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10 Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Boyfriends

10 Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Boyfriends

In a long distance relationship? Here's some long distance Valentines Day ideas that make the best gifts for your boyfriend and put a smile on his face!

There are so many reasons couples find themselves to be long distance for a holiday, or just in a long distance relationship in general. Perhaps your boyfriend is in the military, traveling, lives in another country, away on business, or is just not around this Valentine’s Day – don’t let that spoil your day! There are so many ways to get creative and show your affection for your man even when he’s miles or an ocean away! These long distance Valentine’s Day ideas will make the perfect gift for your boyfriend this year!

1) Order Him Dinner

There’s nothing better then getting a knock on the door to find your favorite pizza paid for and delivered from your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is definitely one of the best long distance Valentine’s Day ideas since it’s such a simple and easy gesture.

2) Go Old School And Mail A Letter

I know, you could just send a text. However, isn’t a letter so much more heartfelt? A hand written letter adds that personal touch that a text does not, and is much more intimate!

3) Have A FaceTime Date

What’s so great about technology is that it can bring two people together. All that you need to do is set up a time that works for the both of you, make some dinner, and eat it together!

4) Send Him A Care Package

Put together a box of little things that you know your significant other may like and throw a note in there! A cute package like this will definitely put a smile on his face!

5) A Letter For Each Day You’re Apart

From Valentine’s Day, until the day you’re back together again, create a letter that lets your boyfriend know how much he means to you, and what your hopes are for when you’re reunited!

6) Plan A Trip

If you can’t be together, plan a trip for Valentine’s Day, or a day that works for the both of you and meet up! Vacations are always amazing, especially when it’s with your boyfriend!

7) Surprise Him

This is definitely one of the best long distance Valentine’s Day ideas because it’s the most thought out and personal! If it’s possible, save up and do it!

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8)  Talk On The Phone

Give your SO a ring first thing in the morning to let him know you’re thinking of him, and then talk all day long! After all, it’s a day all about YOUR relationship!

9) Phone Sex

We all know that being away from one another can be tough, try out something new and get a little dirty with it!

10) A Photo Album Of All Things Him

Create a photo album of everything that’s reminded you of him since he’s been away. An example of this could be a hiking trip you went on, a restaurant where you two had your first date, or even a spot where you met. All that matters is that it reminds you of him!

Did you like these long distance Valentine’s Day ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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