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Your Love Horoscope For The Week Of December 18

Your Love Horoscope For The Week Of December 18

Love horoscope shifts are taking place. The Sagittarius New Moon is about to make astrological changes for the New Year. December weekly horoscopes rule!

Your love horoscope is here! There are big astrological shifts coming on this week Zodiacs. The end of the year is wrapping up nicely and 2018 is being widely invited by the cosmos. Energy forces are strong this week which will be taking a toll on all our love horoscopes. On December 18, the New Moon in Sagittarius squares up with Chiron – this makes it the perfect week to heal and end any suffering we’ve felt over the duration of the year. December 20 invites the biggest shift of the year – Saturn enters the home sign of Capricorn and will be there until 2020. Zetus lapetus; if you don’t know the saying, Zenon would be majorly disappointed in you… like major!

Accountability and responsibility come forth during this powerful transit and positivity is in the air. It’s time to get real, grow up and think about how we’re using our energy. This is a great prep for setting your 2018 intentions. The sun represents our center and is a creative symbol. On December 21, the Sun follows Saturn into Capricorn; expect the north to welcome the sun as days grow a bit longer. For those of you in the south, the sun hits its peak intensity; let your creativity flourish. All of you can say hallelujah on the 22 when Mercury no longer goes retrograde. Like I said, big things are happening to our love horoscopes thanks to the astrological shifts this week. Find out your love horoscope for the week of December 18.

Love Horoscope For The Week Of December 18


March 21- April 19

Single Aries, expect the unexpected. This week your love horoscope is hinting you could meet someone in the most exciting yet shocking way. Are you headed to any type of educational event or group meetup this week? If so, you could run into someone with eclectic vibes and they could very well suit you. If you are overseas, you could meet someone at the airport or wherever your final destination is. These people could turn into exciting romance. If you’re a coupled ram, your babe could decide to spontaneously travel to a dream location of yours. Take advantage of the spontaneity and go for it!

On the 21, the Sun enters Capricorn for its month-long stint. By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, the Sun, Venus Pluto and Saturn are all in Capricorn and this ambitious sign. If you aren’t obsessing over your 2018 goals yet, you will at some point but don’t let it take control of you having a great New Year at a VIP event. You could do some serious deep diving and set some powerful intentions. Gemini will be in your social third house and you have a lot discuss that night. The first full moon of 2018 is on New Year’s so prepared for some illuminating energy Aries. Let’s make sure your love horoscope of 2018 is monumental.


April 20 – May 20

Your love horoscope gets a dose of hot and heavy this week Taurus. Talk about an erotic connection being renewed. On Wednesday, you will do something very delicious behind closed doors that neither of you has done before. No worries, no one has to know. If you aren’t a coupled bull, Mercury actually has good news in store for you. On Friday Mercury goes direct with your romance sector. So long Mercury in retrograde! Anything that has felt slightly out of place will finally be in alignment. Now is the time to take risks regarding your heart.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable since the Sun and Uranus are in your most sensitive zone. Strong soul-mate attraction is a possibility. You might soon have forgotten feelings awaken. On the 18th, the Sagittarius New Moon does erotic and emotional things for your eighth house. Regardless of being single or taken, this affects you. Now that Mercury is direct, Venus, the moon, sun and Saturn are all in Sagittarius. This is one hell of a passionate day for sexual attraction, intimacy and long-term commitments. Can I get a hell ya?! However, on the 21, Saturn and the Sun meetup and this happens once a year. You could get a serious wakeup call about someone’s trustworthiness or if someone is the right person for the long haul.

Coupled bulls, finances could hit a road block for the time being. Avoid making any irreversible decisions for the next couple days. Take time to look long and hard about the facts of a situation. It may not be entirely beyond repair. Make whatever adjustments you need to make and don’t cut any corners. If you take care of this, it’ll ensure you kick your new year off properly.


May 21 – June 20

Your love horoscope is shaping up Gemini. Finally some productive movement is occurring. The New Moon on the 28th is in your partnership sector and can help support a fresh start. If that’s not good news, Mercury is no longer in retrograde on Friday. It’s in the same area of your chart; you could finally have cohesive communication with your partner. Luckily, after this week you will both feel back on tract and have a more fulfilling connection. If you’re single, make an effort to go out on Wednesday. Chill drinks with friends could help you encounter an eclectic prospect.

Focus on living your own best life, Gemini. Boldly champion your happiness and disengage from other people’s drama with love. You should be keeping it real and remaining authentic. If you are in a relationship you might shake up your status quo. It will lead to much happier, sustainable bonds that honors both of your individuality. On the 18th, the Sagittarius new moon helps start a new chapter of your life. Things will finally feel like a cohesive unit; stability arrives just in time for the New Year. In fact, Saturn reaches Capricorn on the 19th and is there to stay till March 2020. What’s this mean for you?

