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10 Locations In Boston To Take Your Next Instagram Picture

10 Locations In Boston To Take Your Next Instagram Picture

Taking good Instagram pictures is key to getting that aesthetically pleasing, cohesive feed on your profile. Oftentimes, finding places to take those stunning photos is difficult, especially in cities where there’s tourists everywhere. Here are some stunning locations in Boston that will give you the perfect background for your next Instagram photoshoot.

Boston Reflection Pool and Christian Science Plaza

One of the more slept-on locations in Boston, the Christian Science Plaza is absolutely stunning. It offers beautiful views of the city’s skyline, featuring the Prudential Center and One Dalton Street, two of the tallest buildings in Boston. The reflection pool mirrors the skyline, adding an additional layer to any Instagram photo taken there. The plaza is also filled with other buildings with stunning architecture such as the Christian Science Center. Additionally, this plaza is not usually busy, since it’s tucked away from the tourist filled Copley Square and Newbury Street. It’s a more secluded area of the city, which makes for a nice and empty background for your Instagram picture.


Piers Park

Located in East Boston, Piers Park is another location with a stunning view without the tourists. The park is right on the Boston Harbor and offers a beautiful view of the Downton Boston skyline, specifically the financial district. The park is fairly secluded from the busiest part of East Boston and offers a similar view to the Harbor Walk in the typically busy seaport district. Piers Park also offers a stunning view of the Boston Harbor. It is reminiscent of the view of Manhattan from Jersey City, New Jersey. Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, this park gives the perfect backdrop to add to your Instagram feed. 

Boston Public Garden

Unlike the previous locations listed above, the Boston Public Garden is a bit more or a tourist draw, but it’s too beautiful to leave off of this list. The Public Garden is filled with beautiful trees and landscaping, in addition to a 6 acre pond. The park also has stunning views of downtown Boston and Copley Square. Even though it is a very popular area of the city, there are always clear areas by the pond to take photos for your Instagram.

Dock Square Parking Garage

Although this doesn’t sound like a great photo spot, the roof of this parking garage has a gorgeous view of the Boston skyline. Located right next to Quincy Market, Dock Square Parking Garage offers views of the famous Custom House Tower, the financial district, and the North End. This location is unique, since it gives a rooftop view from right inside the city, rather than a distant view. It’s a great option if you want that rooftop view for your Instagram photo without paying to eat at a restaurant. This garage is typically pretty empty, which allows for some excellent uninterrupted Instagram photo shoots. \


Acorn Street

Known as the most beautiful street in Boston, Acorn Street is a perfect place to snap your next Instagram photo. This cobblestone street is lined with old brick apartments with black window sills and almost too thin for a car to drive through. There are no cars parked on the road, and the street overall looks like a beautiful colonial alleyway. This street can occasionally be a tourist attraction, but you can definitely find times where the street is close to empty. The warm tones of this beautiful alleyway make it an especially great photo spot for a fall photoshoot. 


Lansdowne Street

If you’re a fan of Boston sports, Lansdowne Street is a great place to snap your next Instagram picture. Located right next to the famous Fenway Park, Lansdowne Street offers a view of downtown Boston while also capturing the side of the country’s most beloved ballpark. This street also features the signs of a couple of staple locations in Boston, such as House of Blues concert venue and Cask ‘N Flagon sports bar, which will add a bit of dimension to your photo. During the baseball season, this street would normally be backed with fans, but during the offseason, this street is pretty secluded from the noise of tourists. 

Boston Common

The largest park in Boston offers some beautiful sites of the city, with multiple Boston neighborhoods to feature in the backdrop of your Instagram photo. The Boston Common is 50 acres and features a beautiful gazebo, the infamous Frog Pond, statues, athletic fields and brick pathways. The common offers views of Beacon Hill, the Massachusetts State House and several skyscrapers from Copley Square. With the wide variety of backgrounds the Common offer, you are sure to snap the perfect photo for your Instagram profile.

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Charles River Esplanade

The Charles River Esplanade is one of the more serene areas in Boston and offers some incredible views of the infamous river, downtown Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This area offers a gorgeous view of the sunset and offers the perfect lighting for your golden-hour portraits. The dock right near the Arthur Fiedler Footbridge allows you to get right up next to the water. While this area can get a bit crowded with tourists, especially right before sunset, it still offers a stunning portrait backdrop to add to your Instagram feed.


Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

While this museum might look a bit bland on the outside, the inside of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is one of the most beautiful spots in the Boston area. The courtyard of the museum holds a lush garden filled with beautiful plants and flowers. The courtyard also offers some gorgeous architecture, with balconies and archways throughout the garden. The slightly run-down look of the walls adds to the rustic feel of the museum, which makes it a very unique location to take your next Instagram selfie. 

Boston Harborwalk

Located near Quincy Market and the seaport district, the Boston Harborwalk brings you multiple stunning views of the historic harbor. The walk is filled with history and also offers great looks at the Institute of Contemporary Art and the New England Aquarium. The Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, located near the walk entrance by the North End, also offers stunning views along with some lush greenery to help set up the perfect background for any Instagram photo. 


The city of Boston offers plenty of gorgeous sights and views, whether you’re downtown or right near the water. This list can help you narrow down some fun and unique locations for your next photoshoot to help you build the aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed that everyone is looking for.