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Look Hot For Your Girl: The Best Outfit Ideas For Men On Valentine’s Day

Look Hot For Your Girl: The Best Outfit Ideas For Men On Valentine’s Day

Need outfit inspiration for your Valentine's Day date? We've got all of the outfit ideas for men that will make you're significant other swoon.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ve basically killed it this year. You bought your girl (or date) the perfect gift, you made reservations at the hottest spot in town, and you planned a little extra something to make this date one for the books. But if you show up to pick her up looking like a scrub, that may stop your otherwise fantastic night in its tracks. Don’t let this be you! Chances are your girl went through a lot of trouble to look hot for you, so why not return the favor. Her are some outfit ideas for men guaranteed to make your date swoon.

A Fashion Jacket

A nice fashion jacket can really elevate your outfit to the next level. It looks clean and stylish and can be worn with several different styles of shoes and pants, making it easy and versatile. This is one of our favorite outfit ideas for men.

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Checkered Suit

You can’t go wrong with a suit on date night. They are ultra chic and can make any man look dapper AF. Going with a checkered suit over the classic gives your look a little bit more of a modern edge your date with appreciate.

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A Cardigan

If you’re taking your date for a slightly more casual Valentine’s Day night on the town, then a light cardigan may be all you need. They are stylish and lightweight if you’re in a warmer climate, and can be paired with a heavier jacket if your in a colder climate. Try this as one of our top outfit ideas for men this date night.

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A Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is also a good choice for a more casual date night. It adds an effortlessly cool vibe to any outfit that you’ve got. Don’t be afraid to accessorize this look with a hat or a scarf.

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A Statement Shirt

Going with a button down shirt is usually a safe move for any nice date night you’ve prepared this Valentine’s Day. But, why not spice things up and make it a statement shirt. These are some of the best outfit ideas for men right now. Once you put one on, you’ll know why.

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All Black Everything

When in doubt, seek out the black in your closet or at a retailer near you. Wearing all black from head to toe makes for an elegant classic look.¬† You can also add a pop of color with an accessory or belt, make it fun. This is one of the best outfit ideas for men this Valentine’s Day.

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Layer Up

Layers can be your best friend in the dead of winter. And, luckily for you, they look stylish as well when you do them correctly. This is one of our favorite outfit ideas for men this Valentine’s Day.


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Complete Your Look With the Right Shoes

Your whole outfit could be on point, but if you pair it with the wrong shoes, it may throw the whole look off. Stick with a stylish classic dress shoe, or a military style boot. It will really set your whole outfit off.


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These are the best outfit ideas for you to try out this Valentine’s Day. Which ones did you try out? Let us know in the comments below.
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