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7 Low Carb Recipes For A Healthy Dinner

7 Low Carb Recipes For A Healthy Dinner

finding recipes to match your eating style but still offer a healthy option. Low carb recipes are the way to go.

We are all looking for a way to eat a little healthier.  Aren’t we?  What if we could eat healthier and love the food too?  Here are 7 Low Carb recipes for a Healthy Dinner.

1.) Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay is a traditional Chicken Dish dipped in a peanut sauce.  This is a go-to dish at my house. Typically it is a sauce made up of peanut butter, soy sauce and depending on your palette a few other spices and various ways to make it.   We tend to drizzle fresh lemon on top of the freshly cooked chicken to bring out the flavors a little bit more. We liked to serve it with wild rice, but to keep it completely carb free is that is your desire, serve with a side of veggies and or salad.

7 low carb recipes for a healthy dinner

2.) Stuffed Peppers

This has been an easy favorite in our house recently as well. This dish can be low Carb or Carb free.  Traditionally served with ground turkey, and a mix of veggies, beans, and wild or brown rice there are so many different ways to make this dish.  It can be made to taste like a cheeseburger without its bun, or a fajita with out its tortilla. It depends on what spices you chose to add to it.  

7 low Carb recipes for a healthy dinner

3.) Salmon and Veggies

If you don’t like Salmon, you can substitute another fish or meat.  But this low carb recipe is as simple as it gets. Pick your veggies, pick your Salmon, skip the rice.  Especially if you add potato. Bake or grill to perfection. Lemons are always a good thing to have on hand as a topper on the cooked meat.  Or if you are like me, we tend to grill or cook our Salmon in white wine. It keeps the salmon juicy and filled with flavor.

7 low carb recipes for a healthy dinner

4.) Slow Cooker Bacon Corn Chowder

This Gluten-free slow cooker low carb recipe is the perfect choice for a cold or rainy day.  With bacon, corn, potatoes, onion and Progresso soup. Skip the rolls, french bread, and cornbread, this would be with a little salad on the side or a low carb tortilla.

7 low carb recipes for a healthy dinner

5.) Low Carb Pizza Rolls

Pizza is definitely a comfort food.  Especially a good pizza roll. Something rich and greasy to hit the spot.  Well, it is as easy as finding low carb pizza dough. So you can still have the pizza and sill watch your carbs.  Low carb ingredients exist, and it just means you have to look a little harder.

7 low carb recipes for a healthy dinner

6.) Bruschetta Chicken

Bruschetta is my all time favorite. If we are out at a restaurant, and Bruschetta is on the menu, I AM ordering it.   I don’t know if it the bread, or vinegar sauce or combination, but I have had some Bruschetta where the bread is AMAZING and somewhere the bread is practically pointless.  So this alternative takes away the bread and leaves in all the other yummy details like tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and a little bit of garlic to round it out. I’m sold.

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7 low carb recipes for a healthy dinner

7.) Cauliflower Fried Rice

This recipe is as low carb as it gets.  It literally takes out the carbs for you. Instead of ordering take out, or making up a rice side dish, make this yummy no carb and gluten-free rice alternative.  It would go great alongside the Chicken Satay or salmon and veggies.

7 low carb recipes for a healthy dinner

From Low carb to No carb these recipes are sure to bring some flavor to your kitchen and still make you happy.  Which one will you try first?
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7 Low Carb Recipes For A Healthy Dinner

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