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Losing Your Virginity Explained By GIFs

Losing Your Virginity Explained By GIFs

You have to go through the awkwardness of losing your virginity. Here are the perfect GIF's to describe having sex for the first time.

Having sex is an intimidate and passionate thing, but before you get to the picture perfect steamy moments of sex you have to go through the awkwardness of losing your virginity. Almost everyone’s first time is gonna be a bit uncomfortable, mentally and physically, but this is expected and totally ok. The easiest way to get over any tension or nerves while loosing your virginity is just to laugh it off! Also remember that is does not matter if or when you loose your virginity. Having control over your body and your sexuality is the most important thing! Here are the perfect GIF’s to describe all the highs and lows of having sex for the first time.

The Talk

When you finally decide you are ready and comfortable to loose your virginity, there is generally some kind of conversation between the two people involved. If you find it easy to talk about your sexuality this will be a breeze, but if you are more shy with the topic of sex make sure to prepare what you are going to say beforehand. Keep it light and fun, but make sure boundaries are discussed and what kind of protection you will use.

Buying Condoms

Whether the guy or girl buys them, it is always a little embarrassing when you buy your first box of condoms. Try to stay chill and remember that everyone buys them. Don’t forget it’s better to be safe then sorry.


Setting the Mood

Some people go all out for their first time, with candles and a sex playlist, while others just plan to do the dirty in the near future. No matter which category you fall into, just make sure the mood feels right. Low lighting is the easiest way to make the space feel more enjoyable and romantic.


Girls want to be smooth and soft for this intimate moment. Make sure to buy enough shaving cream for a full body shave. Play some good tunes and get ready to spend some time shaving from your armpits to your ankles and everything in between. If you don’t have the time or patience for shaving, you could also splurge and get a wax at your nearest salon.

The Kiss

The one thing most people mess up during their first time is foreplay. This is essential for good sex. It is not only fun but also allows the girl to get some extra moisture which will make sex way easier and more comfortable. Make sure to kiss your partner a little bit extra on the night you plan to have sex for the first time.

The Wait

After a fair amount of kissing, both people are generally ready to start having sex. This leads to the awkward 30 second wait, that feels like a lifetime, when the guy has to put his condom on. If this is the guys first time putting on a condom, it might take a few tries and it could take a few minutes. Be patient and try to look cute as you sit there nervously waiting.

The First Time

Some people imagine the first time they are penetrated by a guy to be a big shocking moment. In the movies, the women have huge reactions and make silly faces. In real life, depending on the size of the guy it might be an underwhelming experience. It might even be a bit painful.


Your first time having sex you are not exactly sure what to do. Do you look at the ceiling? Do you kiss your partner? Do you make moaning sounds? As you start to feel more accustomed to having sex this will all start to sort itself out. In the meantime, just do whats natural and don’t play things up too much.

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The anticipation has resided, you have finally had sex and hopefully it was a success. Now you have to deal with clean up. Make sure you go to the bathroom and take time to freshen yourself up. If you and your partner are close try to cuddle after sex or at least talk about what just happened. This is a big moment for both of you.

The Burn

You are going to be sore and feel a little different down there after your first time having sex. This is totally normal and actually to be expected.


The best feeling in the world is a relaxing bath to heal your lady area. Soothe that slight burn you probably feel with some bubbles, a candle, and warm water.

The Text

Finally, once you have fully recovered from your first sexual experience, you must send out the text. The text signaling all your girlfriends that you are no longer a virgin. If your friends are still virgins too be ready to answer a ton of questions. Don’t feel forced to share all the details, but also feel confident if you do want to dish everything about your first time having sex.

Are there any other stages of losing your virginity? Let us know in the comments below!
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