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Maintain Your Summer Tan All Season Long With These 10 Tips

One of the best parts about summer is laying out in the sun and getting a gorgeous summer tan! Keeping that tan all summer may seem like an impossible task, but follow these 10 easy tips and suggestions to maintain your summer tan and you’ll be a bronzed goddess all season!

1. Hydrate

One of the easiest ways to make sure your summer tan lasts is to drink tons of water! When your body is hydrated, so is your skin. And the more hydrated your skin is, the more it’s likely to hold onto that beautiful bronze you’ve been working so hard on! In order to keep that healthy glow of yours, you should be drinking about half a gallon of water every day. Put that Hydroflask to good use and get chuggin’!

2. Stay Moisturized

Moisturizer is a biggie for increasing the life of your summer tan. As your skin becomes dehydrated, your skin cells begin to shrivel and flake off, taking that beautiful tan with it. If you keep up on your moisturizing though, you’ll lose fewer skin cells and your tan will look beautiful day in and day out! The best moisturizers to use to stay hydrated and refreshed will contain aloe vera or vitamin E. In addition to keeping your skin looking healthy, vitamin E also helps to reduce UV damage!

3. Use Sunblock

It’s a common misconception that using sunblock will stop you from getting tan. Sunblock does not stop your skin from getting darker, it simply helps to reduce the number of harmful UV rays being absorbed into your skin. These rays mean sunburn and sunburn means peeling-which SUCKS for your tan, and it’s not so great for your skin either! We’re not saying you have to pull a full-on zinc smear across your nose, but at least show your skin some love and slather on some SPF 30 every half hour or so. Don’t be that one friend who comes home from your summer vacay looking like Larry the Lobster because you couldn’t be bothered to put on your sunblock. Because tbh, it’s just no fun, and it hurts like a b!

4. Exfoliate

The key to starting a lasting summer tan is exfoliating! Before you even think about stepping outside to work on that tan, make sure you buff all those dead cells off. By getting rid of that top flaky layer of your skin, you’re essentially creating a blank canvas to build your tan on. Plus, your skin will literally GLOW once you’re finished. It’s also important to remember not to over-exfoliate. We don’t want to get rid of healthy skin cells along with all that dead weight. Exfoliating once a week in the shower should do the trick!

5. Use An After-Sun Lotion

Along with your sunblock, an after-sun lotion can really help to make sure your summer tan. An after-sun lotion is a heavily moisturizing cream, loaded with aloe vera to make sure your tan lasts as long as possible. After-sun is also great for soothing and calming any redness, in case you accidentally sit out for a tad bit too long. It won’t make your sunburn disappear, but it should help tone down the itchiness and the internal scorching that comes along with it (ouch). The best way to get the most out of your after-sun lotion is to apply a GENEROUS amount immediately after coming in from outside.

6. Take Cooler Showers

Taking cooler showers is not an easy task-we know. But sometimes we gotta make sacrifices for the things we love (aka beautiful healthy glowing goddess skin). The hot water does some pretty heavy damage to those healthy skin cells of yours you’ve been working so hard to keep moisturized. So don’t blow all your hard work just so you can enjoy 15 minutes of hot water! Start slowly. You don’t have to take the polar plunge every time you step into the shower. But instead of taking a super hot shower every day, maybe opt for a lukewarm one every now and then. Trust us, the life of your tan depends on it!

7. Spend As Much Time Outdoors As You Can

Okay. This one might seem like a no-brainer. But let’s be honest, the quickest way to work on your tan is constant exposure to the sun to help build your tan. Just make sure you remember to use your sunblock! Take a walk every day, eat lunch outside, or workout in your backyard. These are just some of the ways you can boost your outside time without having to lay out on a towel and sweating like nobody’s business. A little distraction goes a long way when it comes to beating the heat!

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8. Work On Your Tan In Your Pool

If you are fortunate enough to have your own pool, use it to your advantage this summer! Blow up your favorite float, crank the tunes and climb on board. You will tan quicker in the pool, because the water reflects the sun’s rays, giving you extra exposure to all that yummy warmth. However, because of the extra exposure, it’s extra important to apply sunblock every 15 minutes or so. We’re going for golden brown- not fire engine red.

9. Add More Beta-Carotene To Your Diet

Beta what? Beta-Carotene is a pigment that naturally occurs in red and orange fruits and vegetables. This pigment is so strong that it can actually seep into your skin, intensifying the color of your tan. Kinda wild, right? The best foods to eat to increase your Beta-Carotene are mangoes, watermelon, carrots, sweet potatoes, and of course carrots. In addition to helping out your tan, Beta-Carotene is great for your eyesight. So if you find yourself staring at the sun for a teeny bit too long, Beta-Carotene’s got you covered.

10. Visit The Beach!

As if you don’t already need another excuse to go to the beach, tanning at the beach can also help increase the longevity of your tan. So no, you’re not crazy. You do get a better and longer-lasting tan at the beach. The reason why actually has less to do with the sun though, and more to do with the surf. The salty water and the sand actually act as a natural exfoliant, setting you up for that perfect tan you’ve been dying for. Also as we mentioned before, the water acts as a mirror and reflects the sun’s rays, helping you maximize your tan. So next time you’re at the beach, go for a quick dip! It could seriously help you improve your tan!

Which of these methods to you use to maintain your tan? Let us know in the comments below!

Stephanie Dubowski

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