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5 Luxurious Cars You’d Want To Ride Around Syracuse In

5 Luxurious Cars You’d Want To Ride Around Syracuse In

Pick the top 5 most luxurious cars of 2017 you (or anyone) would want to be driven around campus in and let’s stay in that dream of yours.

Finally, no more taking dirty, over-prices taxis in Syracuse now that Uber has finally arrived! With all the famous celebrities, coaches, and entrepreneurs shuffling to and from campus, Uber is going to need to step up their car game. Who wouldn’t want to ride in style from South Campus to The Dome for a basketball game? It trumps walking or even the crowded bus. There’s nothing like ridin’ around in a car that, as 2 Chainz once preached, “Look like it came out of Ikea.” Being that Uber is definitely not going to drop upwards of one hundred grand on a car to drive random college kids around in and the occasional celebrity, we can all dream of the world where Uber would be that good to us. So, let’s stay in that dream of yours, and pick the top 5 most luxurious cars of 2017 you (or anyone) would want to be driven around campus in (not in any particular order).

Mercedes-Maybach S600

With luxury cars, it’s all about the interior and this Mercedes has the most comfortable interior of its kind…

With two back seats that fully recline and give you a massage, you’ll be cruisin’ down the boisterous Marshall Street in total relaxation while watching a movie on the two screens located on the backs of the driver and passenger seats. This is truly the ultimate luxury Uber.


Bentley Bentayga

Power and comfort thrown into one

Need to get to The Dome in a hurry after a pregame but want to ride in extreme comfort? Then this is your car! With 600-hp, a 3.5-second 0-60 time, and a top speed of 184mph, the Bentayga is the super Uber you need. Being that it has all wheel drive, snow is no match for this beast. There won’t be a single game missed with this thing around.



Rolls-Royce Dawn

Pure class

This is the Uber for the perfect summer Syracuse weather. Riding around campus in a drop top Rolls has to be every college kids dream. This is a true neck-breaker. Sitting in the back seat, watching all the students walk while you’re being chauffeured around campus with the top down will surely make you feel like the king of ‘Cuse.

Audi S8

Not so flashy, super comfy, crazy fast

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Simple looking, absolute monster under the hood. The S8 is the luxury Uber to opt for when you want to keep a low-profile. Stealthily carrying 605-hp (no big deal), this super Uber will get you anywhere you need to on campus in a matter of minutes. This classy, low-key car is totally the move when you can’t.



BMW M760i xDrive

Like the Audi, but 300 less horsepower

This Bimmer is perfect if you’re not in any hurry. This big, bulky car is all about comfort and ride quality. Don’t have a phone charger? This BMW’s got you covered with wireless charging. You may not impress all the fellow oranges when driving passed, but you’ll be sleeping like you just had too much to drink at a party in the back of this thing. You may miss your destination it’s so comfortable.

Did we mention the best and most luxurious cars of 2017? Let us know in the comments below!
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