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Make Him Beg To Have You Back With These Tips

For starters, this is assuming he broke up with you, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Usually, we regret something after doing it and he will most definitely regret his decision to end things with you if you do exactly what I’ve written. After the break-up stage, people assume that the person is completely over them but what they don’t realize is that you can never forget someone you’ve loved. Immediately after the breakup, he’s going to have you on his mind. Remember, it’s not easy leaving someone you planned on being with for a while, especially if the breakup was unexpected meaning everything was going well but all of sudden it ended because of one argument. If you do the things written below, not only will there be a change in you (a better you), he will notice it and is going to want that. 

1. Give Him The Space He Wants

After breakups, a lot of guys say “I think it’s best if we keep away from each other” which means that he wants his space to do whatever he wants. Well, grant him his wish. 

Don’t call.

Don’t text. 

Don’t send smoke signals. 

This is him saying he is better off without you, so let him do just that, live without you. You want to show him that this breakup had no effect on you whatsoever. And I know that’s going to be hard but with the help of ice cream and Adele, you will feel better. The point is to give him the space he asked for without complaining, without asking why, and without hesitation.  Now, don’t respond with “Okay” because you don’t want to hurt him (even though he’s breaking up with you) you want to show that you respect his request. 

2. Live Your Life

After you give him space, it’s time for you to live your life. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. This is the time to make yourself busy and get him off of your mind. Go out with the girls, do charity work, finish school, travel, etc. You just need to live your life and find a life for yourself. You may be used to a life with him but this is different, you’re single, you’re free. 

3. Stay Clear Of Social Media

Now, when I say live your life that doesn’t mean go bragging it up on social media. Yeah, you’re trying to get him back but posting it on social media to show him that you’re better off without him just screams desperate. Stay off of your social media for a bit because chances are he’s probably looking at your social media to see what you are up to but don’t give him that satisfaction. Think of this tactic as leaving someone on “Read”. He’s probably going to wonder what you’re doing, why aren’t you posting. And while he’s wondering that you will be having the time of your life while he’s tugging at his hair wondering what you’re doing. 

4. Stay Away From His Social Media

Now, he may be creeping on your social media but that doesn’t mean you should go looking at his. You’re trying to get him to make him beg and stalking him on social media isn’t trying to make him beg, it’s going to push you to blow up his phone and beg for him back. Stay strong and leave his social media alone. 

5. Love Yourself

You’re single! Groom yourself, which a way of loving yourself. You’re going to make him beg when he sees that you’ve been exercising, you got your hair done, your nails did, etc. Do the things you didn’t do when you were with him. Go to the spa to get a massage and facial. Go shopping to update your wardrobe. This is updating you. 

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6. Don’t Avoid Him In Public

You know that awkward moment when you run into an ex? You want to avoid him to avoid that awkward situation. Well, don’t! When you run into him in public, don’t try to avoid him, in fact, approach him when you see him (even if he may try to avoid you). Approach him with a smile and a nice “hello”. When he asks how you’ve been, let him know all the things you’ve been doing. Once he hears, he will get a good look at you and see the updated you and won’t know who you are. This will definitely make him beg. The change in you will interest him to hear more about your life without him. He’s going to wonder if this change in you is because you have a new lover in your life. In which, he will be jealous that you haven’t done that stuff with him and 

7. His New Boo

If he has a new boo, he’s probably going to want to show her off. But don’t worry. If he introduces her to you, be polite and smile a genuine smile (put on the best Oscar performance). He will be surprised that you are taking this well, which will make him happy. Like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Talk to her as though she’s a friend because your ex will be surprised at this. He’ll wonder who this “new person”, which is where you want him. You’re close to making him beg than you were before. 

8. Getting A New Boo

Because you’re nice to his new boo and you’ve updated yourself, he’s going to think that you have a new boo and will want to know about the guy. Make him beg by letting him know that this change was all on your own and you’re happier. This may sting him a bit but, oh well. 

9. Know Your Self Worth

This should’ve been said before, but knowing your self worth is important because you can use this to make him beg. He doesn’t know what he lost, so knowing your self worth will boost your confidence to show him the fantastic person he lost. 

10. Friends

You will most definitely make him beg when he sees that you have people who cares for you better than he ever did. Keeping your friends in your life and spending time with them will show him that you are better off without him and that you aren’t phased by the breakup because the people you love are there for you. 

I’m sorry that the relationship ended but just know that you are worth everything. If he doesn’t beg for you back, just know that you are a changed person, and someone who deserves you will see it and appreciate it. Let me know in the comments if he begged for you back and if he didn’t, how do you feel?

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