‘Love Island’ 2020 Couples’ Compatibility Based On Their Zodiac Sign


*’Love Island USA’ instead of ‘Love Island’

‘Love Island’ made waves in the last couple of years as the world became obsessed with the UK reality TV show. From the accents to the interactions, ‘Love Island’ is TV GOLD when it comes to keeping audiences entertained and tuned in every single night. The franchise has made it’s way to the US and this year’s American contestants were adorable, cringey, entertaining and, at times, short-lived. The list below will look at all the couplings and recouplings on the show and just how compatible they are based on their zodiac sign. Remember, there is more to you than your sun sign and anyone can get along with someone who isn’t “compatible” with them. It’s all about communication, understanding, working things out, and trust.

Mackenzie & Connor 

Leo + Cancer: Sincere/Unhealthy Relationship


Mackenzie and Connor definitely had their highs and lows this season. Mackenzie is a Leo, no surprise there, and Connor is a Cancer–also no surprise there. While fire and water usually don’t mix, Leo’s and Cancer’s have similar expectations of true commitment, intimacy, and genuine care in a relationship. Leo is ruled by the Sun (focusing on the self and ego) and Cancer is ruled by the Moon (focusing on intuition and emotions). Mackenzie and Connor are still going strong, so they should concentrate on building a healthy and sincere foundation. Mackenzie needs to work on selflessness and listening in the relationship and Connor needs to remember the reality of Mackenzie’s emotions and continuing to build honest communication with her. 

Mackenzie & Jalen

Leo + Taurus: Affectionate/Ego-Filled Relationship


I know everyone shed a tear when single Connor came out with Mackenzie’s teddy bear Gus, and Mackenzie was sitting with Jalen from Casa Amor! When it comes to this pairing, Mackenzie is a Leo, while Jalen is a Taurus (an earth sign). The initial and quick connection between the two isn’t surprising seeing that both signs are AMAZING at hyping up one another’s ego and assuring loyalty through words and affection. Their downfall can be seen in their signs, seeing that Leos and Taurus’ are fixed signs, making them extremely stubborn. At the end of it all, they both weren’t feeling each other, as it was apparent that their short-lived romance masked their similar habits of being too headstrong in their ways. 

Mackenzie & Aaron

Leo + Libra: Agreeable/Untrusting Relationship


Mackenzie and Aaron’s recoupling didn’t last long, but if the two spent more time with one another, they would’ve truly seen just how well their energies matched. Leos are very “masculine” in nature, as the sign is ruled by the Sun, and Libras are very feminine in nature considering the sign is ruled by Venus. These signs know their roles and, naturally, fall in place when navigating the world together. With the interactions of air and fire, the romance between the signs allows freedom, balance, and passion. Leos just have to make sure not to be domineering and Libra’s need to communicate and be forward about things to keep the relationship trusting and real

Sher & Jalen 

Pisces + Taurus: Harmonious/Unrealistic Relationship

We didn’t see much of this recoupling, but, element-wise, they are a great match. Jalen is a Taurus (earth sign) and Sher is a Pisces (water sign), and water and earth are great together! They work well because they need each other, with Pisces teaching Taurus how to be in tune with their emotions and Taurus teaching Pisces to come back to earth and be real for the better. These two are almost a perfect match as they can offer harmony, empathy, and, eventually, loyalty to one another. While these two can be really happy, the pairing can be unrealistic if certain and inevitable issues arise and it feels too late to address them.

‘Love Island USA’ 2020 Couples’ Compatibility Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Moira & James 

Pisces + Gemini: Highly Intellectual/Uncommunicative Relationship

Most people were feeling Moira and James in the beginning, up until things got awkward and humiliating. Moira is a Pisces (water sign) while James is a Gemini (air sign), two signs that are great with dealing with change, super open-minded, and really smart. They can bring a lot to a relationship and pretty much handle anything that is thrown at them. While water and air don’t mix, they pair well by offering empathy and knowledge to problem-solve anything. The only thing that might get in the way–and actually DID get in the way of their union is poor communication skills. After watching the demise of these two, it’s clear that if they wanted to work things out, they have to learn how to talk to each other and understand what upsets the other. 


