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10 Looks For Prom Nails That You Should Be Trying

10 Looks For Prom Nails That You Should Be Trying

10 Looks For Prom Nails That You Should Be Trying

Prom is coming up quick, and there are ten looks for prom nails that you should be trying. Your hair, makeup, and nails are essential to your entire prom look. Now, I’ve already been to prom a couple of times, so I have some advice for you, ladies. The first is to base your nails off your dress; they’ll mesh well. Second, go with something somewhat classic, so you don’t regret it. Third, add your little flair to your nails, whether it be a design or a little bling. Now that I’ve shared some advice follow along below for ten prom manicures that you should be trying!

1. The Classic French

A french nail is a perfect pick for your prom. If you’re having a hard time making a prom nails decision, then this is an easy go-to. Honestly, you can not go wrong with a french manicure. It’s beautiful, elegant, and looks great with anything.


2. Red

If you’re looking to make a statement with your prom nails, red is the color for you. Red goes with pink, silver, blue, black, and of course, red. The only thing to watch out for is that there are different shades of red. Make sure to choose the best for your dress and skin color.

3. Pink & Silver

When it comes to prom nails, sometimes it’s best to go with a more neutral color. Such as a ballet slipper pink, only if your dress allows it though. Neutral tones mix well with almost any dress color, and they’re an easy choice. To add individuality add a silver stripe on your pink nail this prom.

4. Midnight Blue

A dark nail is a gorgeous prom nail option, especially if you have longer nails. What I love about this color is that it’s unique. This midnight blue has just the right amount of sparkle in the polish, and it’s not dull. Go make a statement with these midnight blue nails!


5. Pink & Gold

We’ve covered that a neutral pink is perfect for prom nails. I also said to add a bit of individuality to add a silver stripe. Well, what if you don’t like silver? No problem! There’s a gold option too. Opt for this classic pink nail with a gold sparkle nail this prom!

6. Soft Green

Okay, I get it, when we’re choosing prom nails we don’t think of green. However, this soft green is perfect for your prom. If you’re not a fan of pale green, then opt for a forest or plaid green. Green can be just as classy as any other color.

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7. Star Nails

It’s all about the little details when it comes to your nails. That’s why I’m obsessing over these star nails. It doesn’t matter what color you choose for your nails, these stars will always shine. Choose this look for prom to make a subtle statement.

8. Maroon Nails

Are you looking for another deep and dark color? Maroon is the perfect prom nail color for you. It’s classy, but it also makes a statement. If you’re trying to make a bigger statement then add a little glitter to your nail.


9. Marble Nails

Marble nails are the wild card. Everywhere you look there seems to be something marble: phone cases, purses, accessories, everything is marble. A unique prom nail is to take this trend to your nails. It is subtle, but it makes you stand out from the crowd.

10. Mauve

The final prom nail for you to try is this mauve. Mauve has been a hot color for the past few years, and it’s perfect for prom nails. It’s a twist on the classic pink because it holds more neutral and purple tones. Try mauve this prom season!

Which of these prom nails will you choose for your prom? Comment below!

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