Saturn will beam up your eighth house of intimacy for the next two and a half years. Any trust or vulnerability issues you have will be worked through if you allow it. You could get serious about marriage, pregnancy or long-term merging. Relationships that are already unstable will be tested. Beware though; your love horoscope hits a challenge day on the 21. Saturn and the Sun meet up making you slightly pessimistic. Keep your emotions in check Gemini and things should be okay.


June 21 – July 22

Your love horoscope reaches pretty monumental heights. For the first time in 29 years, Saturn enters Capricorn and your house of committed partnerships. Saturn will be in this zone until December 2020. Like I said, big things are coming. There are going to be several significant relationship shifts in your life coming up. If you’re in a relationship it’s likely Saturn will highlight the weakest parts of your relationship. This is a great time to address those problems and find ways to strengthen them. If you are both willing to put in the effort, your relationship will reinforce itself and become stronger. The two of you could come out stronger than ever. If you’re single, marriage minded thoughts might cross your mind. You might meet the one soon!

On December 19 when Saturn his Capricorn, your partnership house will face some challenges. Again, this is the day when your relationship will be put to the test to see if it’s durable. Some couples could split but in the end, you’ll learn and grow. On the 21, the Sun and Saturn meet up and you could feel slightly restricted. You could even be a bit pessimistic about relationships. Don’t allow yourself to compare your situation to other people – that will end up blinding you from coming to critical insights.


July 23 – August 22

Your love horoscope has exciting events taking place when it comes to the heart. The New Moon in your romance sector on Monday signals true love is fast approaching. Do your best to get out and socialize over the next two weeks because your appeal is ultra-magnetic, Leo. Mercury is finally direct on Friday and it’s in the same area of your chart. This might help you determine if you want to link back up with an ex or not. Regardless of if you decide to move on or reconnect, the result is the same: happiness.

The Sagittarius new moon takes place on the 18 and it’s the perfect time for fresh starts for your love horoscope. This cosmic energy only happens once a year so you should truly take advantage of it. Allow this energy to turn over a new page and set your intentions for the next six months. The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are also all in Sagittarius which brings a major boom to your love life. Talk about an added bonus.


August 23- September 22

Cosmic shifts are taking place and karma is in the air when it comes to your heart and love horoscope. On Tuesday, the planet of lessons and limitations, Saturn, enters your romance sector until 2020. The worst that could happen is that Saturn will deny you any carefree sex or the potential for finding love. Don’t freak out though. This isn’t necessarily your destiny so don’t give up the two and a half years of romantic potential. Take this time to look at it as an opportunity to figure out what you want and get real with yourself. Explore your capacity to give love and how you define it. If you approach these important love lessons with maturity and without rose colored glasses, you will benefit greatly. In a relationship? These new lessons will allow you to overcome essentially any hardship the two of you encounter. If you ignore these lessons, sorry but you will be lonely. The isolation might be a good thing for you though and you could learn more about yourself than you’ve ever imaged.

You might be in a part mode and eager to dress up now to end the year on a high note. Venus is there for you until the end of 2017 so live it up. Wise Saturn begins a three year tour in Capricorn, so growth and stability to your love life are essential. You could decide while you enjoy flirting, you want to hold out for someone more serious. Virgos sometimes tend to go for the bad boys and girls. Thankfully methodical Saturn is going to help those who appear dangerous to lose their appeal a bit.

On the 18 the Sagittarius new moon is in your sensitive fourth house – get in touch with your emotions. If you have plans to build a family or home, embrace it. On the 21, Saturn adds a bit of weight to your shoulders and you could feel pessimistic about your love horoscope; perhaps you’re feeling a bit more realistic? Your sex drive could feel low but don’t worry, it’ll catch back up with you soon enough.


September 23 – October 22

Your love horoscope gets radical this week. While things are getting exciting in your love life, they also might be foreign feelings. Regardless, this is the perfect time to share these feelings with your babe because will most likely make them feel good. It could help take your relationship in a new direction as a result of the cosmos working in your favor. No need to fret, it’s an exciting time! If you are a solo Libra, chances are one of your siblings wants to set you up with someone. If that’s not the case, someone incredibly sexy could catch your eye; they might have just moved into your apartment building or neighborhood. ‘Tis the season to say hello!

On the 19th, Saturn goes into Capricorn until March 21, 2020. Saturn, the planet of structure, begins a new phase and also enters your fourth house of family, home and emotional stability. Your relationship with a female in your life will need to experience some growing pains. Additionally, you could get serious about buying or selling a house or making a seriously mature decision. Female Libras might need to work on health with Saturn causing a bit of jams in this area.

On the 21, the Sun and Saturn meetup, which only happens once a year. This could but you in a downer mood. Someone in your family might get difficult or home-front drama could arise. Don’t let your love horoscope cast doubts on the holiday spirit. You could be your own worst energy and feel exhausted. If that’s the case, show yourself some self-love and take care of yourself. Do something that will life your spirts – get the glam squad together and get some holiday relaxation in. Your love horoscope isn’t all bad!


