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10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

One of the best things about fashion is that it’s for everyone. Regardless of age, race, gender or sexual identity; fashion has been a way for everyone to express their truest and most authentic selves. You can tell a lot about someone’s personality in the way that they dress. Fashion is ageless and we could learn a thing or two from those younger and older than us. 

1. Bold Blazer Babe

This look is something you’d see a fashion editor wearing at the peak of fashion week. The mismatched patters but also the matching suit set pair together so perfectly, this woman is absolutely killing it! The unique shoes with one toe covered and a kitten heel, match the boldness of the entire outfit. The scot even ties together the varying patterns and colors to a cohesive and fashionable look. This not only proves that fashion has not boundaries, but it also has no age. 

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

2. Green Queen

I’ve always loved an all over olive green look, and this woman adds some flare to it with her incredible animal print jacket. She created a more casual look with her slip on sneakers in a neutral taupe. This look could easily be translated into a more formal attire by changing the shoes to a heel or loafer and adding some jewelry. Her crossbody bag also makes the look casual but ties the entire outfit together in a brown that compliments the animal print coat.

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

3. Don’t Call Me Grandma

This look is so effortless and so chic you’d think she was twenty. She knows how to make an outfit, taking something as simple a jeans and pairing it with a black blouse could come off as boring. But she throws on a black trench coat, long brass colored earrings, the most amazing loafers I’ve ever seen and a red lip. Theres something about a red lip that just elevates any look. This outfit could have easily blended in with the crowd but she’s knows how to make something standout, And killer shades never hurt to topping off an outfit. Both of these women have amazing style, but I think the older one steals the spotlight.

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless 

4. I’m Not A Regular Mom, I’m A Cool Mom

You’d never think looking at this that this woman is above the age of twenty, but it’s how she dresses and hold herself that gives her the confidence of someone so young. Motherhood doesn’t mean you lose all your style, if anything you should embrace it even more and find new ways to show your fashion sense. This mom and daughter duo are rocking a casual and stylish look. Crop tops, high waisted pants and gym shoes are a fashion favorite now and not limited to age! They even are sporting matching braids because braids aren’t just for little girls, this mom looks adorable matching her daughter! They prove that regardless of age, anyone can pull off a look they love!

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

5. Double Denim

Denim on denim has gotten some serious backlash since the whole Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake incident. But an allover denim look can be rocked by anyone, not just people who love a country look. Denim can create a rocker look or in this girls case a simple but put together look. Her dark denim jeans and her matching striped tee are already a cute look, but topping it off with a denim jacket and glasses she’s ready for any occasion. 

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

6. Boss Baby

Now, this little fashion queen may have had some help from an adult but she’s the one rocking the look and clearly is a natural in front of the camera. Her otherwise simple polkadot dress makes her a fashion queen with the giant bow. With her bangs and haircut she resembles a young Anna Wintour, and if she keeps killing her fashion looks like this, she could be the next Anna Wintour. Look out Vogue, Boss Baby is coming for you.

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

7. Sheer Style

Sheer tops aren’t just for college girls when going out to bars, sheer tops are one of the most fashionable pieces out there right now. This woman shows that a little goes a long way, with a sheer turtleneck and lace shirt she pairs with black dress pants for a monochromatic look. But she adds in a few pops of color with a navy bag, red heel and red lip. Showing that no matter what age, sheer shirts are a must in everyones closet.

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10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

8. Leather Forever 

Ever since I saw Ross Geller buy leather pants in Friends, I have wanted nothing more than to buy leather pants, just a less form fitted and probably faux leather. Leather has a hardcore look to it that demands respect, leather jackets are in most every woman closet but leather pants takes a real fashion forward woman to wear. This woman not only is wearing leather pants but she’s branching out in bright green leather pants, and making a huge fashion statement. To go with her leather pants she has a circle leather bag and a patterned heel to tie her chic outfit together. Throwing on a white button up to really make the pants pop she shows anyone can pull off leather pants if they’re fashion forward enough. 10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

9. Tea Time

Although I love older women wearing looks that typically younger women would wear, there’s something so nice about an older woman owning her age and style. Bringing back trends from when she was young and twenty. I’ve always loved older women wearing hats and longer skirts, because it’s the style they grew up with and although it’s cool to see how fashion has changed, some looks will always be trendy. These women look fabulous in their hats and are showing that fashion can evolve but also be rooted in an ear. They are channeling looks from the 1950’s with a modern twist. The blue dress with lace overlay is a look that many are wearing for formal attire and the green blazer fits perfectly in tune with the huge suits trend these days. We have a thing or two to learn from these fashionable ladies.

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

10. Grey Hair Don’t Care

This woman shows that you don’t have to color your hair to be fashionable. In fact grey hair is a huge trend even in younger women these days, we’ve seen how chic grey hair can be and many are copying the look themselves. Instead of fighting aging, she’s embracing it headfirst and rocking it. Her black blazer a timeless look pairs well with her patterned pants which give her look a more chic vibe. Her gold earrings compliment the gold in the pants and as any look, her sunglasses seal the look and make it mysterious and very Miranda Priestly.

10 Looks That Prove Fashion Is Ageless

Which looks do you think are timeless? Comment below your ageless style icon! 

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