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10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

Loose hairstyles always seem to be the best way to go no matter the occasion. Especially when you are feeling lazy but want your hair to look super cute. There are many different options to choose from and you can also use hair accessories to make the hairstyling even easier! Here are ten loose hairstyles that will make your life ten times easier than before!

1. Half Ponytail With Scarf

Half ponytails are my go-to loose hairstyle, but I’ve never tried it with a scarf. With this look, you can make it pretty neat with all of the hair pulled back and combed, or you can make it messy by leaving out some strands of hair like in the photo. Then, all you need to do is tie a scarf of your choosing around the ponytail and all done! Such a simple yet very cute look that will only take you ten minutes to achieve.

To add some volume, pull some of the hair on top up a bit to make it look elevated and add some curls to the hair that is done. You can wear this look for anything super fancy or very casual it is that versatile.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

2. Two Messy Braids

The box braids are a very popular braid hairstyle, but they do take a little bit to do especially on yourself. So, if you are not a pro at the box braids, but want a similar style, the loose two braid hairstyle is something you should definitely try. The only part that might take a bit is making sure your hair is parted evenly in the back, if you don’t really care about that, then just start braiding!

If you are looking for that messy look, pull the braids out a little to make them look chunky and messy. Don’t start the braid right by your scalp otherwise, you will get tighter looking braids. Pull out some strands of hair to add to that messy look but also frame your face nicely.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

3. One Loose Braid

If you are not a fan of the two braids, one always looks good too! This one is super easy and will take less than five minutes. Most of the time will just be parting your hair. The braid itself is just a couple of moves and you are done! You also do not want to start the braid on your scalp. Start it at the top of your neck and end it short. To make it look like of the loose hairstyles, pull the braid out a little to make it look bigger and messier. Again, some loose strands of hair will add to that messy look.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

4. Large Hair Clips

Did you ever wear big clips in your hair when you were little? Well, that style is back as adults and it has got to be one of the easiest loose hairstyles out there. Your hair is down, and you just clip the sides back. It brings your hair out of your face. There are many different kinds of big clips that you can choose from. Get a clip for every outfit! Make it your new style.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

5. Head Scarf and Half-Bun

Out of all of the loose hairstyles in this article, this one might be the one that takes the longest to do. You are going to start by putting a scarf of your choice on over your head like a crown. Tie the scarf under your hair so the knot can’t be seen. Then, start making a half ponytail, and before pulling the ponytail all of the ways through on the last loop, only pull it through half ways. This will give you a half-bun. If you want it to look like the photo, take a strand of hair and wrap it around the hairband to make it look like your hair is holding the bun with a knot.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

6. Messy Pony Tail

I love messy ponytails! I think they look so cute, but they can hard to pull off. It needs a lot of volume, which you can get by teasing your hair before putting it up. With these kinds of loose hairstyles that are updos, you can either have hair parted like in the photo or pull it straight back.

Again, those loose hair strands by the face always add to that messy look. This hairstyle is super cute as it can be worn with all casual outfits and can also be styled for work. Maybe add a clip somewhere to bling it out a bit.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

7. Classic Messy Bun

Oh, the messy bun. One of the classics of loose hairstyles. I can never pull this loose hairstyle off because I have ears that stick out pretty far and I kind of have a big forehead. No worries, I’ve found hairstyles that do work for me! This is super cute though and can be done pretty simply. I’ve seen people do a messy bun in all kinds of different ways, you kind of just have to find your way too.

When I have tried this look, I start by doing a ponytail and only pulling it halfway through on my last loop. I push that bun down and tie it to make it look kind of like this. I pull some of the hair out a bit to give it that messy look. To create the looser look, pull your hair up a bit from the bun and pull out loose hairs by your face and at the top of your neck in the back.

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10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

8. Clip Back

These kinds of clips are so cute and you can do a couple of loose hairstyles with them. The one I’ll be talking about is this half clipped back look. It mimics that of the half ponytail, but instead of having to use a hair tie, you just quickly clip it and be down. It will give your hair a messier look because, with a clip, you cannot really comb your hair back to give it that smooth look. This loose hairstyle is for when you really have no time.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

9. Barrette

What is great about loose hairstyles is you can really depend on the super cute hair accessories that you might not normally use, giving you a new and easy look. Barrettes are one of those hair accessories that will be a great bonus to your outfit, but also make doing your hair super easy when you do not have any time! This hairstyle is very similar to the one before, but this one you can achieve that smoother look in the back.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

10. Half Braid

Like many of the other loose hairstyles, this one is only a half-up hairstyle. They work great for when you are running short on time and need a quick and cute hairstyle. This one is a lot like the half pony and bun. Just make sure, like the other braids, you keep this one loose as well to give that messier effect.

10 Loose Hairstyles For When You Are Feeling Lazy

Nothing is worse than having to plan out a hairstyle and spend so much time on it, that is why these loose hairstyles are the best! What is your go-to lazy loose hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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