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5 Local Restaurants To Try In South Florida

5 Local Restaurants To Try In South Florida

Here’s an unpopular opinion, Miami isn’t just good for its beaches or even its nightlife. There are amazing local shops and restaurants scattered all over South Florida, but for the sake of simplicity, I found at least 5 for you. 

Here are 5 local restaurants to try in South Florida.

Our Humble Abode

Our Humble Abode is a local restaurant in South Florida that is known for serving American comfort food with various combinations.

This quiet restaurant serves various amount of choices ranging from breakfast to dinner. Appetizers can include juicy Chicken Tenders, Smoked Fish Dip, and even Stuffed Mushrooms.

Breakfast will often include eggs. For lunch and dinner, you have an option to Build-A-Burger or try their yummy vegetarian option, have a variety of different types of sandwiches like the Island Chicken Sandwich or the Dolphin Sandwich.

 Other options include the Small Plates menu for those who don’t want a full serving, the Noodles Menu (their Buffalo Chicken Mac N’ Cheese is absolutely amazing! And its served with a MELT IN YOUR MOUTH BUTTERMILK BISCUIT! I didn’t even care that I’m slightly lactose intolerant!) 

Then, of course, there is a Meal Time Menu that includes a delicious Jambalaya, Shrimp N’ Grits, a Mahi Dinner, as well as so much more!

5 Local Restaurants To Try In South Florida

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

The Lime Mexican Grill serves their tasty dishes all throughout South Florida from Dadeland to Pembroke Pines, from South Beach to West Boca and more. Lime serves tasty Mexican style dishes with everything made fresh daily, with real ingredients and locally sourced.

This restaurant serves flavor-filled bites such as Fiesta Beef Tostadas, chips and queso dip, Chipotle Chicken Tostadas.

Other options include Super Salads such as The Southwest Chicken and Cantina Steak and the Power Bowls like the Asada and SoFlo, as well as many different types of quesadillas, fajitas, tacos, and burritos. I personally recommend getting the light chicken quesadillas!

After ordering, remember to swing by the cool “Salsa Bar” filled with many types of salsas such as Verde, Suave, and my absolute favorite-CRY YOUR FREAKING EYES OUT BUT it’s STILL SO GOOD HOT HABANERO SAUCE!

5 Local Restaurants To Try In South Florida

El Fogon

El Fogon is a Peruvian Cusine restaurant in Miramar, which often serves rotisserie chicken, seafood, and other Peruvian favorites. This restaurant offers a wide variety of healthy options, as well as quick bites, and comfort foods.

Appetizers include treats like Fried Shrimp and Fresh Calamary. Sandwiches contain options between barbeque pulled chicken, fish, pork, or steak. There is also a variety of soups such as aguadito, parihuela, or sancocho beef rib.

Other options include salads, different types of chicken, steak, and, pork, as well as seafood selections. Pastas, different kinds of rice, and even side orders like friend yuca are also great options.

5 Local Restaurants To Try In South Florida

Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine

This restaurant is a very relaxed spot for traditional dishes. They offer a variety of different Cuban dishes.

For appetizers, this restaurant has Yuca Frita, Empanadas, Mariquitas, and even croquettes. Sandwiches include pork,  chicken, and steak sandwiches; There are also fish and cuban sandwiches.

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Additionally, this restaurant serves different kinds of pork like roast pork and pork chops, as well as seafood like fish fillet and garlic shrimp.

I personally like the desserts at this restaurant, such as the Flan de Coco and especially the Chocolate Moment cake ( the miniature kisses are so cute!)

There are a few restaurants scattered in South Florida, such as Doral, Plantation, and Hollywood. 

5 Local Restaurants To Try In South Florida


Last but not least!!! My all-time favorite barbeque restaurant is Scruby’s. It has anything you can think of at a barbeque and so much more!

Scrubby’s is a good family atmosphere with melt in your mouth to die for barbecue. It also has great sides like sweet potato fries, collard greens, cole slaw, and of course my favorite Garlic Toast.

Appetizers include jalapeno poppers and fried pickles. There are also a lot of barbeque dinner and rib combinations, as well as wraps.

 I personally would recommend bringing your family or a group of friends here and perhaps order off the family dinner specials such as the Spare Rib for Two or the Tail Gate for Four.

5 Local Restaurants To Try In South Florida

Which will you try? Tell us in the comments!

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