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10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren't Just For Your Yoga Class

Lululemon is typically understood as a yoga and athletic clothing store, and while in many ways that is true, there are a few pieces I believe are perfect to bring out into the world, dressed either up or down. Below are 10 Lululemon pieces that I usually wear outside of the studio and that you can, too! I am currently an Educator at lululemon, but am not a spokesperson for the company. Thus, my opinions and positions expressed are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of lululemon.

Noir Pants

Perhaps my favourite pants Lululemon has ever come out with, the Noir pants feature a paperbag waistband and a wide-leg hem, making it easy to wear these pants during the day well into the night. I typically wear this Lululemon piece with white Keds for a very casual, everyday look, or with pointed-toe heels to dress them up for a night in the city. As for the top, I usually go for a very tight fit turtleneck for a sleek uniform, or with a chunky sweater, tucked in at the front. You really can’t go wrong with these luxe pants, and they will easily become a staple in your closet. These pants now come in two fabrics, a swift ultra light fabric and in a woven material, the latter being slightly more formal looking.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

On the Fly Trousers

Part of the core Office Travel Commute collection, the On the Fly Trousers are probably one of the most popular traveling and everyday pants from Lululemon. As per its name, these pants are meant to be your go-tos for any occasion. Like the Noir pants, they are easily meant to be both dressed up and down, depending on what your pair them with. Be ready for some serious comfort and unbelievable sleekness in these tapered trousers.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

Wanderer Culottes

Wide-legged pants are really finding their groove at Lululemon! The Wanderer collection is one of the newer collections this Spring/Summer, made with extremely light, sweat-wicking fabric, effortlessly chic and efficiently comfortable for summer wear. Equipped with an elastic high waist, these culottes are universally flattering and, as with the other pants I have described thus far in this article, are easily dressed both down and up. These pants are guaranteed to be a perfect summer staple pant; their light fabric is airy and breathable, an absolute must during the mid-summer heatwave!

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

Align Jogger

The minute you try on these pants is the minute you will never take them off. Ever. Part of the Align collection, made of a buttery-soft fabric called Nulu, the Align joggers are like the hip older sister of the Align leggings, giving a fresh look to what was traditionally only in a legging style. Wear these babies to yoga, but also consider wearing them with some black booties or chunky sneakers. It’s embarassing to say how many times I’ve worn them so far.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

Bounce Short Sleeve lululemon lab

This cropped tee is perfect post-yoga, or worn with your favourite high-waisted bottoms — be they jeans, leggings, or a mini skirt. Both the shape of the tee, with its wider sleeves, and shorter hem are details that set this tee apart from any other one out there. It’s part of the lululemon lab collection, where Lululemon uses certain fabrics in more modern, contemporary styles. The colour is an added bonus, which is perfect to brighten up your summer wardrobe.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

Fast and Free Short 10″

Just-above-knee length shorts are seriously having a moment in 2019! Pair this with the Bounce Short Sleeve top above or a longer chunky sweater, belt bag, and sneakers, and you’ll look like a Jenner in no time. These Fast and Free shorts, like the F&F leggings are made to feel like a second skin on your body, except for the waistband which hugs your tummy just right. Fast and Free leggings are a favourite for running, and the shorts would be ideal for a summer run. That said, you can totally wear this on a daily basis, taking athleisure to a whole new level.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

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Twist It Tank

A perfect tank for inside and outside the studio, this backless tank is one of those Lululemon pieces that is just cut — literally — so elegantly. It accentuates both your back and the beautiful lululemon sports bra you’re likely wearing underneath, if you’re anything like me. Imagine how nice this shirt would look with a pair of high-waisted jeans for a casual or casual-meets-club look or with black paperbag trousers for an ultimate night out outfit. Tip: If you tuck in the twist at the back of the shirt, it will give the illusion that your shirt is entirely backless. Talk about beautiful back details.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

Brunswick Muscle Tank

Ever the popular choice, you can’t go wrong with a simple tank top. This muscle tank would look great if you tie a knot in the front, making it the perfect complement to high waisted pants. Or, for a more old school, 70s look, pair this tank, especially in this Heathered Honey Lemon colour, with high-waisted flare jeans. There are infinite possibilities with this tank, making it one of the Lululemon pieces that goes far beyond the yoga studio.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

Smooth Departure Jacket

Probably one of my favourite Lululemon pieces of the season, the Smooth Departure Jacket is an Office Travel Commute jacket that is made perfect for a rainy day. It is a more fitted style on top and it flows outward, in somewhat of an A-line form, towards the bottom. I’ve worn it with heels, but I also LOVE wearing it with my black trainers, making it a really fun and trendsetting juxtaposition. Since I’m on the shorter side and since this jacket is midi to begin with, wearing trainers with it makes me feel like I can conquer the world. This jacket in the Desert Khaki colour is also a dream.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

Flow Y Bra

A staple in my closet, this Lululemon piece is a perfect addition for both the yoga studio, and for some of your sweatiest yoga classes, or as just a simple everyday sports bra. It’s one of the lightest support bras Lululemon offers, but also cut in such a way that, I believe, is the most flattering if you don’t necessarily need the extra support on a day-to-day basis. It’s also made of Nulu, the same fabric that the Align joggers and leggings are made of, making you feel smooth, smooth, smooth from head-to-toe. You can’t go wrong with the Flow Y.

10 Lululemon Pieces That Aren’t Just For Your Yoga Class

Which Lululemon pieces are your favourite? Has this changed your mindset that Lululemon is more than a yoga and running clothing store? Share your comments below!

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