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Major Dating Tips For The Bold, The Fearless, And The Single

Major Dating Tips For The Bold, The Fearless, And The Single

Major dating tips for the single from a single: it’s like the blind leading the blind but, we have to stick together if we’re ever going to let our hair down and just have a good time. No matter what your reason is for staying miss independent, having a few dating tips on your side is always helpful! Here are my personal tips I always keep in mind when going out on dates! 

1. Stay True To You 

Everyone can get a little nervous or shy sometimes so don’t worry too much about it! Try to just take a couple of deep breaths and stay honest and open-minded with yourself and with the person you’re out on a date with. It’ll help your nerves by asking them what they like to do, get the attention away from you for a bit so the conversation can get started. Once its begun, don’t be afraid to let your guard down just a bit, it’ll help the conversations to not get awkward and you may just find something in common with the other person. 

2. Go For What You Want 

Of course, you should never be afraid of what you want. Don’t doubt yourself, go for it! Showing passion and drive in the things that matter most to you will show them your confidence! But also don’t be afraid to speak up and be honest about what you want from the date, if you want to go on another one or even if you do or do not want to kiss them. If they get weird about it, then that’s on them. Just keep doing you! 

3. But You Don’t Always Have To Know What You Want 

Honestly though, if you’re as indecisive as I am, it can be difficult to stop wavering between two things and just figure out what it is exactly you want. So in that case just go with the flow and see where something may lead you! If it ends, well you know the saying “one door closes and another one opens.” You don’t have to know what you want to still have a good time and be honest with someone. 

4. Even So, Know Your Worth

You know who you are, what you stand for and what the set boundaries you don’t want someone to cross. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable then say it! Don’t let anyone step on you and make you question your worth, you’re beautiful and there is no one else like you, just remember that. 

5. Remember To Make Time For Yourself

The dating world can get hectic at times so make sure you’re still cutting out time to be the independent person you are! Go on adventures by yourself, cook a new meal, concoct a face mask! Just don’t let someone tell you when you’re going to hang out, take the reins in and do what you need to do to feel good. 

6. If They Don’t Like You, It’s Really Actually Not You 

Believe me, it’s on them. We all have a tendency to overthink at times but seriously don’t do it! Don’t read into things, just don’t! If someone likes you they’ll put it out there and if they just don’t seem to have the time, then they’re probably not all that into you and that’s okay because there is someone else around the corner willing to take you on a candlelit dinner by the bay. 

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7. Take Things Slow 

Again, don’t expect things early on. Mistakes are always made with high expectations. When you expect a second date or a certain reaction to come from someone, you are only waiting on something that may never come. Just go with the flow and take things slow! Enjoy your time and if you aren’t enjoying your time, well then what the hell are you still doing with them? 

8. Be Flexible, Let Your Hair Down

Most of all this is your date too! So let your hair down and make the most of the time you have! Even if the person isn’t the right fit for you, you can leave the date knowing you still had fun! 

I hope these major dating tips from one single to another helps on your journey to find whatever it is you’re looking for! If you have some major dating tips that you live by tell us below! 

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