Moira & Aaron

Pisces + Libra: Loving/Lackluster Relationship

During the Casa Amor chapter of ‘Love Island USA’, Moira came back with Aaron. While Moira is a Pisces (water sign), Aaron is a Libra (air sign). Pisces are all about the feels and empathy and Libra’s are all about love and balance, so this would be a relationship that’s all about balanced love, wholesome energy, and happiness rooted in beauty and emotions. The only issues that would break this union up would be if either one manipulates the other through their power of emotions or love or if the two of them lackluster and can’t successfully guide their relationship. This would call for leadership and effective communication in a relationship. 

Moira & Connor

Pisces + Cancer: Compassionate/Unfulfilling Relationship

It’s not a shock this relationship didn’t last–especially because Connor was still stuck on Mackenzie. However, Pisces and Cancer are both water signs and the strong emotional bond between the two can be the reason why they connected. Cancers offer practicality to Pisces and Pisces offer spirituality to Cancers. The only thing that can break this bond is the difference in values when comes to Cancer’s need for a constant and rich home and Pisces’ wandering emotions and need for simplicity. Moira and Connor could’ve been a romantic and even celebrated couple in the villa; it really could’ve shown Moira being more emotionally available to a partner and Connor being introduced to a different world.

‘Love Island USA’ 2020 Couples’ Compatibility Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Kierstan & Calvin

Cancer + Capricorn: Secure/Quarrelsome

Kierstan and Calvin were briefly coupled up during the biggest dumping of the season. Calvin’s choice in securing his spot in ‘Love Island USA’ by choosing Kierstan was actually very Capricorn of him. A relationship between a Cancer and a Capricorn means having a pretty secure relationship if things work out. The two signs are considered to be complete opposites that attract by balancing out Capricorn’s hardworking and strict ways with Cancer’s maternal and instinctual tendencies. These two had the potential of being great, but a downside to their relationship really would lie in just being too opposite that the two wouldn’t want to work anything out. 

Sher & Calvin

Pisces + Capricorn: Complementing/Odd Relationship

If we saw more Sher and Calvin, we would see Sher’s Piscesness bring inspiration and flexibility into Calvin’s more rigid and organized Capricorn world. The two signs balance each other out pretty well by making up for what the other lacks. Pisces also does a great job of making Capricorns come out of their shell without bringing imbalance in their life. If things don’t work out, though, it’s only because of the Pisces’ seeing the Capricorn as too weird or boring and the Capricorn seeing the Pisces being all over the place and just a friend. 

Moira & Calvin

Pisces + Capricorn: Complementing/Odd Relationship

At the end of the day, Moira and Calvin made it to the final and had the best connection out of their coupling history. The couple was Calvin’s first and last recoupling, as well as Moira’s second and last recoupling. They showed viewers just how well they complemented each other by Calvin being willing to step out of his comfort zone and being less shy to impress Moira. Similarly, Moira was flexible in going with Calvin’s fun and sneaky schemes and was willing to go on the rollercoaster ride of emotions she would feel for Calvin. This is a great quirky Pisces and Capricorn match!

Carrington & Kaitlynn 

Leo + Gemini: Fun/Confining Relationship

The ‘Love Island’ franchise is all about flirting and having fun, which is why it sucks we didn’t really get to see how Carrington (Leo) and Kaitlynn’s (Gemini) dynamic pan out. Leo’s are super outgoing and popular and Gemini’s are flirty and fun, so there is an instant connection between the two. They can really fuel each other and keep things fresh in their relationship for life. One thing to watch out for, however, is if the Leo gets jealous and thinks the Gemini is being too free with others. In the beginning, we did see Carrington get a little jealous of the other connections Kaitlynn was making. Geminis don’t like to be controlled in any way and Leo’s are stubborn, so this could’ve been a roadblock for the duo. 

