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Low Calorie Starbucks Drinks You Won’t Feel Guilty About

Low Calorie Starbucks Drinks You Won’t Feel Guilty About

We all know that sometimes its necessary to stop and grab a coffee while out running errands. But what about those days when we want something that won’t completely ruin our diets? Some drinks can contain up to 300 calories, which for some people, thats a meal.

Starbucks has been a go-to for years. They have delicious drinks, strong coffee and treats that taste oh so good. They have even started providing customers with low-calorie food items like their Sous Vide Egg Bites or their Spinach and Feta Wrap. 


There are some beverages that aren’t crazy high in calorie but there are also some you probably don’t know about. Not saying this is a secret menu, but hopefully these drinks will help reduce that guilty feeling that could come when ordering a Starbucks drink. 

S0 next time you’re out and about, take a drive to Starbucks and don’t let your diet ruin a good time. We all need a pick me up every once in a while. And besides, who says no to coffee?

1. Nitro Cold Brew (4 cals)

If you are looking for a very low calorie iced coffee, this one is perfect. Containing only four calories and it’s strong like their regular cold brew recipe. It’s steeped for 20 hours then infused with nitrogen that gives it a naturally sweet flavor. It’s definitely a must try. 


2. Iced Green Tea Lemonade (40 cals)

No matter what time of year it is, iced tea is refreshing. This green tea is shaken to perfection and mixed with lemonade. The lemonade gives it a sweet tang and goes great with the cold green tea. No matter what size you order, it’ll be under 100 calories. Green tea is also a healthier choice than coffee so if you are looking to switch, give this drink a try. 

3. Iced Unsweetened Passion Tea (0 cals)

This Tazo tea is amazing and you’ll start to crave it almost everyday. It is zero calories because it’s just their tea with no form of sweetener. If you like unsweetened tea, you’ll love this. The flavor of the tea itself gives a fruity taste but it’s not over powering. You could add lemonade but if you want to keep it no calories, try the tea on its own. I promise you won’t regret it.

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4. Matcha Green Tea (90 cals)

Matcha is a rather new concept that everyone is loving. It’s that pretty green colored drink that everyone is posting on Instagram. Now you can get it at your local Starbucks for under 100 calories. Their three blend matcha has floral notes. 

5. Skinny Vanilla Latte (130)

Starbucks has a couple of sugar-free syrups that they use in their drinks but personally, I find the vanilla to be the best. If you are looking for a warm drink on a cold evening but don’t want to ruin your diet, this is perfect for you. It’s sweet like a regular vanilla latte and honestly, you won’t be able to tell the difference. It uses non-fat milk so the calories only come out to 130!


6. Frozen Coffee (210)

This one is higher compared to the others but if you are craving a Frappuccino, this will satisfy that craving. Depending on what milk you get the calories will change but if you want the 210, thats with almond milk. To be honest, you can’t really tell the difference because the coffee takes the taste. If you want is sweetened you can add in their sugar-free mocha or bring your own liquid Stevia and add a couple of drops. Either way, this coffee rocks. 

No need to feel guilty when you get Starbucks with these drinks. They are delicious and after drinking them, you won’t go back to your regular sugary drinks. Leave a comment telling us your favorite low-calorie Starbucks drinks!

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