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8 Lip Products for the Perfect Fall Pout

8 Lip Products for the Perfect Fall Pout

Switching up lip products with the seasons is a simple way to elevate and change your look throughout the year! From beautiful burgundies to bougie browns, fall is the perfect time to make a statement by rocking a bold lip product.

1. MAC Love Me Lipstick

Fall in love with MAC Cosmetics Love Me Lipstick, that delivers an instant hit of powerful color and moisture. Prep + Prime Lip Primer by MAC Cosmetics is a color-free base to wear under lipstick. Get on the Beauty Hot List with Beauty deals all week long plus Free S&H + 4-Flex at HSN!

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2. Starling by Colourpop

Looking for your perfect, toned-down nude? Look no further! Starling from Colourpop’s Ultra Blotted Lip collection is a gorgeous, deep nude that is certain to provide a “natural but better” look with a matte finish. Colourpop’s lip products are incredibly pigmented as well as affordable, making them a great brand to check out if you are trying to look good on a budget. I have always been so impressed by the quality of Colourpop lip products, seeing as the price of each product is so incredibly low. Retailing at just $7, Starling is a steal!


3. Punk Couture by MAC

MAC is a makeup brand that has been around for quite some time and is widely popular for its lip products, especially their lipsticks. The quality of MAC makeup products has been hyped up for years now, but this formula of matte lipsticks lives up to that hype. Punk Couture is a deep purple shade, a bit of a walk on the wild side, and a statement lip product for sure! Part of the matte range of MAC lipsticks, this formula has received rave reviews due to its pigmentation and completely shine-free look. Wearing this shade is sure to make you look effortlessly badass and is consistently cool on all skin tones. The sleek, black and white packaging and high-quality color pay off make using this lipstick feel like an experience. Retailing at $19, this lip product is entirely worth the splurge and certain to last you for many fall seasons to come.

4. Ginger Snap by NYX

If you are in the market for more of a glossy effect on the lips, NYX has you covered! NYX’s collection of Butter Glosses are my personal favorite lip glosses. These glosses are super shiny, yet somehow not sticky, which is a major accomplishment as this is one of the only lip glosses I have found that are formulated this way! Ginger Snap is a chocolate brown shade that will compliment any fall-inspired eyeshadow look and, more importantly, will not dry out your lips. The glossy formula makes lips look incredibly juicy and supple, plus it won’t break the bank! Retailing at a mere $5, this gloss is a bargain you will not want to miss out on!


5. Firebird by Urban Decay

Another option to keep lips hydrated, without compromising on the color payoff, is Firebird from the Vice Lipstick collection by Urban Decay. These lip products are incredibly creamy, giving lips a glamourous, satin finish. This particular shade is a dark fuchsia, a much more approachable purple option for those of you not into more dramatic shades such as Punk Couture by MAC. Along with the gorgeous color, there is also a slight shimmer to this shade, making it even more eye-catching when the light hits it! The Urban Decay Logo is embossed on the actual product itself, the iconic UD, which makes the experience of using this fabulous shade feels so luxurious. Retailing at $19, this lipstick will keep your lips looking fresh and youthful all season long.

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6. Snatched by Kylie Cosmetics

If you are more into the natural look rather than loud colors, fear not, there are options for you as well! Kylie Cosmetics recently launched its newest collection of lip products, the High Glosses. Snatched is a mauve shade from this collection that gives lips a natural pink look, while the glossy formula keeps lips moisturized and adds a beautiful shine finish. This gloss would also work as a topper over a lipstick to create your own signature shade. Snatched is a great everyday shade that you’ll be sure to reach for frequently! Retailing at $16, you will definitely get your money’s worth with this gloss.


7. Crimson Touch by Flower Beauty

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip color. For decades red has been a staple in everyone’s makeup collection! Bring out your inner Taylor Swift with Crimson Touch from Flower Beauty’s liquid lipstick range. It is a lovely matte red shade that is advertised as being non-drying and comfortable to wear for the entirety of your day! The smoothing, mattifying formula combined with the shocking red shade makes lips appear fuller and is a wonderful addition to a classic makeup look. Retailing at the low price of $9.99, this classy red will have you looking bougie on a budget!

8. Yesss Girl by Kylie Cosmetics

I could not just choose one of the high glosses to talk about because they are just too pretty! Yesss Girl is a dreamy, sheer gold shade with pink hues. This is another great everyday lip product with a fun twist! The gold and glitter are perfect for fall, while the pink undertones make the shade more wearable for everyday use. This along with the superb formula makes the Yesss Girl gloss a must-have! Just like Snatched by Kylie Cosmetics, this gloss also retails at $16 and is one-hundred percent worth trying out.


Any of these shades are sure to make you stand out this fall! Let us know what your favorite fall lip products are in the comments!
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