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15 Ways To Maintain Your Youthful Skin (While You Still Can!)

15 Ways To Maintain Your Youthful Skin (While You Still Can!)

One of the biggest dead giveaways of your age is the condition of your skin. If you don’t take care of it when you’re young, by the time you’re not even that old, you’ll look decrepit. It doesn’t take much to keep your skin looking firm and smooth just as it doesn’t take much to make it look saggy and wrinkly. With just 15 easy steps, you can keep your youthful skin looking that way for as long as possible!

1. Drink Up

Water is definitely the catch-all for all things health-related. It’ll keep your digestive tract healthy, help you lose weight, clear acne and keep your skin glowing. Make sure you get your daily eight cups a day in order to achieve the best results. By simply carrying around a reusable water bottle, it will be a lot easier to drink all that water.

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2. Eat Right

It’s no surprise that your diet plays a role in more than just your weight. Make sure that you’re eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals! Avoid overly sugary and fattening foods when possible. Some foods that help the appearance of your skin are tomatoes, dark chocolate and olive oil!

3. Limit Sun Exposure

No one wants to be covered in sunspots when they get older. So, to help prevent that, try to hide from the sun as much as possible. I know we all want to be tan, but really don’t lay out in the sun too much! Fake tanning has come a long way and you can get a natural looking tan from the drugstore now.

4. Wear SPF

When you do have to go out in the sun, make sure to slather on the SPF. Even if you’re not going to the beach or the pool, wearing sunscreen is a good habit to start just on a daily basis. It’s especially vital to wear sunscreen on your face every day. Try to get a daily moisturizer with SPF in it to kill two birds with one stone!


Check out these ways to get youthful skin!

5. Hydrate Your Skin

A lot of young people skip moisturizer because of their acne prone skin. Even if you have acne it’s essential that you apply lotion to your skin at least every time you wash it. When you cleanse your skin with soap and water it can get dry and flaky if you don’t moisturize. This is a great way to help prevent wrinkles!

6. Wash on the Regular

Clean skin is happy skin! Make sure to wash your face at least twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. This is a great first step in a skin care routine because it gets everything ready for any moisturizer, serums and treatments that you’ll apply later.


Check out these ways to get youthful skin!

7. Take a Deep Breath

Too much stress isn’t good for any part of life. Being overworked and worried can have some intense effects on your skin. When you’re overly stressed your skin becomes more sensitive to problems like acne. It can also make it harder for preexisting blemishes to fade away. Make sure to take time for yourself to relax, your skin will thank you!

8. Get Your Beauty Sleep

As if I needed more reasons to sleep! Getting enough sleep (7-8 hours a night) can help your skin repair damages, decrease inflammation, and just look healthier all around.


9. Maintain Your Weight

You don’t need to be a model to have great skin. Just leading a healthy lifestyle can work wonders for your complexion. By getting regular exercise and eating a balanced diet, you can have youthful skin!

Check out these ways to get youthful skin!

10. Get Antioxidants

Some of the effects of aging on your skin are it thinning out and becoming discolored. These are normal with time, but when it starts too early in life it can be really annoying. Thankfully, with the help of antioxidants, you can help prevent those signs of age early on! Vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea are examples of antioxidants that really help your skin’s wellbeing.

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11. Create a Skincare Routine

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. Even if it’s as simple as getting a cleanser, toner and moisturizer you’ll see a difference. For more in-depth skincare, go for eye creams, serums and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Check out these ways to get youthful skin!


12. Be Gentle

The skin on your face is extremely thin and sensitive. It’s important to be cautious when you’re washing it, applying your skincare and putting on makeup. Your eye area is especially delicate. Make sure not to pull and tug on your eyes because that can cause premature wrinkling.

13. Just Say No

Smoking cigarettes literally have no good outcomes. It causes cancer, rots your teeth and makes your skin look like crap!

14. Treat Yo Self

One of my favorite things to do to make myself feel better after a long day is to play spa night! Run a bath, put on a face mask and just relax for a while. There are so many different face masks on the market that no matter what issue your skin has, you’ll be able to find one perfect for you and your youthful skin!


Check out these ways to get youthful skin!

15. Wash Your Brushes

Everyone struggles with keeping their makeup brushes clean. Some of us have probably never washed our brushes! Which is terrible because they can harbor a ton of nasty germs that are harmful to your skin. I know it’s super annoying to do but set aside 10 minutes every month to scrub your brushes to keep your routine clean for youthful skin.

Which of these ways to maintain youthful skin are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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