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10 Low Light Lamps You Need For Your Dorm This Fall

One thing I always hated about my dorm room was the awful fluorescent lights they had in the rooms. They were too bright and they always hummed when they were on, so bringing in lamps was a must. But, I also didn’t want to bring with me those traditional desk lamps that were usually too bright and kind of tacky looking.

What I wish I had gotten was a low light lamp that I could have used during the evening hours because I always seemed to be up later than my roommate and I never wanted to disturb her. Staying up late to study or write a paper is going to be inevitable while in college, so, here are ten low light lamps that are perfect for those late nights and are also very unique which will add to your dorm decor!

1. DIY String Lights

These string lights from Ikea make a great DIY project. Just go out and buy a cool vase or glass bottle like in the picture below and put the lights in to create a cozy low light. You might have to buy a couple of the string lights because they may be pretty dim, but if you put a couple of these fixtures around your desk, you will be all set.

These string lights are battery operated and can also be put up around your dorm room for Christmas decorations maybe, or just because. I had larger string lights hung up around my bed while in my dorm room and it gave the room a nice ambiance at night.

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3. Globe Lamp

This lamp is called FADO at Ikea and is a 6 3/4″ table lamp that is perfect for your dorm room desk. The bulb is an LED bulb and comes with a lamp when purchased. If you are looking for a cheap lamp that will give off a softer light, this is the one for you.

The globe glass also is a cool aesthetic that will add to your dorm decor. You can pick between a dark glass or a more clear glass.

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3. Antique Morrocan Lantern

This unique lantern will give off some amazing shadows and the jewel designs dim the light from within to give off a soft light to study by. If your college allows you to hang things from the ceiling, you can hang this one up over your desk or bed so it will only light your part of the room.

These lamps are a little hard to find, however, there are many variations of them and they come with all different designs. Because this one is antique, it is a little more expensive but you can find ones that aren’t antique ones that will be more affordable. 

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4. Coil Lights

Now, I was only able to find these off of one website. Daniil Kondratyev has studied and created these amazing coil lights that give off the perfect low and soft light. This low light lamp is the perfect bedside table lamp that will give you just the right amount of light to read and study.

It is also very aesthetically pleasing and will get a lot of comments from your friends. There are other kinds of lamps like this one, however, they are not coil lights. So, I linked Daniil’s website so you can see his creations and what kind of work he does, which is amazing!

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5. Puck Table Lamp

This unique table lamp is one that you can control the brightness of, which is always a plus when it comes to room lighting. The bulb is concealed within the base of the lamp which contributes to the low lighting of the lamp itself.

This lamp’s base comes in a range of colors such as oxide red, reed green, peach, black, and bone. They are unique colors and with a lamp like this, I would almost base my room colors around this very lamp.

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6. LED Bulb Table Lamp

This low light lamp is simple as it does not come with a shade or really any base. The decor all comes from the bulb. This is an Etsy purchase and it is designed to give off a Solar System effect, so if you like all things space, this is the lamp for you.

The creators like to point out that each bulb is unique and the patterns that are painted inside are random and hold different colors. Each one is handcrafted and is made to save up to 63% of energy compared to a traditional bulb.

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7. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are the perfect low light lamps for your dorm room because they look like part of the decor, but can also be used to study at night while your roommate is sleeping, or just setting a nice calming mood.

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These lamps are believed to have various healing powers and some have claimed that the Himalayan salt lamps clean the air in your home, clear away the allergies, boost your mood, and help you sleep. It seems like the best kind of lamp to get!

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8. Tori Boho

This unique low light lamp has a tripod wooden base and an angular roped shade. It is the perfect design to go with that Bohemian look if that is the theme of your decor. This shade does not contain a lot of the light, so make sure to buy a dimmer bulb. However, this is the perfect lamp to have by your bedside or desk for those late nights studying. If you’re looking to vamp this lamp up a bit, paint the legs with a design of your choice and make it a fun art project!

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9. Moon Lamp

I have been obsessed with these lamps since I saw them on Etsy. I think it is such a romantic idea to have the moon in your room. Some creators will even paste a picture on the moon for a higher price.

This little bedside light gives off a very soft light, so maybe not something to study by, but definitely something to have on at night while watching a show on your laptop or on your phone. This light comes with a wooden stand and the creators use very high-end technology to make sure the moon lamp is as accurate as possible. A wonderful aesthetic decor piece to have in your dorm room this fall.

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10. Mushroom Lamps

These little low light lamps are adorable and give off a touch of magic. They are considered night lights but if you were to get a couple of these, they give off a brighter natural light. They also feature 6 multicolored feature lights that you can change with a push of the button at the bottom. They are made with a rechargeable battery that, unfortunately, only lasts two and a half hours so make sure you are only using them at night and before bed. Just look how cute they are!

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A low light lamp for your dorm room is essential, especially when you will need light on to study and your roommate is trying to sleep. Comment which low light lamp you plan to get for your dorm room this fall.

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Madison McGarrah

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