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10 Low-cost Items To Spice Up Your Apartment Or Dorm

Have you grabbed all of the essentials for your apartment or dorm but it just seems so drab? Interior decor is expensive and you don’t want to spend a fortune but everyone wants to love the space they’re living in. These decor items are low cost and are going to make your apartment or dorm look so nice you’ll want to be home 24/7. Check out these 10 low-cost items that will give your apartment or dorm life!

1. Sjopenna Table Lamp

This table lamp from Ikea is affordable and looks great in any room. With its globe-hexagonal shape and gold detail, this lamp will make your apartment or dorm look sophisticated and elegant all while still being fun and young-looking. This lamp will look great on your desk, on a side table or dresser or cabinet. This lamp is $19.99 and has an LED bulb so it is eco-friendly as well as being cost-friendly. This lamp is so cute and affordable you might even want to grab two! Add some chic to your apartment or dorm with this table lamp from Ikea!

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2. Diamond Throw Pillow

This over-sized throw pillow from target is great to throw on your bed, a chair or couch. Its black and white diamond pattern will go great with any color scheme or design you have for your dorm or apartment. The pillows’ texture and design make it pleasing for both the eye and the body. Throw pillows, especially over-sized throw pillows can be expensive and over-priced. This pillow is on sale for $18.99 and at that price, you can get one for your bed and a couple for your couch.

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3. Stratton Home Decor Acrylic Burst Wall Sculpture

This Wall Sculpture from Bed Bath and Beyond will look great in your dorm or any room of your apartment whether it be your bedroom, bathroom or living room. This sculpture is 2’x2′ and will make a statement in any room you put it in. With dazzling beads coming out it a dome shape, this sculpture will add some much-needed shimmer to your room or apartment. This sculpture is on sale for $35.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond so get one now to bedazzle your living space!

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4. Alps Chevron Duvet Set

This casual comfort ultra-soft duvet set from JCPenney is classy looking and at a price that you can’t say no. Comforter sets can be really expensive and it’s hard to find a cute, high-quality, affordable one. This duvet set on sale for 24.99 was originally $50 which is still a good price. The comforters that they offer through your college dorm are not the best looking and are uncomfortable. Whether you’re in college or recently graduated we all know sleep is really important during that time and you want to be comfortable in bed. With this comforter, your room will look as good as you sleep!

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5. You’re Tough Too Eucalyptus Plant Plaque

This wall is from Pier 1 is pretty and a good reminder to yourself when the going gets tough. It’s hard to find signs that aren’t cliche or overused when looking for wall decor. Tired of seeing “live, laugh, love” but still want and inspirational sign? Check out Pier 1 where they have a lot of fun and original signs for your dorm or apartment. This sign ($29.99) says “Life is tough darling…but so are you,” and let’s get real, college and life after can be the best time of your life but it can also be really stressful and hard. This sign is a good reminder that you can take whatever life throws at you all while adding some much-needed color to your apartment.

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6. Gladom Tray Table

This tray table from Ikea is perfect to place decorative items on or for snacks and beverages while you’re watching your favorite shows. You can place your succulent, a flower or picture frame on this table or just use it for drinks, it’ll look great either way. This table can be used as a nightstand or beside or in front of your couch. Furniture is expensive and it’s hard to find something cute, affordable and sturdy- this tray table is all three! At  $19.99, you can’t say no to getting this tray table and hey, you might want to get two!

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7. Toftlund Rug

this rug from Ikea is perfect for your bedroom or by your bed in your dorm. Even if you have carpeting in your dorm or apartment it can be unappealing and uncomfortable. These rugs can be thrown around your room or apartment and are especially nice by your bed to have them be the first thing that hit your feet when you get out of bed. If you’re scared to have a white carpet, these are machine washable even though they look like real fur. This rug is approximately 2’x1′ but they are only $14.99 so you can get as many as you want. You’ll never have to wear socks around your home again with these rugs, get one for your apartment today!

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8. Gold Ginko Leaf Trinket Dish

This trinket dish from Cost Plus World Market is one of the cheapest and prettiest ways to step your decor game up. This multi-purpose dish can be used for keys, coins or jewelry and you can put it in your living room or bedroom. This dish is on sale for $5.39 and can be put on your dresser, side table or desk to hold any little object you can think of. It’s gold finish and fine details make it the perfect addition to any room and at $5 you can’t say no!

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9. Shelf Floor Lamp-Threshold

This floor lamp from target is perfect for beside your bed or in your living room beside your TV or sofa. The best part is you don’t need a side table with this lamp because it has built-in shelves. You can leave the shelves blank for a minimalistic look or you can put little decorative items or photographs. Or, you can use the shelves for drinking for when you’re watching TV, either way, these lamps will look great with any room design you’re going for an at $45.04, you can afford to get two!

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10. Gold Metal Diamond Wall Shelf

This wall shelf from Cost Plus World Market is great for any room even the bathroom and kitchen. These wall shelves look great holding items or just on their own. You can put succulents on this wall shelf, photographs or just use them simply for decoration. Gold and marble is a thing right now and your apartment or dorm will look so trendy with these wall shelves.  At $39.99 they are a little on the pricier side but you have to splurge on at least one item and this is the item to do it on!

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Which of these items are you getting for your living space next? Tell us in the comments!

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