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Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

Miley Cyrus has been taking over the music scene since 2006. From her start as Miley Stewart on Hannah Montana to her new music video Mother’s Daughter, we have all taken our turns falling in love with her. Not only is she an incredible artist, but she is also a style icon who constantly changes her looks and keeps us on our toes. Here are the top ten looks only Miley Cyrus can pull off, no matter how hard we try.

1. Red Leather Jumpsuit (With a vagina made out of teeth)

If you’re a fan of Cyrus’ music then I’m sure Mother’s Daughter has been stuck in your head for the past couple of weeks and has already been added to your cardio playlist. Before the music video dropped on July 2nd, 2019 Miley gave her social media followers a glimpse at some of the costumes she would be wearing. I think we were all pretty amazed at how beautiful she looked and how scary her vagina looked in the red jumpsuit. There are a lot of important messages and themes that should be examined in the Mother’s Daughter music video, but for this article let’s just focus on her matching red safety goggles.

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

2. Purple Hair

Black Mirror constantly delivers engaging content that is meant to inspire critical thinking about how the digital world affects us, it also brought us another alter ego for Miley Cyrus. Ashley O is Hannah Montana but way cooler and in a more convincing wig. Not only did Ashley O give Miley Cyrus another hit single, under a new persona,  she also proved that Miley Cyrus can pull off any hair colour and we’ll all keep being jealous of that fact.

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

3. Wet

I don’t think it’s crude of me to point out that this look makes me a little wet, but that’s only because I tried it at home first, turns out Miley Cyrus is the only person that looks great while completely drenched in water. I, on the other hand, look like Dana Carvey in the master of disguises turtle costume.

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

4. Anything but clothes

Remember how in college you would throw anything by clothes party, and it was really just an excuse to show off the six-pack you’ve been working on while drinking a six pack? Meanwhile, some other girl would show up wearing a brilliantly creative outfit and totally blow your towel dress out of the water, well that girl is Miley Cyrus. Seriously, how can she look so good in a dress made out of records? For real though Miley Cyrus is a vegan and loves the environment which is why this dress was probably made out of her very own platinum records, she has a few she could spare anyways.

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

5. Facial Hair

For RuPaul’s Drag Race Miley tucked things up to give the contestants a bit of good luck. But what it really gave me was the hots for Barry Johnson, another alter ego of Cyrus’, can this girl just be herself for five minutes?

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

6. Glitter

Hannah Montana not only gave us some amazing guilty pleasure songs that we all still listen to today, but she also gave us an excuse to wear glitter all the time. Day or night Miley Cyrus rocked bedazzled jackets, pants and shirts.

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

7. Slicked back ponytail

Now let me ask you something when you slick all your hair back to go to the gym do you look like a naked mole rat? Because I do! Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus is able to pull this look off at award shows, and be called a freaking bombshell because she is.

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Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

8. Safety Goggles

If Miley Cyrus is trying to start an international style trend with this safety goggle look, I am asking her to please stop, only she can pull it off and I really don’t need to spend my money on safety goggles I’ll wear on the subway.

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

9. Ill-fitting suits

I don’t know who suggested Miley Cyrus wear this suit to this award show, but they are an evil genius. It looked great on her and she worked it hard, but could you imagine yourself rocking a yellow suit that doesn’t really fit you properly? Probably not!

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

10. Fruit

I don’t know anyone who looks this good covered in grapefruits. Not only did Cyrus pull this look off, but she also reminded all of us that we should eat more fruit.

Top 10 Looks Only Miley Cyrus Can Pull Off

From Hannah Montana to Ashley O, Miley Cyrus has been killing the fashion game on and off the stage. We as comonomers can only hope to achieve looks half as sleek as these.

What is your favorite look of Miley Cyrus? Comment below!

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