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Luxury Brands and Their take on the Restaurant Industry

Luxury Brands and Their take on the Restaurant Industry

All over the world we are seeing Luxury Brands and Their Take on the Restaurant Industry this is something that has become very prominent, and people are obsessed, let’s take a look into these Luxury Brands and the restaurants that they are producing, all I can say is if you want a reservation good luck!

Tiffany & Co. Blue Box Café in NYC

The Blue Box Café is Tiffany and Co’s take on casual meets formal dining, this restaurant has not been open for a very long time and is almost impossible to get a reservation here. The food served at The Blue Box Café is mostly breakfast and it is far from affordable. Located at the top of the Tiffany Building, this hot spot is very hard to miss as the whole entire restaurant is Tiffany Blue and has all of the Tiffany ware to match. Breakfast at Tiffany’s can start for around $35, and the dessert portions can range from $45 to $56 for an all-inclusive array of breakfasts and or desserts.  They have a select menu as well that they offer a range of lunch specials available. This restaurant is currently closed for renovations that are taking place throughout the entire building and is scheduled to re-open in 2023.

Resturant Blue Box Cafe

Louis Vuitton Mory Sacko at Louis Vuitton in Saint Tropez in France  

Located in one of the hottest towns in France, The Louis Vuitton Restaurant located in the heart of Saint Tropez is a force to be reckoned with. This Five Star restaurant is operated by chef Mory Sacko who has been awarded a few Michelin Stars for his amazing work. The menu is inspired by the culture of traveling, so there are many different cuisines offered and with Sacko as head chef this is a must visit. This is a Five Star restaurant so keep your wallets handy, with just the sides costing around twenty Euros and most of the main courses going into the hundreds of Euros. The aesthetics of the restaurant are to die for, the décor is inspired by the Louis Vuitton flowers and has many of the décor that Mory Sacko wanted in his restaurant’s.

Resturant LV MS

Gucci Gucci Osteria in Beverly Hills

The Gucci Osteria in Beverly Hills Website states that “Gucci Osteria: a series of Italian, contemporary restaurants, found in world cities with varied and different identities. Sharing a culinary philosophy that rides the wave of the seasons with creativity, elegance, humor and sensuality, and from where they draw their inspiration. Capturing the youthful energy embodied in Gucci and its parallels with the philosophy of chef Massimo Bottura, they draw from the thread of legacy, always contemporary in its present and driving forward to the future.” I have been to this restaurant in Beverly Hills and can attest that they offer the highest quality of service and have a plethora of options available for dinner. They offer three different menus ranging from five to eight courses and start at one hundred fifty dollars and go up to five hundred dollars per person.

Resturant Gucci Osteria

Restoration Hardware: RH Rooftop in NYC

Talk about taking your breath away, Restoration Hardware’s RH Rooftop will do just that, upon coming up all glass elevator to the rooftop of the furniture gallery you are immersed in a beautiful, flower filled, chandelier hanging paradise. Every single table in the restaurant is set up with a beautiful Restoration Hardware chandelier and white marble table. “The RH Rooftop Restaurant features an ingredient-driven menu accompanied by a curated selection of artisanal wines and craft beers. Our wine offering highlights 60 wines from esteemed vintners around the world, including 40 wines by the glass” Found on Restoration Hardware’s website for the RH Rooftop New York. I have been to this Restaurant as well and can say that they have some of the best American food that I have ever had. The Bacon Truffle Grilled Cheese with Truffle Fries is a Chefs Kiss followed with the Cookies and Milk. That’s a Meal.

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Restaurant RH Rooftop

Dior Café in Miami

Located on top of the Christian Dior Store in the Design District in Miami, Florida, is the Dior Café. This work of art has become a staple in the Miami Design District, for many reasons the first being the fact that it is the Dior Café. Second the Café is home to many picture-perfect areas that offer an overabundance of Dior artwork and décor. The Dior Café is very expensive for what it is, when I visited the Dior Café in Miami, I paid a total of $134 for two coffees, two croissants and a sparkling water (this includes gratuity). Personally, I feel that that is a bit more expensive than most people would want to spend on coffee and croissants, but you know how it is now a days. They offer a very limited Menu and is mostly a place that you go if you are looking for a pick me up coffee and a snack and the occasional picture with the Dior Café animals.

Resturant Dior Cafe

Louis Vuitton Le Café V in Tokyo

This new and very upscale restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan is fresh from the Louis Vuitton restaurant collections. The restaurant is located at the top of the seven story Louis Vuitton building which has undergone a major renovation from and is now open for business. They offer all of the Louis Vuitton merchandise available to man in this location from bags to shoes to luggage and beauty as well. The buildings constructers wanted this to look like a running waterfall frozen in time and that’s exactly what you see and get. The restaurant itself is extremely expensive as it collates with the store itself. So much so that the prices are not listed on the menu that they have available to the public.

Resturant LV Cafe

All of these restaurants are quickly becoming very trendy and allowing these luxury brands to break into an industry that we all did not know they could get into. Sooner versus later many brands will have restaurants and cafes and before you know it living as well.