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A Love Letter to New York

A Love Letter to New York

A love letter to New York

Dear New York,

I haven’t known you long (just a little over six months actually,) and I’ve never been one to be coy and it might be a little premature of me to say, but I love you and I really feel that you and I could have something amazing.


I’ve only ever been in love once, but that feeling didn’t quite compare to the feeling I get when I’m here. As I said, I haven’t been here for long but I already consider this home. This feels like home, which is quite strange because the place where I’ve grown up my whole life has never fit me quite as well as you do.

I could never find the words to describe the feeling that swelled within me the very first time I saw the sun set over your glorious skyline. It was something greater than contentment, not quite love but entirely peaceful. I could never fully express how excited I was to be in the city where my favorite show (Friends) had been set. Or when I finally set foot in Bloomingdale’s, Rachel’s place of worship.

There’s something about you that just fills me with hope and excitement. Something that makes me optimistic that something great is over the horizon, that something unbelievable is happening just around the corner. This is also to be taken literally, one never knows what they might find when they turn around a corner in the city.


There must be something in the air, something in the water or maybe it’s the people, but you almost feel like you can be anything or anyone. You almost feel like you could wake up and be five different people all at once and it’d still be okay. I’m getting a little sappy and overly romantic here but something about you feels a lot like magic.

It’s amazingly easy to get lost in New York. Everyone is constantly in a rush. You hear sirens almost always. It’s a little pricey (okay, maybe more than just a little.) It’s a little intimidating. When the wind blows, it nearly knocks you off your feet. It’s more than a little chilly in the shadows of the tall buildings. But I’ve never known myself more than when I’ve found myself in an unexpected place. The fact that everything is so fast paced makes me feel alive. The sirens really scare me. I’m sorry, there was no positive spin to put there. It’s pricey but the best moments are the ones I share with my friends, no matter how much I have to pay for them.

Oh, New York! I’ve never wanted to belong anywhere quite as desperately as I want to belong here, to you. I want you to be my city and I want to be a New Yorker. I admit that I miss gazing at the stars but sacrifices must be made for a love story as great as ours.


It’s true, they will talk about us long after I’m gone. They’ll whisper about the city that never slept and the girl who stayed up with it. They’ll tell each other of the city that changed like the tides and the girl who rode them as if she’d been born to do it. They’ll write about a girl who wasn’t quite sure she could make it in her city but didn’t care to make it anywhere else. They’ll tell the story of a girl and the city she loved.

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I love you! I love you! I love you New York!


Hopefully, you’ll come to love me as much as I love you.

Yours Truly,

A soon-to-be New Yorker



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