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5 Los Angeles Bars You Need To Go To This Summer

Whether you live in LA or are just visiting for the Summer, there are a few Los Angeles bars you won’t want to miss out on. Here are the top five Los Angeles bars I recommend if you find yourself in the city and want to indulge in it’s notorious nightlife this Summer.

1. The Abbey Food & Bar

The Abbey is West Hollywood’s “straightest gay bar” staple. People of all ethnicities, ages (over 21 of course; they crack down on fake IDs here, so don’t get any ideas if you’re underage), and sexual orientations come to this bar. It promises a good time no matter who you are, and will never fail to disappoint. A popping dance floor features a medley of top-40 songs turned techno, as well as a few go-go dancers with some great moves; but if you don’t want to dance, head outside to the patio to chill with friends. If you get hungry, the food is also to die for; don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you’re coming here on a weekend, plan to get here early, as it’s extremely popular and the line can get a bit long. Whether you’re straight, gay, or somewhere in-between, this world famous WeHo bar won’t fail to disappoint.

2. The Bungalow

The Bungalow is located in The Fairmont Hotel location in Santa Monica, a block away from Ocean Avenue and right next to the beach. It offers a beachy yet boujee vibe, reminiscent of Summers spent in the Hamptons. It’s a pretty large lounge and bar, with an outside area as well as a few adjacent rooms. The patio is covered with a canopy, home to a few trees, and decorated with twinkle lights. There’s also a ping pong table, for anyone who wants to indulge in a few games while you drink. The inside offers some comfortable couches and dim lighting, with multiple rooms to rotate between. If you’re looking to flirt or pick anyone up, this is the bar for you; everyone here is more often than not pretty attractive, even for LA standards. The line is never too long to get in, but this lounge does get decently packed on weekends. Definitely stop by the next time you find yourself in Santa Monica.

3. Good Times At Davey Wayne’s

If you’re looking for some vintage vibes, Good Times is a great place to start. Inspired by a speakeasy, you enter the establishment through a fridge, which is an experience in itself. The inside offers up a ’70s theme, a nice change of pace from other bars in the area. Wooden walls, ’70s memorabilia, and alcohol served from a trailer definitely sets the mood for a night to remember. They serve a variety of drinks, from shots to cocktails to beer on tap. As it’s located in the heart of Hollywood, parking isn’t the most convenient; I recommend Ubering, or setting up transportation ahead of time. The line also gets pretty lengthy the later it gets, so plan on getting here relatively early if you don’t want to wait more than half an hour. Popular and high in demand, Good Times At Davey Wayne’s is sure to offer you a great time.

4. The Powder Room

The Powder Room is another quirky, aesthetically pleasing bar who calls Hollywood it’s home. Neon pink lighting and dozens of mirror set the tone for the evening as you enter. There’s plenty to do once you’re in, as it offers a variety of drinks, delicious food, as well as some board games to play for your entertainment. A projector plays cult movies as a smoke machine goes off every now and then. Customers rave about the friendly and fun bartenders that work here, who are sociable and serve out shots with a heavy hand. This Hollywood classic isn’t to be missed!

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5. Adults Only

Adults Only is a one-of-a-kind bar that sits right off of Sunset Boulevard. Located in a strip mall, it’s outside appears to be a video rental store. However, upon entering, you find yourself in an adult video store, complete with porn playing on old TVs and neon red lighting. Once you enter the actual bar, it’s dimly lit and fairly large. Similar to The Powder Room, a projector plays classic cult movies on a wall. Drinks are named after movies and an adjacent room is home to a few pool tables you can play at. This bar also isn’t strict on fake IDs, for any of you underage folk; don’t say I told you so. If you’re looking for a place to take a few Insta flicks and have a good time at, Adults Only is your bar.

If you’re looking to indulge in some LA nightlife, these Los Angeles bars won’t fail to disappoint. Have any other suggestions for Los Angeles bars? Comment below!

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