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Top 10 Make-Out Spots At Walt Disney World

Top 10 Make-Out Spots At Walt Disney World

Disney World is filled with more spots to make out with your SO than you may realize. Here are some of the best spots to make out!

There’s a point in a relationship when the flame seems to fade, and you settle for mediocre romance. You’re not to the point of breaking up, but you need something to spice things up. If you ever happen to plan a trip to the Walt Disney World and think holding hands in public is spicy enough for romance, think again. Walt Disney World has secret hideaways and unsupervised areas that are perfect to get frisky in public without getting. Here’s the top 10 make-out spots at Walt Disney World.

1. The Sounds Of The Jungle Experience At Rafiki’s Planet Watch

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Rafiki’s Planet Watch, there is a conservation station where you can learn all about the jungle and how to save it. You can view exotic birds, bugs, frogs, and lizards. But, the best part is the silent rooms. Inside these small rooms is a long-cushioned seating area with headphones attached to the walls. The point of this room is to listen to the sounds of the jungle and humans tearing it down in complete darkness. What makes this spot the best is that once you hit play on the experience, a sign lights up outside saying a show is in progress so do not enter. Not only will you never be disturbed, but you will be in complete darkness and do whatever you want within five minutes.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

2. The Hammocks At Port of Orleans Riverside

In my opinion, Disney’s Port of Orleans French Quarter and Riverside is the best resort on property. It’s home to beignets, fried chicken platters, jazz music playing 24-7, and romantic horse drawn carriage rides. There’s already a romantic atmosphere at play here, all you need now is a great spot to put your love into action. Along the pools at Riverside, there are hammocks large enough to fit two people. They are each secluded, but still visible along the walking path. This is a great spot to hit up late nights when kids at the resort have gone to sleep and cast members have finished their nightly assignments.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

3. Tower of Terror Queue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Twilight’s Zone: Tower of Terror is a landmark for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it has been confirmed that it will be there forever. This is great because it has one of the best make-out spots in all of Hollywood Studios. During the day, this attraction can be an hour wait. But, towards closing, this attraction is a walk-on. At the farthest point of the queue, you will be out of eye sight from all angles. The thick shrubbery also helps with having more privacy. Time your session though. Once the park closes, a cast member walks the queue to check for guests doing exactly what you’re doing.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

4. The Haunted Mansion Ride At Magic Kingdom

Making out on a ride? Is that possible? At Walt Disney World’s most iconic ride, it’s more than possible. This is one of the only rides to not have surveillance cameras throughout the track. If creepy ghosts and a murderous bride turn you on, this is the perfect place. I bet you’ve been dying to try some new make out techniques.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

5. Giraffe Viewing Area at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has the most unique experience of all the Walt Disney World resorts. Just outside your room are giraffes and zebras grazing their meals or playing in the dirt pits. There are great viewing spots that can be used for more than viewing. The best if by the Giraffe exhibit. There’s a bench and umbrella to get cozy under the sun and frisky at night. Although this spot is slightly hidden behind a boulder, you’re still in view from certain hotel rooms. Hopefully everyone is too tired from their long day at the parks to even notice or care.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

6. Parking Lots At Any Theme Park

If you’re looking to relieve your urges before heading into the parks, the best place for privacy is within your own car. The trick is to park towards the end of the day when majority of guests are still inside watching firework shows, and there are no more cast members assisting with parking. Walt Disney World’s parking lots are huge enough to forget where you parked your car let alone be interrupted by wondering guests or cast members.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

7. Tree Of Life At Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life is the iconic landmark of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s home to the shows It’s Tough to Be A Bug by day and the Tree of Life Awakenings by night. There are also exhibits where you can see lemurs, vultures, kangaroos, otters and other creatures. When walking through the Tree of life, there is a cave-like tunnel you walk through with a waterfall as a make-shift window. Whether it’s mid-day or late at night, there’s hardly anyone walking by and cast members don’t walk through this queue. The waterfall will muffle out any noises you and your partner make, so don’t be afraid to go wild!

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Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

8. Waterfall At Typhoon Lagoon

This is a temporary make-out location until Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is complete with their new renovation. The waterfall at Typhoon Lagoon used to be a part of the shark attraction where guests could swim with small sharks. Disney is constantly expanding and changing for the sake of progression. But, this renovation has left us with a gloriously wet and secluded location for the steamiest make-out sessions.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

9. Clementine Beach At Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is an underrated hang out location for cast members and locals. It has its own beach, horse ranch, bike riding trails, and miniature pony rides. The beach is mostly used during the day, but by night it’s deserted. So, if you’re looking for some beach action without the sand, Clementine beach is your go-to make-out spot.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

10. Tom Sawyer Island Caves At Magic Kingdom

If it weren’t for Pirates of the Caribbean or the Haunted Mansion rides, Tom Sawyer Island would be my all-time favorite Magic Kingdom attraction. To get to the attraction, you have to float over on Huckleberry Finn’s rafts. Once you make it to the island, there’s several attractions where you explore a wilderness fortress or climb through a slender lighthouse. There are two different cave attractions that are both great for secret make-out sessions. They are dimly lit, and there are different passage ways to hide within.

Top 10 Make-Out Spots at the Walt Disney World

Which spot at Disney World will you try? Have any other suggestions for make-out spots at the Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!
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