Living In An Apartment vs A Sorority House

“I loved it, but I’m so glad I have my own apartment now!” So, what’s the difference? Here is what living in an apartment vs sorority house is like.

As college students, we all are likely to know at least one girl in a sorority. Odds are you know more than one, and you probably also know someone who has lived in their sorority house. If you were to ask that girl what she thought, the answer you’d be likely to get is “I loved it, but I’m so glad I have my own apartment now!” So, what’s the difference? Well, here is what living in an apartment vs sorority house is like:


An apartment can become your own luxury. While you may still be living with two or three other people, that’s it. You have your own room full of your own stuff that no one will go through, take, use, or borrow without your permission (probably). Your space is your own, and if you want to lay around in a towel after your shower for 30 minutes, be my guest! No one will come barging in to interrupt you. The word “private” has meaning in an apartment.


On the other hand, privacy is an unknown term in the sorority house. People come and go as they please, sometimes they don’t even live there. You have your stuff, but it’s never safe from prying hands. Forget trying to have time for yourself because there will always be someone there to drop in unannounced. You may even come home to many different people asleep in your room. Sometimes it’s nice to have people around, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say we all needed some me time.


In an apartment, you have significantly larger closets and storage spaces for your massive amounts of clothes and shoes. No more trying to cram everything you on into four drawers and a small closet. Plus, more room equals more shopping!


In a sorority house, your storage options are limited, and you’re likely to have bins stacked up under your bed filled with shoes and sweaters that just don’t fit in your little closet. Despite the small size of the closet, there are so many other girls living with you that you have multiple other closets and drawers to look through, it seems like your options are endless.



Apartment living means al your food all the time. You can go to the store and buy whatever you want, whenever you want and cook it in your very own kitchen. Feel like a quesadilla at midnight? You can have it. Want tater tots for dinner? Go for it. Want to bring out your Pinterest side and make a fancy breakfast? Bring it on. It’s your very own food paradise.


Living in a sorority house, making your own food isn’t always an option. However, that does mean you get to reap the benefits of not having to buy groceries and cook for yourself for a whole other year! Just roll up to the dining hall, and you have a meal already prepared with no clean up necessary.


Living in an apartment means you have your own space, and you can choose wherever it is that you want to have that space. Is it far away from campus? Right near the bars? Across the street from chipotle? It’s all up to you. Enjoy your freedom and the little things in life.

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In the sorority house, you don’t get to decide where you’re living. The house, as awesome as it is, isn’t moving anywhere. If you don’t like the location, maybe the frat boys next door like to party too much on a Wednesday, there’s really nothing you can do. But if you’re partying away with those boys, then maybe this location is just perfect.




Apartment living means living with two or three of your best friends. Your whole life you’ve been waiting for this moment, it’s in all the movies and books, and now you finally get to live it. You get to decide where you live, what décor you want, and you won’t be judged for staying in on a Friday and drinking an entire bottle of wine because hey, you know they’ll be right there with you.


In the sorority house, you’re hopefully living with two or three of your best friends. But don’t forget that there are also 20 other girls that live there too. Maybe you don’t like their living habits (trash in the hallways ladies?? Let’s get it together, we’re not frat boys!), but you know there will always be someone around when you just need a person.

What are some other differences between living in an apartment vs sorority house? Which would you choose? Share in the comments below!
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