October 23 – November 21

Substance in a conversation will become significantly more important for your love horoscope this week. It’s not that you were superficial before but after Tuesday when Saturn enters your message sector, small talk is out of the question. If you are single, this will make getting to know someone a bit more intense – no shame. You might go for the real shit during your initial conversation. You have an interest to get to know someone on a deeper level and understand their hardships and story. It’s always rewarding knowing what someone has overcome. This tells you a lot more about their character and what type of person they are. Fuck talking about the weather and other NVA (no value added) conversations. If you’re a coupled Scorpio, the same applies. Remind your partner how having deep conversation turns you on.

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Although it doesn’t correspond to your love horoscope, on the 19 headline news hits you. Saturn ends its three year journey through Sagittarius and your house of money, work and self-esteem. Saturn will begin blazing through Capricorn and your third house of communication which will be a painless transition journey for you. You’ve always been thought of as a leader but now is the time to further that title and be the one people turn to for groundbreaking conversations. On the 21, make plans with people who make you laugh but also ones who can switch on the serious button. You might want to do a midnight ritual where you write down your intentions for the coming year and read them aloud. Things are looking good for you Scorpio.


November 22 – December 21

Your love horoscope has positive shifts happening, Sag. The Sagittarius New Moon in your sign on Monday sets the tone for new beginnings and fresh starts not only with relationships but personal endeavors. This is the ideal week to consider making serious moves. Saturn, the planet of lessons and restriction, leaves your sign Tuesday and makes you feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Guess what; it has! Things will finally have their silver linings which left when Saturn blocked your idealism sector. This is exactly what your love horoscope needs. There is hope for your love life and partnerships. If that’s not great news, maybe Mercury no longer in retrograde is enough to cheer you up. The world will finally start making sense again on Friday. You will have mental clarify and the capacity to make smart decisions about your love life.

Saturns move through Capricorn until 2020 will help reshape your second house of work and money; self-esteem is also in the picture. Over the next three years you might need to tighten your belt and learn some financial tips. You could rise to new levels of security through humility and hard work – woot woot, Sag! On December 21, the new Saturn phase really starts to kick in. You could be seeing serious romantic shifts thanks to Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in the sign of the Sea Goat. This makes you simple, sophisticated and sentimental. Spend the night will someone special or in the company of rock-solid friends. Get ready for a New Year and new you!


December 22 – January 19

A major turning point could take place in your life this week and you might begin to feel as though you are stagnant. Starting Tuesday, you might feel entirely stuck. Your ruling planet, Saturn, enters your sign and remains in Capricorn until December 2020. It’s time for you to accept your reality – there are things you can change and things you simply cannot. In fact, it’s time to get real about our life and personal goals. Seriously – it’s time for you to take a long hard look at your life and yes, your love life. The good news is that you’re willing to make the effort and take on the responsibility.

On the 18 the Sagittarius new moon is the perfect time to start fresh; turn the page in your life. Your twelfth house of endings, dreams and healing are highlighted by the moon. This could help ease the transition. You could find yourself a soulmate or it could put you in touch with your deepest emotions and desires. The sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus are here to help your love horoscope out with positive energy. Things will begin feeling as though they were “meant to be.”


January 20 – February 18

Your friends play a large roll in your love horoscope this week, Aquarius. Venus is in your social sector and it’s highlighting your third house of communication. You might find yourself meeting someone while you’re out with your friends; pay attention because they could be seriously sexy. This person might set your heart ablaze. Who knows, could be love at first sight… just make sure you’re not entirely trashed. If you are in a relationship, look forward to an extravagant party or social event that allows you two to get dressed up. They won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

On the 19 Saturn meets up in Capricorn until March 21, 2020. This is a serious change of pace for your love horoscope. Structured Saturn dives into your house of healing, rest and behind-the-scenes activity. It’s time to take the low-pro approach and do some inner soul searching. This is also a highly creative time for you. You’re the sign famous for detaching and avoiding your feelings; too bad, you won’t be able to anymore. The cosmos have a seriously healing power over your sector and could uncover wounds you didn’t realize were there. Dive into self-discovery Aquarius. You could be dealing with health issues that require you to stop and slow down. Work with a healer and release what no longer serves you.


February 19- March 20

Your love horoscope requires serious effort this week on your end. If you don’t make an effort to put yourself out there, you are highly prone to extreme social isolation until December 2020; this is all thanks to Saturn, the planet of restrictions, frustration and limitation, moving into your house of groups and friendships. This doesn’t mean your love horoscope till 2020 will be denied affection, it just means you have some interesting karmic lesson to learn. Chances are it’s about opening your heart and accepting love people want to give to you. If you avoid this lesson the cosmos will make sure you hear it loud and clear.

On the 19, Saturn ends its tough three year trek through Sagittarius and your professional sector. You’ve had some serious tests since December 2014, especially in regards to big plans and a career path. You might have had a hard time determining what you’re passionate about. Your relationships with men might have been difficult with Saturn in Sag. On a positive note though, new doors are opening up and you could have been coached to an entirely new level. Needless to say, you’ve matured. Allow yourself to get caught up in a big crowd Pisces; remember to get out there!

What’s YOUR love horoscope and sign!?

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