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Lululemon, What is the Hype behind it?

Lululemon, What is the Hype behind it?

Is Lululemon worth all of the hype? Let’s take a look into what makes Lululemon so diverse from the normal athleisure brand. Lululemon is something that has turned into a force of a brand with a cult following and a plethora of people out there raving and influencing people to buy Lululemon products. Let’s talk about what makes Lululemon so popular among the masses and why people can’t stop buying it.

Established a Cult Following

Lululemon is best known for having packed stores and sold-out items, there is nothing stopping the driven customers from purchasing the ever-lux leggings that Lululemon created and selling them for on average one hundred and twenty dollars. This is how Lululemon started creating their cult following with leggings/tights. They continued to do this by coming out with the hottest and newest types of athleisure wear for men and women and they now are making things for kids as well. All of this changed once Lululemon came out with outlets where you are getting things that are in the real store at basically half the price. This is something that continued to create the empire that Lululemon is now valued at well over a billion dollars. Lululemon is a company that has been able to build a huge empire. It really started by educating the consumers about new products and having people purchase them at an inflated price.

Lululemon Cult Following

Drops New Products Every Tuesday

If you have not caught onto Lululemon’s drop schedule they are known to drop new products on Tuesdays and they update the “we made too much” area on Thursdays. This is something that has been really helpful for the fact that I can plan to make a purchase from them on Tuesday when they are dropping new fresh material as well as on Thursday when they put some of the stuff that is not selling as well on the “we made too much” category and this makes the price go down of the merchandise by almost half of the original purchase price. This is something that you have to be quite swift with or you will most definitely miss out on the merchandise. Having this as a possibility is really nice since you like I said before are able to map out when you want to purchase from them but also this is a way that you can establish a relationship with the educators and possibly get the 411 on when the products will be available in the stores so you can get your hands on them right when they come out.

Lululemon New Products

The Infamous “Belt-Bag”

Lululemon decided to create their modern take on the fanny pack, and they call it the “Belt Bag”. This is something that I have been swindled into buying, and I can say that I have around twenty of them. The Lululemon belt bag is something that I really like since they come in many different styles and three different sizes. They have come out with the regular nylon bag, teddy bear sherpa belt bag, velour belt bag, and special limited-edition bags as well. These are something that is constantly sold out online and are almost impossible to get ahold of unless you know when the bags and or clothes are dropping. When shopping for these I highly recommend going to the nearest Lululemon store so that you can get the most up-to-date insight on the products you are looking for, since they don’t always have what they say that they have online in the store. This is something that Lululemon has gotten to be known for and is easily one of their best-selling products in the store and online.

Lululemon belt bag

Quality that You Can Trust

Something that Lululemon offers is if the clothes that you have purchased from them are defective or somehow tear or become distressed you are allowed to bring them back and exchange them for a new pair of leggings (for example). This is obviously not something they just go handing out to just anyone, your leggings have to have been purchased in a certain window of time and can’t be just “worn” out they have to have a noticeable psychical defect. This is what Lululemon lists on their website as their quality promise “Quality is the heart of who we are. Quality shows up in our people, our conversations, and of course, our product. If our product doesn’t perform for you, we’ll take it back. While we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting gear, our quality promise does not cover usage beyond a practical lifetime. As a result, our Quality Promise cannot be applied to any item purchased through Like New.” – Lululemon Athletica.

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Lululemon Quality You Can Trust

Made From the Best Materials

Lululemon has really proved itself to its customers by coming out with products that are made with the best materials, and by making them comfortable. The primary materials that I enjoy from Lululemon are At Ease, which is like a waffly sweatpants’ kind of vibe, this is also made in a short version and comes in so many colors. Another material that I love that they make is the Soft Stream material this is like a velvet velour kind of style, and it is insane how soft and buttery the texture of the pants is, and this is something that they currently only make for women but hoping they do something with this material for menswear. Another material that I think is great that Lululemon has newly released is the Balancer Short material, known as the Everlux fabric mainly used for Yoga purposes. This is something that I wish they made more of, since it is so luxurious and comfortable and easily something that can be worn every day seven days a week.

Lululemon Fabric

Lululemon has become one of the most diverse and fastest growing brands since they care about their customers, with their excellent customer service and products that are too good to be true. Lululemon is easily worth all of the hype and is my all-time favorite brand and makes the most comfortable athleisure/workout wear on the market.