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Living On Campus Vs. Off Campus: Pros and Cons

Living On Campus Vs. Off Campus: Pros and Cons

If you’re trying to decide what to do for housing, here’s a list of pros and cons of living on campus vs. off campus.

Pros Of Living On Campus


You’re close to everything, like the library, class, and cafeteria.

cute and cozy library


Saving Gas

Unlike those who live off campus, if you live on campus you don’t have to worry about driving.

save gas by not driving to campus!

Meeting People

College is all about meeting new people, and you’ll have more opportunities to meet people in your dorm.


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Living on campus comes with a meal plan, so spending money on food won’t be a problem!

yummy lunch!


No Bills

“Adulting” won’t be an issue to those who live on campus, because there won’t be any bills to pay!

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Cons Of Living On Campus

Community Bathrooms

This is part of every college experience, but sometimes walking down the hall to take a shower can be a real drag.

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Someone living on campus will experience the joy of having noisy neighbors, who are having a beer pong party in their room!

beer pong!

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Having curfews in college makes you feel like you’re in prison.


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There are rules to follow when living on campus that everyone has to follow, and most students don’t want to feel like they’re living with their parents.

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With dorm living comes a lack of privacy. When sharing a room with someone else, there can be moments when you just want to be alone.

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Pros Of Living Off Campus

More Freedom

The exhilaration of doing whatever, whenever, makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine.


living off campus gives you more freedom!

No Dorm Rules

No one wants to listen to their resident advisor telling them what to do, so a benefit of living off campus is not having to listen to them.

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Visitors Any Time

Dorms usually have policies about visitors, so if you have an apartment, people can come by whenever you want.

pros of living off campus - having friends over any time!

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More Quiet

Off campus housing provides a less rowdy atmosphere, so there are more opportunities for quiet study time.

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Learn Responsibility

For those living in an apartment, this is a good time to learn how to be responsible for when you go out in the real world.


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Cons Of Living Off Campus


Not living on campus means preparing your own food, and having to spend money on groceries.

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Paying Bills

Bills come every month like clockwork and don’t miss a beat!

living off campus means bills!

No Security

Campus has its own police, so sometimes wherever you live off campus isn’t as secure.

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Not Many Opportunities To Meet Others

Most people who live off campus don’t have many opportunities to meet other people, so they don’t get to expand their social circle.

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If you commute to school, you know driving is involved, which costs money. Depending how many days you commute to school a week, those numbers start to add up.

pros and cons of living on campus vs. off campus

Deciding whether to live on campus vs. off campus is a big decision. Take your time in considering your options, and do what’s best for you!

Have any other pros or cons of living on campus vs. off campus? Comment below!

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