everyone believe in your dreams, profs, fellow, students, and more importantly your parents.

8. Bronze

By the time grad rolls around, we’re all ready for that summer heat. So go that extra mile and let your makeup match your emotions. Bronze up your face to give it that extra heated glow and strut across that stage and straight off to the beach.

9. Smokey Eye

That smokey eye will take you places I’m telling you. It gives you that nonchalant look perfect for making it seem like getting that diploma was a piece of cake. Stare those profs down and thank them for the most stressful four years of your life.

10. Bright Inner eye

That bright inner eye is perfect for those who actually enjoyed their college experience and are planning to shed a few tears. That inner eye shine will help cover the shimmer of tears as you hug your friends and an important chapter of your life goodbye.

10 Make Up Looks For A College Grad

What are your plans for your grad makeup looks? Let me know down below in the comments!

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