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6 Lipstick Looks You Can Count On

6 Lipstick Looks You Can Count On

6 Lipstick Looks You Can Count On

Throughout every lipstick fanatic’s life, there are a few classic go-to colors that can spice up your boring night. Whether you’re headed to your brother’s graduation or the new club that just opened down the street, here are six different lipstick looks for you to rock!

1. Trusty Red

Ah, the red lip. Nowadays most people only see it on majorettes and the show Agent Carter. Still, red lipstick has been in fashion ever since black and white movies, in which actresses would wear black lipstick to replicate the appearance of red on film. Red speaks to confidence and standing out. If you don’t wear red lipstick often, try out this bold look watch the magic work. Just be sure to use a kind that won’t smudge off the second you try drinking a glass of water in front of your family or friends!

6 Lipstick Looks You Can Count On

2. Black

This is less of a family reunion look unless you’re attempting to startle your parents. Black lipstick, brown eye shadow, and winged eyeliner is a staple look. Go to concerts, classes, the grocery store, and wherever else you please. Black can be tricky seeing as it’s considered even bolder than red. Don’t be afraid to wear black lipstick casually, it makes your lips, as well as your outfit pop. Although pretty, you might want to forgo this color for a first date if you’re expecting that goodbye kiss at the door. There’s something nerve-wracking about smearing a pretty girl’s lipstick!

6 Lipstick Looks You Can Count On

3. Darker Top Lip

Red-purple on top, light pink on the bottom, that’s the lipstick look where I was raised. There’s something to be said for the feline look it produces when someone smiles with a darker top lip. If going big isn’t your thing, use a deep pink on the top to create a less extreme, yet still alluring effect. Winged eyeliner and a jean jacket are your friends here, and maybe a braided ponytail as well. For classes or a night on the town, this is a casual look that can be as complex as you want to depend on your wants and skill level.

4. Purple

Looking to stand but don’t want to dye your hair? You’re in luck, purple lipstick is on the way! Whether it’s actual lipstick or a lip stain, this can be great for formal events. A black dress, purple lipstick, highlighter, and you’re just about ready to go. Pair it with curled hair for an ultra special look. Hair already curly? Mix it up with some braids or ponytails! P.S. again- If you’re going out to drink or eat, make sure it isn’t the kind that smears!

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5. Nude

Nude lipstick might not always be your thing, but it’s different from the norm. This lipstick is perfect for all of your daily activities. You might look at nude lipstick thinking, “What’s the point?” The answer is simple: It’s all in good fun, even if that just means setting time aside every day to apply a light coat of lipstick in the bathroom!

6 Lipstick Looks You Can Count On

6. Shiny Gloss

Look. Some days, that lipstick isn’t happening. You’re in a rush, your hair is in a bun, and it’s your day to snag some donuts before work. Take a deep breath, put that tube of shiny lip gloss in your pocket, and prepare to feel a little bit better about skipping the full face of makeup when you’re putting a bit on later. Makeup is, first and foremost, for you!

Which lipstick looks are your go-to? Let us know in the comments!

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