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Top 5 Looks From Gossip Girl That Still Work Today

Top 5 Looks From Gossip Girl That Still Work Today

It’s official, our favorite upper east siders are coming back for another season of Gossip Girl. Although no details of the reboot have been released yet, we are all potentially waiting to see which members of the original cast will be heading back to New York. Most Gossip Girl fans can protest that although the show was great, filled with drama, it was more well-known for the style.

From Jenny to Queen B we all had a favorite character who we loved to copy. Although some of their styles may be out of date, some of these looks will outlive us all. 

1. Blair’s Colorful Outfits 

Queen B was known for two things, plotting with Chuck Bass and wearing the most outrageous colors. When Serena would be seen wearing casual jeans Blair would always show up headband in place rocking a bright green dress. Rocking such bold colors can be a statement and show off your personality. Don’t blend into the background like some minion, be a leader like Blair Waldorf and rock those crazy colors!

Top 5 Looks From Gossip Girl That Still Work Today

2. Jenny’s Rebel Style 

We all got to see Jenny Humphry go from a Serena VanderWoodsen look-a-like into the rock start Taylor Momsen currently is. It all started with dark eyeliner, letting her roots grow out and wearing those fishnet stalkings. She dressed just as fancy as the other girls, but always with a bit of rebel twist that we all still love to this day.

The only downside to Little J’s rebel style is that when we all tried to recreate it at home, we just looked like we messed up our mascara. I guess not everyone can be an upper east sider rock star. 

Top 5 Looks From Gossip Girl That Still Work Today

3. Serena’s Hair

Blake Lively may have long legs, but she is really known for her long hair. Serena Vanderwoodsen could wear a literal garbage bag and look great because she had those golden curls keeping her look together. Throughout the show, Serena always wore high-end designer outfits that looked great on Ms. Lively, however, I never really noticed any of them because I was too busy trying to curl my hair the same way.

Although Blake Lively isn’t a teenager anymore we are all still in awe of her Rapunzel-like hair. The worst part is, it’s completely natural so this look will be hard for the average person to pull off without spending huge amounts of money at the hair salon. Despite it being unattainable, this is one look that won’t go out of style. 

Top 5 Looks From Gossip Girl That Still Work Today

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4. Lilly VanderWoodsen’s Jewelry 

Lilly may have had her pick of trophy husbands but she also had her pick at the crown jewels. I guess it makes sense that the most wealthy character on the show would always be spotted wearing diamonds and pearls even if it was just to family brunch. Although even one of her rings could probably pay for my entire college education, I would have a hard time selling them because they really are just so dazzling. 

Top 5 Looks From Gossip Girl That Still Work Today

5. Chase Crawford’s Eyes 

Style may come and go but one look that will stand the test of time is the look in Chase Crawford’s eyes. Yes, Nate Archibald was the man of all of our dreams, we would spend most of the episode gazing after him just wishing to be in Blair, Serena, Vanessa or even Jenny’s position. Damn, he dated a lot of girls on that show.  

Top 5 Looks From Gossip Girl That Still Work Today

With the Gossip Girl series being rebooted I know we are all anxiously awaiting to see what happened to our favorite characters, but personally, I’m more excited to see what new styles they have in store for us. 

Who was your favorite character on Gossip Girl? Comment below!

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