‘Love Island USA’ 2020 Couples’ Compatibility Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Carrington & Kierstan

Leo + Cancer: Sincere/Unhealthy Relationship

Just like Mackenzie and Connor, Carrington and Kierstan were a Leo and Cancer pairing. Out of all the connections Carrington made, it seemed as if though he and Kierstan had a pretty deep relationship, especially when Carrington teared up as Kierstan left the villa. Leo’s are very stubborn and might not audibly confront past relationships; Kierstan’s affection towards Carrington was always pure, even when she wanted the best for him by being there for his current girlfriends in the villa. The only thing Carrington should’ve done was put his selfishness to the side and allow Kierstan’s warm Cancer energy in, an energy that could’ve strengthened their bond. 

Carrington & Laurel

Leo + Cancer: Sincere/Unhealthy Relationship

Carrington might’ve had a second chance by not repeating the same mistakes he made with Kierstan when he got with Laurel–who is also a Cancer. Just like the other Leo and Cancer duos, Carrington softened up a bit with Laurel, and Laurel continued to be there for him when the going got tough. This turned out to be a more sincere relationship, a romance that stood the test of time (in Love Island years) and brought a different side of Carrington out. We’ll see how everything goes with them in the future. 

Bennet & Kierstan

Gemini + Cancer: Curious/Unassured Relationship

When looking at Bennet (Gemini) and Kierstan (Cancer), there was definitely an attraction between the two, with curiosity seen in their connection. Naturally, Geminis and Cancers have curious relationships due to the unique, personal challenges they face and fix together. Cancers aren’t the best communicators, but Geminis are. Geminis are always fleeting, but Cancers stay more still. They surprise each other by showing each other a solution to most of their problems. However, if Geminis are unwilling to be there for Cancers, and Cancers aren’t communicative with Geminis, the relationship is on the rocks. 

Bennet & Lakeyn

Gemini + Scorpio: Passionate/Argumentative Relationship

Although we didn’t really get to see a super deep connection between these two, their positivity and easy-going ways made many believe that they have a shot in the outside world. Bennet being a Gemini and Lakeyn being a Scorpio means that a healthy relationship is passionate and intense. If things go right, they will always be learning from one another and stimulate each other’s minds. If things go downhill, however, it might have something to do with the Gemini and the Scorpio not seeing eye to eye. What might end up happening is Bennet being more careless than Lakeyn or Lakeyn getting a bit jealous of Bennet’s other connections outside of their own. All it takes is accepting each others’ differences, trusting one another, and communicating. 

Tre & Cely 

Saggitarius + Gemini: Solid/Inconsistent Relationship

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Before Johnny swooped in, Cely and Tre were actually a thing in the very first coupling of this season’s ‘Love Island USA’. Cely is a Gemini whereas Tre is a Saggitarius. These two signs are opposite from one another in astrology and are an example of opposites attracting. Gemini’s are known to be great at communicating and engaging with others (which Cely undoubtedly is) and Saggitariuses is full of knowledge and matches Gemini’s optimism, making it super easy to spark a connection. While both signs are known to be super flexible, something that can get in the way of their relationship is if they are more flexible towards other things in their life and don’t make time for each other. 

Lauren & Tre

Scorpio + Saggitarius: Love/Hate Relationship

It’s needless to say that everyone’s head turned when Lauren (Scorpio) walked into the villa, especially Tre’s (Saggitarius)! Scorpio’s and Saggitariuses are known to be physically attracted to each other from the get-go. At times, though, that initial attraction gets in the way of actually getting to know one another and realizing the issues that might ensue as the relationship grows. Scorpios offer willpower and mystery, while Saggitariuses provide positivity and growth. These very two different signs can come together and conquer a relationship if they balance their skillset and foster a healthy and passionate relationship. If they don’t, the couple will butt heads and only notice how different they are and separate. 

Johnny & Cely 

Gemini + Gemini: Stimulating/Immature Relationship

“Jely” was a celebrated yet controversial couple on ‘Love Island USA’ this season, but with the two having the same exact sign, it really isn’t a shock why they are endgame. Both Johnny and Cely are Geminis, meaning they are literally four people instead of two! They seemingly complete each other as we have watched their exciting connection in the villa, but also developed trust issues due to dishonesty. Geminis are great for each other, with their neverending stimulating conversations, happy-go-lucky natures, and the ability to come together without having too many major conflicts. While these characteristics are bliss, a huge thing to look out for is immaturity in relationships. As much as it is important to have fun and have intellectual chatter all night long, also implement rules and look out for each other’s emotions by taking things seriously as you grow. 

