List Of The Best Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to so many amazing vegan restaurants! Whether or not you are committed to a completely vegan lifestyle or are simply looking for new places to try in LA, these restaurants have nothing but the best vegan food.

Here’s a list of my all-time favorites!

Sage Vegan Bistro

This is actually one of the first vegan restaurants I tried in Los Angeles, and it left me with quite an impression. They are open daily for brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert, with phenomenal options for each any every meal! Although Sage Vegan Bistro can sometimes be pretty packed, the service is always amazing, making the wait as minimal as possible! In terms of the menu, it is far from limited, ranging from options such as quinoa corn cakes to buffalo cauliflower. This is definitely a restaurant worth giving a try, regardless of your own dietary preferences/restrictions!

Honeybee Burger

Honeybee Burger is the perfect option if you are looking for a vegan alternative to a classic burger joint! They offer two types of plant based burgers topped with a custom vegan “cheese” sauce that are equally delicious and satisfying. In following their “vegan fast food” vibe, they also have AMAZING milkshakes that are absolutely worth trying. I recommend Honeybee Burger for a night when you just want to grab some vegan “junk food” with your friends (that won’t leave you feeling all too guilty)!

SunCafe Organic

The atmosphere of SunCafe Organic is somewhat typical when it comes to a vegan restaurant, but their food is far from basic in flavor! Some of their most popular menu items include a tempeh burger and Shepard’s pie, but they have so many different options to choose from (without even including their extensive dessert menu)! While the reviews for SunCafe Organic are almost unanimously positive on various websites, it is time for you to visit to create an impression of your own!

Antico Cafe

Antico Cafe is known for being a vegan, Asian fusion restaurant, which gives an exciting change of pace from your classic vegan, health food restaurant. This being said, Antico Cafe is most known for their famous arugula salad, but also have a number of different bowls and noodle dishes to choose from. This contemporary, Asian and Mediterranean style vegan restaurant certainly will not leave you disappointed! Give it a visit next time you are in the Los Angeles area!

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Ramen Hood

Ramen Hood is hands down one of my absolute favorites in terms of vegan options in LA. While I am simply a major Ramen lover who might be a bit biased, Ramen Hood is definitely the BEST of the best. From their OG Ramen to their Garlic Ramen, I have yet to find a menu option that did not blow me away! Another plus is that they offer gluten free noodles if that is a dietary restriction of yours! Regardless of if you’re vegan, gluten free, or just an all-around food lover, you MUST try out Ramen Hood for an amazing meal!

The Vegan Joint

This restaurant is explained perfectly in the name.. It is THE Vegan Joint, and it has such incredible food to offer! My absolute favorite choice from this restaurant is the “chicken burger” with a side of sweet potato fries. However, I have never been disappointed in a single menu item that I have ordered. This is one of those places that has so many options, even your non-vegan friends will leave feeling full, happy, and impressed. If you are wanting to try out a new vegan restaurant in Los Angeles and have never been to The Vegan Joint, it is definitely time that you change that!

Veggie House

Veggie House is an all vegan Thai restaurant that is impressive in both food quality and environment! Due to its popularity, it can be quite busy on the weekends, but the staff is incredibly attentive and quick to get you seated and fed! Some of my favorite menu items include their Kung Pao Tofu Bowl and classic Pad Thai. Regardless of what you choose, you are sure to be impressed by the intense flavors in your dish! Veggie House is a MUST if you are a vegan (or just a fellow food lover) in the Los Angeles area!

These vegan restaurants are what I consider to be the best choices in Los Angeles! Agree with these options or have any your own to add? Let us know down below!

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Alyssa Negele

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