How to Look Good in the Snow (and Still Stay Warm)

Now in the dead of winter, you may have been looking through your closet and come to realize that all of your winter accessories have been worn out to the max. But don’t worry, you can still look good in the snow without buying an entirely new winter wardrobe. The key is to find one piece that really makes a statement (the statement being…”sure, it may be a freezing cold tornado of white out there, but dang, I still look good in the snow!”) Whether it be your jacket itself, or one of winter’s many fine accessories; stick to one of these key ingredients and you’ve got yourself the recipe for an adorable winter outfit that no snowfall can take away from.

The Right Winter Jacket

Choose a jacket will offer you the most warmth, without giving up your sense of style. Faux fur is a great option because it’s incredibly fashionable and is ultra cozy.

This winter jacket is so cute!  This winter jacket is so cute!
This winter jacket is so cute!

I own a jacket similar to these, and absolutely love it. It’s very light, but very warm and the sweet utility vibe can be styled with literally anything – boots for trekking in the snow or tennis shoes for running around campus. The drawstring that pulls at the waist that still gives you a curvy shape, too.

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 The Coziest Winter Scarf

If you’re satisfied with the jacket you’ve got, the next item to focus on is the scarf. With the right addition of this simple accessory, you will immediately look good in the snow!

these winter infinity knit scarves are perfect!
 This knit scarf is perfect for winter!

This plaid scarf is perfect for winter

I’d recommend going one of two ways when it comes to scarves – the plaid blanket scarf or the chunky infinity scarf. I have a plaid one similar to below and it’s so warm and cute! The plaid is perfect to throw on top of a sweater to complete my wintery look. A chunky knit works perfectly to look good in the snow as it will keep you toasty while giving off a chic vibe.

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The Perfect Boots

Boots that look good in the snow can be hard to come by – you want something durable and waterproof – and a lot of the time that means forgoing style. But not if you stick to one of the pairs below!

I love this winter outfit with the winter boots!  I love this winter outfit with the winter boots!

I love these combat boots as cute winter boots!  These duck boots make perfect winter boots!


I have a pair of boots like the Sorels imaged below – they are very slip resistant and the fur on them is very warm. They are adjustable with the ties in the front and are very cute if styled properly. Hunter boots are the quintessential winter boots for us here in the northwest. Although they may not be the warmest winter gear, if you layer with socks then they are great. They are extremely waterproof, and hey, that’s really what it comes down to in a good winter boot (and they look cute too!)

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How to Look Good in the Snow (and Still Stay Warm)  

The Warmest Hat

What’s the first thing people generally notice when they look at you? Your face! This is why a hat is so important when putting together an outfit to look good in the snow. Keep your hair covered from those liquid snowflakes with one of winter’s greatest accessories.

See Also

I love this cute winter beanie!

I love this cute winter beanie!

I love this cute winter beanie!

 This winter hat is so cute!

The pom-pom hat is super trendy right now and will keep your head warm, which is where most of the heat in your body escapes from! What I love most about this style of hat is that it’s so easy to wear with any outfit;  athletic wear, on the mountains, or out for the night. A great option for beanies is a brand called Love Your Melon -when you buy a hat, another hat goes on reserve for a child who is battling cancer!

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I hope these ideas give you some ideas for cute winter accessories to help you keep warm AND look good in the snow!

How to look good in the snow and still stay warm!

How do you like to look good in the snow? Let us know down below!
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