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5 Helpful Tips for Dealing With PMS

5 Helpful Tips for Dealing With PMS

Periods aren’t the same for everyone.

Some girls have it fairly easy, while others have to experience 7 days of hell.

I am one of those girls who has it more difficult, facing 7 days of hell, a.k.a. PMS, once a month.  I am here to help guide you with some of the tricks I use in order to relieve these hellish days. When I am on my period, my mood changes at an insanely quick rate.  My cramps get so terrible that it feels like the world is falling apart.  One minute I feel happy, and the next minute I am crying over a jelly bean.  There is no way to get around PMS completely.  But the good news? You can reduce some the intense emotions and pain by learning new ways of dealing with them.

Different methods work for different people.

So maybe you are asking yourself, “Well, how do I find things that work for me?”  Try keeping a journal or starting a blog and write down how you are feeling.  Every girl’s body is different, so keeping track of what you respond best to could be incredibly helpful. Below I have listed some of the tips that work best for me.


Five tips to keep you and everyone around you sane during your period:

1. Make sure you have chocolate in your dorm or apartment or wherever you spend your time!

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2. If you have a boyfriend, warn him- but he probably already knows.


3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!! Exercise clears your mind and can even make your period less heavy!

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4. Pamper yourself.  Massage, facial, or mani/pedi? Any or all will suffice.

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5. Remind yourself it’s almost over. Even if you break down crying and look like Kim Kardashian…

Also, don’t worry if you still can’t find anything to make these PMS days better. Sometimes you just have to push through it.  It won’t last forever! Don’t beat yourself if you get a major break out or have a meltdown over a jelly bean.  It is perfectly normal to be emotional during your time of the month!

Do you have any tips for dealing with your period? Comment below with your advice and share this article with your friends!
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