10 Lyrics From Post Malone That Will Keep You Going Through Hard Times

Everyone loves using music to lift their spirits. Here are ten Post Malone's lyrics that are perfect for a little motivational pick me up.

We’ve all had hard times. We’ve all been there. These lyrics from Post Malone have really taught us to stick through the tough times. Whether they’re about money, fame, reassurance, or ambition, these lyrics are relatable to us all.

1. “I was patient. Now I can scream that we made it. Now everyone, everywhere I go, they say ‘gratulations.”

– Congratulations

2. “Calculate your steps and keep your circle small. Understand that nothing lasts forever. Glamorization of this lifestyle will leave you desperate”

– Never Understand


3. “Ever since the very first day at it, I been poppin’. Don’t wanna prove you wrong but shit, you leave me with no option”

– No Optio

4. “And everything gone bad , we gon’ make it alright”

– Yours Truly, Austin Post

10 Lyrics From Post Malone That Will Keep You Going Through Hard Times


5. “I ain’t rich yet, but you know I ain’t broke”

– White Iverson

6. “They tell me to quit, don’t listen to what I’m told. Help me forget that this world is so cold.”

– Go Flex

7. “I wanna go up there and I don’t ever wanna come down. I wanna see what’s up there, actin’ like I got it all figured out.”

– Up There

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8. “I used to say I was free. Now all these people wanna keep on taking pieces of me. They take away everything.”

– Blame It On Me

9. “Let me down easy, don’t let me down rough. Don’t let me go to sleep, getting up is gon’ be tough”

– Hollywood Dreams/Come Down


10. “Tell me that it’s all okay. I’ve been waitin’ on this all damn day.”

– Stay

Which one of these lyrics do you like the most, or which Post Malone song is your favorite? Will you be adding any of these songs to your Motivational Music playlist? Let us know in the comments down below!
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