Justine & Jeremiah

Pisces + Capricorn: Complementing/Odd Relationship

Justine (Pisces) & Jeremiah (Capricorn) were each other’s first coupling of the season. While efforts were made on both ends, it was clear that the link between the two was nothing more than a friendship. Like the other Pisces and Capricorn pairs, this might have to do with the Pisces not having an interest in the Capricorn due to their monotonous ways or the Capricorn being too shy and not feeling the need to unleash their goofy side. If this relationship were to work, we would see the Capricorn opening up more and the Pisces being more out there and showing Capricorn a whole new world. The friend zone is truly a state of mind and, for a relationship to move for this pairing, it really requires being your authentic self, being open-minded, and trying something new. 

‘Love Island USA’ 2020 Couples’ Compatibility Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Rachel & Jeremiah

Aquarius + Capricorn: Powerful/Disconnected Relationship

Jeremiah (Capricorn) had hope once again when he met Rachel (Aquarius), even though Jeremiah came to the same “friend” conclusion as last time. Capricorns and Aquarians are a stereotypical odd couple that can work very well. Even though some people find Capricorns to be boring and/or too rigid, they are actually super goofy and just like to have a structure in their life. These are attributes that Aquarians bring out in Capricorns as they are super goofy themselves and respect structure because they crave that in their own lives. Both can adapt and respect each other’s differences because they want what the other has, making them a potential power couple. However, where things might go astray is when the Capricorn is overly controlling towards the Aquarius, which Aquarians HATE, making them super disconnected. 

Justine & Tre

Pisces + Sagittarius: Sagacious/Unlikely Relationship

Both Justine (Pisces) and Tre (Saggitarius) tried to have the ideal Love Island experience with one another but soon realized the feelings they both anticipated were nowhere to be felt. Even though Love Island is about the journey and the destination, it can feel as if though contestants are urgent to find a partner that will make their dreams come true instantly, focusing on the landing-place instead of the ride. Pisces and Saggitariuses will only fall in love if they grow in love by coupling their similar interests and different approaches to head in the right direction. Pisces are fantastical people and have a large imagination, whereas Saggitariuses are adventurous and also love to be free. These two can wander the world and unite their variable personalities to be the wisest beings on this earth and love unconditionally. Not doing this will make them disillusioned with and unattracted to one another by refusing to go the distance and make quick judgments. 

Rachel & Caleb

Aquarius + Aquarius: Refreshing/Stubborn Relationship

Rachel and Caleb are both Aquariuses and, sadly, we didn’t get to see enough to witness how similar the two were. Aquarians are very innovative, social-justice-oriented, quirky, and open-minded creatures. It really would have been dope to see both Rachel and Caleb discuss real-world issues on reality TV. Being romantically involved with a fellow Aquarius means being with your best friend. While most things can be fine and dandy, undeveloped Aquarian traits of excessive stubbornness and being avoidant in relationships can do more harm than good in this coupling. 

Justine & Caleb

Pisces + Aquarius: Otherworldy/Unfulfilling Relationship

The winners of ‘Love Island USA’ this season were Justine (Pisces) and Caleb (Aquarius)! ‘Jaleb’ will forever be couple goals in the villa with their deep connection seen with realistic and cute conversation and interactions. The successful relationship the world witnessed has a lot to do with the Pisces and Aquarius pairing. Pisces is all about gaining wisdom through empathy and the imagination and Aquarians are adamant about unlocking knowledge rooted in humanity through open-mindedness and loyalty. Despite their different approaches, the two different signs embody openness and match energy making them otherworldly. As long as the Aquarian isn’t distant and emotionally unavailable and the Pisces stays true to themselves and just as honest with the Aquarian, things will run incredibly smoothly. 

What was your favorite couple on ‘Love Island’? What couple was the most compatible? What couple was the least compatible? Let us know in the comments below!