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8 Long Sleeve Shirts You’ll Want To Wear This Autumn

I don’t mean to upset anyone, but fall is coming. Say goodbye to your crop tops and short shorts because it is time to get all bundled up again. Don’t be too upset though, you can still look hot while beating the cold. Long sleeve shirts are the perfect way to ease yourself into a more appropriate autumn wardrobe without jumping right into a snowsuit. Try out these 8 long sleeve shirts this autumn to give your look a warmer and softer touch.   

1. Sheer

You worked hard on your summer body and you are not ready to start hiding it under bulk long sleeve shirts, but also you know your sleeveless t-shirts will leave you with pneumonia. Compromise by getting yourself a sheer sleeved shirt. These long sleeve shirts are the perfect way to stay warm while looking chic. You can also get a fully sheer shirt, but be aware you can’t rock that one as often as you can rock a sheer sleeved shirt. Wear this shirt to work, school or even out on a date night, but most importantly wear this shirt to show off your guns!       

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2. Peter Pan Collar

Off to Neverland, or some private prep school on the upper east side because peter pan collars are the most adorable long sleeve shirts you can buy. A peter pan collared shirt can make you feel like you’re dressed up for your board room meeting, but keep you feeling cool in its lightweight material. Feel like you’re in a Peter Pan world with the whimsical name, but look like you just wandered off the runway and are on your way to your next class. Although these long sleeve shirts may seem a little retro, they are very stylish and can be worn with anything.    

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3. Mock-Layer

When the snow starts to fall you’ll really want to start layering your clothes to get that extra layer of heat and comfort, but for now, it’ll just make you look bulky. To each the same look as a layered look, without the extra bulk, look for a mock layer long sleeve shirt. This way you can rock the sweater and collar look without having to wear two different shirts. You will look casual, be cozy and you won’t overheat.  

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4. Angel

Did it hurt, when you fell from heaven? Because you look like a damn angel in this long-sleeved shirt! Getting an angel cut sleeve can spice up the look of a normal blouse while still allowing you to dress professionally for your interview. Just remember to watch your sleeve when you’re reaching for food or washing your hands, they hang low and love to dangle in food.  

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5. Boy-Friends Shirt

If you’re strapped for cash and don’t have money to buy a whole new fall wardrobe, go to my favorite store ‘my boyfriends closet!’ Not only is everything there completely free, but you’ll also feel like you lost 50 pounds because everything will look oversized on you. In all seriousness grab your bf’s button-up, or just buy one at the store if you’re riding solo, and dress it up. You’ll look super cute and casual while staying warm under all that material. 

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6. Knitted

Don’t spend hours knitting a sweater, you can just buy one online and tell people you knitted it. Knitted long sleeve shirts are so comfy and cozy that you can spend the next eight months living in one. The knitted look is the perfect way to fully lean into the fall and winter style, dress it up with leather leggings or make it casual with a pair of knee-high socks to wear around the house.  

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7. Blazer

Not ready to ditch your t-shirts, but realize you need to stay warm in the cold board room? Rock that t-shirt with a blazer so that you can look professional and stay warm all day. Blazer’s are a great way to get your wardrobe ready for fall without replacing everything you own.   

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8. Leather

Here’s an obvious fact, leather gets hot super fast, so you can’t really wear it during the summer because you’ll sweat like a sinner in church. But, you can throw it over a sleeveless shirt or crop top to give your look another layer so that the autumn chill doesn’t get to you. You’ll look great, chic and stay warm all day long.  

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Are you ready to update your wardrobe with these long sleeve shirts? Don’t stress about looking frumpy all autumn long because you have to wear layers, embrace the cold weather with these fierce looks.

What is your favorite way to stay warm during the winter? Comment below!

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