5 Low Maintenance But Cute Hairstyles To Take You From Library To Drinks In Finals

After 10 hours in the library, it’s tough for anyone to look good. My hair is a consistent source of annoyance whether I’m in the library or out having fun. It is ridiculously thick, very damaged from tonnes of bleach and dye, and any heat, wind, or rain makes me loose literally any control over my hair. When I’m studying all day, I need my hair to be out of my face, and if I’m heading out afterwards, I need it to look cute. I’m not one to spend long on my hair generally, but especially during exam season when time feels particularly scare, I don’t want to be spending more than five minutes on my hair in the morning.

Here are my five favourite cute hairstyles for exam season, that are comfortable to wear all day, look cute, and take 0 effort.

1. Space buns

Space buns are without a doubt, one of my favourite cute hairstyles. They look good, they’re comfortable, they keep your hair out of your face and they take 2 minutes to do in the morning. Even if Miley Cyrus made them infamous, they remain a solid favourite of mine. They work with a simple jeans and a nice top combo, or with a sweatshirt and a mini skirt, maintaining a cute but casual look.

2. The Grande high ponytail

A classic. The high ponytail is the perfect all day cute hairstyle. It’s comfortable, keeps your hair out of your face and doesn’t take any maintenance, but at the same time it is incredibly flattering, putting all the focus on the face, accentuating the cheekbones and perfectly illuminating every feature. The high ponytail works great with a sweat pant combo (my favourite library look), or with a wide leg pant or flare and a casual jumper, which can take you from an all day cramming session to a cocktail bar in an instant.

3. The top knot

The top knot looks cute, is flattering, and crucially, keeps your hair off your face. The only downside is how matted the knot can get, so this is always a style I choose to wear when I’m just about to wash my hair. It’s also easier to style when your hair isn’t too slippery, and it’s a little dirtier and easier to style. It’s a great cute hair style to take you from day to night with minimal effort.

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4. The bun

It feels a little ridiculous to write about putting your hair in a bun, because it’s something everyone does, but it’s too much of a staple in my hair repertoire for me not to mention it. It is such a cute hair style, and an absolute fail safe. Generally, if I’m putting my hair in a bun I want it to look somewhat sleek, I tend to use Toni and Guy serum to make my hair easier to tame. A bun is a perfect library staple, it’s easy, it’s cute and it’s comfortable. It’s also perfect for drinks and a night out, a bun paired with a strong highlight makes the face look elegant and angular. It’s a strong favourite of mine, and all my girlfriends, with good reason.

5. Milk braids

Is there a more cute hairstyle than milk braids? I don’t think so. I like to wear milk braids particularly when it’s sunny, they give a fun and nonchalant edge to a look, paired with sunglasses and a t-shirt dress, this lends an irrevocable festival chic. At the same time, this is a comfortable style to wear all day, and it doesn’t get matted and messy in the same way as just wearing your hair down does. My smile here shows how much I truly adore this cute hairstyle.

What are your favourite library to drinks cute hairstyles? Tell us in the comments below!

Marni Rose McFall

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